10 Insane Serial Killers Of All Time: The List Will Blow Your Mind

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10 Insane Serial Killers Of All Time: The List Will Blow Your Mind
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Serial killers have always been terrifying yet interesting people of interest. The statement is especially true among investigators and psychologists. More often than not, they hardly had reasons to kill. The nature of their rampant murders has been enough to make anyone question the extent of human’s darkest emotions.

And these are some of history’s most villainous killers who you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. The names on the list, with their killings, have been causing the media and people to keep on talking for ages.

The details of the murders are as gruesome as they could’ve gotten. To some, they might be the perfect personification of evil and someone who is said to be cold-hearted. Take a look at the list of history’s most reprehensive killers and learn the reasons why they are hard to forget.

10. Richard Ramirez

Ramirez who is the son of Mercedes Ramirez initially used to commit home invasion and theft. But the severity of his crime soon reached a horrific level as he started to murder people beginning with an old lady.

The late serial killer from El Paso Texas, Richard Ramirez.
The Walk In Killer Richard Ramirez.

Before, cutting her life short, Ramirez sexually assaulted her after entering her house with the intent of burglary. Ramirez had a specific pattern; he barged into the home of the victim before killing them with certain types of torture.

The killer who was a heavy drug user believed in Satanism and was quite a threat to the residents of Greater Los Angeles. He later also startled San Francisco Bay Area.

The killer with over 15 kills died of B cell lymphoma in June 2013 while he was waiting for his execution in prison.

Well, for your information, Richard was married to his wife Doreen Lioy. They tied the knot in 1996 and remained together until his death in 2013.

9. Raman Raghav

You are not labeled Jack The Ripper of India for nothing. Raghav, a man from Tirunelveli, India went on a killing streak for three years starting from the mid to late 60s in Mumbai.

He however committed the murders on two-time stamps; first from 1965 to 1966 and others in 1968. Raghav killed as many as 41 people before the police finally apprehended him in Sep 1968.

Indian serial killer from the 60s, Raman Raghav. (2)
Raman Raghav, an Indian man who committed several murders in the 60s in Mumbai.

Raman would mostly bludgeon men of financially poor condition, women, and even children to death with hard and blunt objects.

Raghav though managed to avoid the death sentence by putting forward his mental illness and subsequently only got life imprisonment.

People consider Raman’s case as one of the most psychological dilemmas and not just in India. He absolutely had no motive to kill his prey. The terror nonetheless was to such an extent that the officials deployed almost two thousand police on patrol duty to hunt down Raghav or avoid him from killing another person. And all these for a man with limited means, financially and otherwise.

8. John Wayne Gacy

Similar to most serial killers, John Wayne Gacy had a good reputation among the people from his vicinity despite his habit of killing people. He had a friendly synergy with his neighbors. He often organized block parties and was also active as a volunteer in local Democratic politics. Gacy further also used to entertain children’s parties as a clown.

Pogo the Clown and Illinois native convicted murderer, John Wayne Gacy.
The man who murdered at least 33 young men and boys, John Wayne Gacy. Shutterstock

However, his alter ego would go on to commit some 30-plus murders. In the initial phase, people were aware of the brief prison stint that he had to go through for sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

But deep down, in a four-foot crawl space beneath his house, he was hiding 29 bodies of young boys and he had raped all of them before taking their lives. This shocking revelation happened in 1978 when a 15-year-old boy who people had last seen with Gacy went missing. The young man also happened to be the same guy who was about to start his work at Gacy’s construction business. The police apprehended Gacy on Dec 21, 1978.

At the trials, Gacy tried to stress insanity as the ultimate cause of killings but the court ruled out the appeal. But the simultaneous court trials stood him guilty of thirty-three murders, nonetheless. He died of a deliberate lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center on May 10, 1994.

As for a fact, the notorious late criminal was the father of two kids, a son Michael Gacy and a daughter Christine Gacy from his first marriage to Marlynn Myers. The two married for about five years from 1964–1969. After their divorce, John Wayne Gacy tied the knot with his childhood girlfriend Carole Hoff.

7. Samuel Little

With a kill count of 93 women, Samuel Little, a Georgia-born Ohio native was a man to be feared when he was alive. All of his victims endured beatings and strangulation. The people who would die were predominantly prostitutes and had issues with substance abuse.

The serial killer from Reynolds, Georgia, Samuel Little.
The killer of at least 93 women, Samuel Little.

Little, who was a drug addict and an ex-convict for minor offenses, admitted to being the sole culprit of more than 90 people’s deaths. The bodies were mostly found in an alley, a dumpster, and a garage.

The law enforcement however was able to verify only 50.

He apparently murdered his victims between 1970 and 2005 across a dozen of states. Interestingly, the police initially ruled out these people’s death because of overdoses or accidents, or some mysterious causes.

However, when Little finally spoke about the ways in which he murdered his fall guys, he said he strangled all of them.

The court sentenced him to three consecutive life without parole.

Little died Wednesday age 80 on Dec 30, 2020, when he was serving his prison time in Los Angeles, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

6. Javed Iqbal

Iqbal, a Pakistan born, murdered some 100 children, all boys in his home country. This case attracted a lot of international attention as well and rightly so.

Javed, for his killings, mostly picked homeless kids between the ages of 6 and 16 to his home in Lahore. After bringing them to his residence, Iqbal sexually assaulted them, strangled them to death, and to add more horror, he would dismember the body of his victims before disposing of the pieces in acid. Unlike the aforesaid wrongdoers, Iqbal confessed to his crimes and said that he committed the murders in an act of revenge for local police had wrongfully assaulted him in the past.

The man from Lahore, Pakistan who killed at least 100 young boys, Javed Iqbal.
Pakistani serial killer who especially murdered young boys, Javed Iqbal.

While controversial, the Pakistani officials upon arresting Javed subjected him to a punishment that was similar to the manner in which he killed his victims. The court ruled Iqbal to get an execution with a very chain that he used to strangle his targets. The trials’ results also demanded Iqbal be cut into pieces so that they dissolve his body in acid.

Iqbal, however, died in his cell before the execution could take place. The Pakistani government claims that Javed took his own life in prison.

5. Pedro López

One who hardly misses the list of worst serial killers is the name, Pedro Lopez. You are bound to get mentioned among the evilest of evil when you have murdered enough people to fill a small town.

Lopez, the most prolific serial murderer of all time came from Venadillo, Colombia and his atrociousness ran for a span of 30 years from 1969 to 2002. The highlight of his crime was killing around 100 tribal women of Peru by the late 70s.

Colombian murderer and child rapist with a crime span running from 1969 to 1980, Pedro Ramirez.
The murderer of at least 110 young girls in Peru and Colombia, Pedro Ramirez.

While he was arrested a few or two times, Lopez would also be able to set free himself somehow. After getting out of prison, he ditched his birth nation but continued his killings in the fellow, South American country, Ecuador where he took the life of about 3 to 4 girls a week. This taking of lives of innocent young ladies continued throughout the 70s and even in the mid-80s and only stopped in 1980 when the police caught him.

The authorities, however, as mentioned would let him go multiple times and Lopez has been at large since 2002.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer

Known for dismembering bodies, cutting heads, and genitalia of men, Dahmer had quite a run of terror in the 80s in the state of Wisconsin. He once also drugged and sexually molested a young teenager which was three years before his first arrest in 1991.

Despite having already murdered several young men of color, Dahmer would only serve one year in prison. The second arrest of a Milwaukee native revealed some disturbing details from his multiple killings. He reportedly ate body parts of some of his victims, and also committed necrophilia.

Milwauakee County Sheriffs escorts the murderer from the 80s and Wisconsin native, Jeffrey Dahmer.
The sexual predator of young teenagers and the man who killed around 20 of them in the 80s, Jeffrey Dahmer in July 1991.

Dahmer, who had dropped out of college and the Army, also had rifts with many of his family members.

His fate would run its course in 1991 when an African American man managed to escape his bad mood and ended up reporting him to the local police in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Dahmer, in 1992, received a sentence of a whopping 957 years in jail. He however died two years after the beginning of his prison time; he was killed by a fellow inmate.

3. Harold Shipman

One name that will be talked about for generations when it comes to serial killing is that of a popular British physician, Harold Shipman. Reports claim the Nottingham-born took the lives of as many as 200 to 300 people starting from 1972 to 1998. The majority of his victims included his own patients who Shipman killed while continuing his practice on them. With each practice year, Harold doubled the number of his kills.

The most notorious criminal from the UK and a doctor, Harold Shipman.
The man who killed his own patients, Harold Shipman.

Murder aside he was also infamous among his colleagues for being arrogant, brusque, and overconfident.

His killing spree would come to an end in late 1998 when the daughter of one of his victims claimed Shipment not only killed her mother but also fabricated a fake will under her name and named himself the sole beneficiary of it. This victim was Kathleen Grundy and her autopsy by the investigator team showed that her body had taken high levels of diamorphine. It was the very drug that Harold predominantly used to kill his target.

After the arrest and subsequent trials, Shipment was sentenced to life without parole in 2000. The Englishman though died in 2004 after taking his own life in his cell. Shockingly he never admitted to any of his murders.

2. Jack The Ripper

Among many other things, London’s Whitechapel district, to people around the world, will also be famous as the hometown of the most unforgettable serial killer, Jack The Ripper (real name still a mystery).

He however goes way back in the time approximately in the late 1880s. Ripper’s victims mostly were the prostitutes from the streets of London’s Whitechapel district. The still unidentified man lured sex workers into darkened alleys and after he had succeeded, Jack the Ripper would slit his victims’ throats. The harrow would continue with the Ripper mutilating the dead bodies via a carving knife.

The concept art of the UK police discovering the victim of Jack The Ripper in the late 1880s.
People would find the victims of Jack The Ripper in the alleys of London’s Whitechapel district. ALAMY

The case started with the emergence of five victims who the locals found in butchered conditions in the downtrodden East End District. After the frenzy, the killer allegedly sent a number of letters to the city police taunting them left and right and even giving them a heads up about the upcoming murders.

The drawbacks to confronting the actual killer were due to the non-existence of modern forensic techniques back then. But the most terrifying feature of this case is that the Leather Apron always remained at large and to this day, it counts as one of the first of its kind and most unsolved murder mysteries.

1. Ted Bundy

Even people who are not aware of the word serial killer might have heard of the name Ted Bundy. The man’s name is so notorious that even the new generation keeps hearing about the harrowing crimes he committed. The felonies he brought about include kidnapping, rape, burglary, and even necrophiles.

The lady killer from the 70s who murdered around hundreds of women, Ted Bundy.
Ted Bundy, the man who mostly killed women of college age.

Most of his victims included women of college age and by the time he was arrested and put on trial, Bundy had murdered more than 30 of them. Bundy mostly targeted the ladies from western states from Washington and Oregon all the way to Utah and Colorado.

Several things make the case of Bundy stand out among history’s other murder cases; from being the least suspected man, multiple custody escapes, acting as his own lawyer to even fathering a child whilst still in prison. His terror eventually ended when he was sentenced to three death sentences and was subsequently executed in an electric chair in 1989.

Well, Ted was married to Carole Ann Boone from 1980 to 1986 and also has two kids Rose Bundy, and James Boone, from his marital relationship.


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