All About Markus Persson’ Ex-Wife Elin Zetterstrand: Wiki, Health, Children

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All About Markus Persson’ Ex-Wife Elin Zetterstrand: Wiki, Health, Children
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Elin Zetterstrand is better known as the ex-wife of Markus Persson. Her former spouse is the founder of the video game, Minecraft. He later sold the game in a deal that made him a billionaire.

Talking about Elin and Markus’s relationship, their marriage couldn’t last for long. Now the big question here is, does the former pair share children? If yes, then how many?

Find out answers to all the questions here including info on Elin’s personal life, her family background, and more!

Elin Zetterstrand: A Wiki-like Bio

Elin was born on November 9th, 1981, in Stockholm, Sweden. The identity of her mother and father has been kept behind closed doors. Now talking about her siblings, she has one brother named Kristoffer Zetterstrand.

Elin’s brother Kristoffer is an accomplished artist who became famous as the designer of Minecraft. Apparently, he created all of the paintings in the game aside from the wither ones. In addition, he is a classical painter, and his work is primarily influenced by computer graphics and 3D worlds.

Moving towards Elin’s education, she completed her schooling in Stockholm. She has graduated with a degree in computer programming. Further, there are also reports that she studied philosophy in science after the completion of her programming degree.

Elin Zetterstrand Professional Life

When Elin’s relationship with Markus Persson first came to the media, many of us found out that back then she worked as a programmer. Though we don’t know for sure where is she working at the moment, it is more than possible she still works as a programmer.

Besides, she also made quite a name for herself after playing Minecraft under the username Ez. To this day, many OG Minecraft players recognize her.

Back in 2020, she studied Philosophy in science.

Elin Zetterstrand Married Minecraft Founder Markus Persson

Above all else, Elin is probably most famous as the former wife of Markus Persson. Her husband is the founder of one of the top played games of all time, Minecraft. As soon as news of their relationship got out, Elin became an internet sensation. Everyone wanted to know about the girlfriend of the one and only Notch (Markus’s username).

Elin Zetterstrand husband Markus Persson
Elin’s ex-husband is the founder of Minecraft.

The former flames dated for several years before eventually deciding on getting married. After planning for a long time, the couple married on August 13, 2011. There is not much detail about the wedding ceremony.

The Pair Became a Proud Parent of One Child

In 2012, Elin Zetterstrand gave birth to her one and only child with her ex-husband Markus. They named their daughter, Minna Almina Zelda Zetterstrand. The name was inspired by the name of two Nintendo characters Almina and Zelda.

Things were going pretty well between Elin and Markus before issues started piling up. Subsequently, just three months after their child came into this world, they filed for divorce in July 2012.

Elin Divorced Markus In 2012: What About Their Daughter’s Custody?

Around a year after the divorce filing, the duo finalized their divorce in March 2013. There are not many details regarding their divorce settlement, but we have found out that Markus reportedly pays his ex-wife a sum of $5300 each month for his daughter.

Moreover, since their final separation, he even moved out of his $106,000 house in Stockholm. Furthermore, Markus also had Elin sign a pre-nuptial agreement which stated,

“All the property that each of us took at the marriage or acquired by any of us through work or in other ways whatsoever, or accruing to any of us by inheritance, gift or bequest, as well as what may come in one such property location, along with all proceeds thereof shall be Party, the individual property without marital for the other party. Our marriage must therefore only have separate property.”

Safe to say, Markus didn’t have to shell out a dime from his billion-dollar net worth.

Elin Zetterstrand Health Condition

Many of you might not know this but Elin suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MEcfs. A person diagnosed with this disease has difficulty doing the usual activities. The disease often keeps the patient in bed due to fatigue. People with this problem always feel fatigued despite resting.

Elin Zetterstrand Now 2020
Elin suffers from a fatigue disorder.

Elin is an open advocate of this problem and her Twitter account is filled with posts related to this problem’s awareness. In August of 2019, which was the MEcfs awareness month, she tweeted,

How Much Is Elin Zetterstrand’s Net Worth?

As we know that Elin was once married to the billionaire game developer, Markus, her lifestyle back then was pretty extravagant. Living in the most exotic places with the most extraordinary people.

Elin was living the high life. But since her divorce from Markus, she lives a rather secluded life. As of 2022, her net worth is around $200,000. It is more than plausible that Elin received a decent chunk of change from her divorce from her husband.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Markus’s net worth is around $1.8 billion. He earned his wealth after he sold his game Minecraft to Microsoft Studios.

Were Is Markus Persson’s Ex-Wife Elin Zetterstrand Now?

It has been a while since Eline separated from her ex-husband. Ever since her split, she has kept herself completely away from the spotlight. Much likely she is living a low-profile life away from all the glitz and glamour. Further, she is also not on any social media, which makes it even harder to get to know her day-to-day life.

That said, we hope to see her soon in the future.


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