Anthony Fantano Wife Dominique Boxley: Their Marital Relationship

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Anthony Fantano Wife Dominique Boxley: Their Marital Relationship
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Anthony Fantano is an accomplished music critic who has been doing music reviews for over a decade now. Like his YouTube channel, he enjoys a beautiful married life with his wife, Dominique Boxley.

However, However, there are also rumors that the couple had already divorced. Is it true or have they divorced? Let’s find out!

In the meantime, we will also take a close look at Anthony and his wife Dominique’s relationship!

When did Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley got married?

The precise date of their wedding is still out of the media but, as per some YouTube videos Fantano posted with his wife Dominique, it looks like they tied the knot in the mid-2010s.

Dominique Boxley and husband Anthony.
Anthony Fantano and Dominique are married for years.
Source: YouTube

The couple appeared together for the first time on Fantano’s Youtube channel on the occasion of 2011 Valentine’s Day. They talked about ten different love songs in the video. Furthermore, Anthony introduced Dominique as his girlfriend in the clip too.

After dating for a couple of years, the pair reportedly exchanged their vows after years of their love affair.

Is Anthony Fantano still Married to his Wife? Did they divorce?

Yes, the lovebird is still married. Though there have been a lot of rumors regarding their separation, the news is all fake. Regardless of what the internet claims to be, the pair is very much together.

A few years ago, rumors about the separation between Anthony and his wife Dominique Boxley swirled on the web. It all happened when Anthony kept his spouse out of the spotlight for several years without saying a word. However, as it turns out he did that because, in the videos, people commented regarding their interracial marriage as opposed to the video content.

In addition, the loving couple is still married and leading a blissful marital relationship. On the eve of 2018 Valentine’s Day, Anthony uploaded a lengthy podcast titled, “TND Podcast #59: 20 Love Songs w/ Wifey”

In the clip, they widely talked about their enduring relationship as well as the privacy behind their marriage. Fantano said,

“We’ve been just been relationship wise just kind of under the radar because our privacy is important but you know my online show is about my opinions on music it’s not how my marriage.”

How did the Two First Met?

They first met online back in 2008. The two had a good conversation as Anthony’s future wife also loved music. The two subsequently organized their first date but Anthony arrived a half-hour late from their pre-scheduled planning.

He later revealed, “that was just a miscommunication.” Fantano further said, “I had work and I just forgot to tell her when I would get out of work.”

Dominique also told that her then-future-hubby stood her up for a good 30 minutes. Besides, their first trip was to Hershey Pennsylvania where they had a little road trip as well. The couple later visited Las Vegas where they also got into gambling, winning over $300.

The First Few Years of Their Relationship Were Quite Hard

When the two began dating, they had to face a lot of ups and downs. Apparently, Domonique dealt with some family health problems, which was a really big deal for the two. At the same time, the couple was facing a financial crisis. Both of them were just starting out their career and didn’t have much money.

They used to live in an apartment in New England, where the oven was the only source of heat. But, they gradually overcame every tough time they had by supporting and helping each other. That’s why their relationship is still sailing smoothly.

Do They Have Children?

Despite their long-term relationship, the pair is yet to have children. Once the tabloids reported that Anthony Fantano’s wife gave birth to their baby boy. But they never confirmed the allegations.

Who is Anthony Fantano Wife Dominique?

Like her husband, Dominique also has a strong passion for music. They sporadically appeared together on Fantano’s Youtube videos, mostly talking about songs.

On the other hand, Anthony reviews a variety of music genres such as pop, hip-hop, rock, and many others.


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