8 Interesting Facts About Kristy Scott: Her Net Worth, & Love Life As Well

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8 Interesting Facts About Kristy Scott: Her Net Worth, & Love Life As Well
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Kristy Scott is more than just a social media star. She is an all-rounding digital creator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur as well. Furthermore, the 28-year-old is among many influential content creators, making the list of Forbes 30 under 30 for 2023. She indeed is one of a kind!

Let’s explore in detail her life.

Profile Summary

Full NameKristy Sarah Scott
Birth Date17th May 1995
Birth PlaceHouston, Texas
Age28 years
ParentsNames Unknown
EthnicityTrinidadian and Scottish
SpouseDesmond Scott
ChildrenVace Scott and Westin Scott
Famous For@itsthescotts – social media personality
Net Worth$1.5 million

Kristy Scott Relationship Status; Is She Married Or Just Dating?

If you have been following her for a while, you should be well aware that Kristy is a happily married woman. She and her hubby, Desmond Scott, often post cute, lovey-dovey pictures and videos, and mesmerize fans with their wonderful bond. In fact, the husband-wife duo is also quite famous on TikTok with the handle, @itsthescotts. Not only this, but they also have a YouTube channel together which is quite famous.

Kristy Scott and her hubby Desmond Twinning in white
A hip picture of Mr. and Mrs. Scott

Moreover, looking at the love birds together, you will feel that they are indeed made for each other. Kristy and Desmond seem to make a wonderful pair – they are each others’ best friends and partners. Now, that’s the type of love we all long for in our lives.

In the days to come, we wish nothing but the very best to both of them.

Kristy Scott Husband Is A Social Media Star

Just like his better half, Desmond is a social media personality. As the co-creator of videos on TikTok and YouTube, alongside Mrs. Scott, he has also gained a huge fan following. Additionally, he and his partner often pull pranks on each other and take part in trendy challenges to keep their fans entertained.

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Apart from this, he is also a professional chef, as per the videos the couple has posted on their TikTok. Usually, Kristy posts short clips of him making delicious food for the whole family. Desmond looks so cute serving his lovely wifey with the food he cooks. He surely is an ideal man!

The Couple Are High School Sweethearts

The lovely pair date back to 2010. As a matter of fact, our research tells us that they met in high school and are high school sweethearts. Moreover, the present husband and wife went from back-and-forth texting to sneaking out to meet each other, to finally committing to one another. Now, for around 13 years, they have been sharing a very deep, meaningful bond that is unbreakable.

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In that bargain, it did not take the pair many years to finally get engaged. After just around 3 to 4 years of dating, Desmond popped the long-awaited question and Kristy could not stop herself from saying “Yes!”. Therefore, on 8th February 2014, the duo got engaged.

Kristy Scott Was 19 Years Old When She Married Her Soulmate

Believe it or not, but at the time of her wedding, the social media star was in her late teens. To further elaborate, Kristy was just 19, while her hubby was 20 years old when they decided to spend eternity together. Their wedding was held in a wonderful facility on 10th August 2014 in Houston, Texas. The couple was surrounded by all their well-wishers to witness their happily ever after.

The Scotts - social media sensation since 2020
Kristy and her life partner, Desmond at the 2022 Grammy’s

Since then, it has been 8 years since Mr. and Mrs. Scott have been tied in the knot. Soon, in August 2023, they will be celebrating 9 years of marriage. Even so, the love between the social media couple seems to be growing with each year passing by. It warms our hearts to see them feel voids in each others’ lives and make each other immensely happy.

Mr. And Mrs. Scott Are Parents To 2 Children

Despite being great partners to each other, the TikTok stars are even greater parents to their 2 sons.

The 28-year-old social media creator with her family - 2 sons and a husband
The lovely family of 4!

Vance Scott and Westin Scott are the children of Kristy and her partner, Desmond. The news of her first pregnancy was revealed by the digital create herself through her Instagram around April 2018. Fast forward to 6 months later, in October 2018, she gave birth to her eldest baby boy, Vance.

Likewise, the pair’s second son, Westin was born somewhere in November 2019. His arrival was also notified by his mother after she posted a picture with a cute baby bump in October 2019.

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So far, the family of 4 has been living their wonderful and happy life together. If you go through their posts on social media, you’ll know how much Kristy adores her little boys. In fact, they also often are the highlights of many of her videos on TikTok and YouTube.

Kristy Sarah Scott’s Net Worth Is $1.5 Million

Kristy Scott is believed to be worth $1.5 million dollars as of 2023. That’s right, the young and beautiful social media sensation is a millionaire.

Talking about her earnings, the 28-year-old earns most of her money these days through content creation. She is an active and verified user on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, among other social media platforms. Therefore, it is quite obvious that a great part of her income is from that area.

In addition to this, she also runs a clothing brand named Vayra. The venture specializes in comfy clothes for people of different sizes. On top of this, she and her husband also run a filmmaking company named Meant to Be Films.

She Was Born To Mixed-Racial Parents; Her Early Life And Bio

Born as Kristy Sarah Scott on 17th May 1995, the famous social media influencer is a Texan. By birth, she comes from a mixed-ethnic background. As per many sources, her parents are Trinidadian and Scottish.

Kristy Scott Modeling for her own clothing brand
The gorgeous and talented, Kristy Sarah Scott

Although Sarah is extremely open about her current family life, she hardly ever talks about her life before fame. In that bargain, it is difficult for us to pinpoint who her parents are, what they did for a living, and what is their whereabouts in 2023. Likewise, it is also unknown if young Scott grew up with a sibling.

On the other hand, looking at how she turned out, we can guess that Kristy had a wonderful childhood. In addition to this, we also believe that her parents might still be living in her hometown to this date.

The YouTube Sensation Is A Well-Educated Woman

Sarah Scott graduated high school at the early age of 17 years. Ever since she was a young girl, the present social media star was extremely talented and intelligent. Thus, she passed her school with college credits.

Following this, Desmond’s wife went on to pursue a degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston. By the age of 20, she had already completed her undergrad as well. Before she entered the world of fame, Kristy worked as an IT engineer in the ICT Industry.

So you see, we were not bluffing when we said she’s an all-rounder. In her present day and age, the content creator has come very far. Hopefully, as she moves ahead in life, we wish she reaches even greater heights in the future.


Are Kristy Scott and Desmond Scott married?

Yes, she is married to Desmond Scott. In fact, the pair has been married since 10th August 2014.

Who are in “The Scotts” YouTube family?

“The Scotts” YouTube family comprise Kristy Scott, her partner, Desmond Scott, and the couple’s 2 kids, Vance and Westin.

Is the social media star a millionaire?

Yes, she is a millionaire with a net worth of $1.5 million.

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