Why Did Ashley Lovelace Kill Herself? Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, Death

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Why Did Ashley Lovelace Kill Herself? Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, Death
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Ashley Lovelace was an American social media star. She quickly climbed the social media ladder and gained a lot of fame. In her Instagram account, she amassed half a million followers, which is quite extraordinary.

Unfortunately, everything fell apart for this beautiful teenager in the year 2019. She committed suicide after her mental health took its toll. The news of her passing shocked everyone, especially her family who always saw her as a jolly and happy girl.

Today let’s talk in brief about this extraordinary teenager and discuss the life she lived.

Ashley Lovelace was from Pennsylvania: She belonged to mixed ethnicity

Ashley Monet Lovelace was born on November 7th, 2002, in Cambridgeshire, Pennsylvania. The daughter of Terrence Lovelace and Stacey Pak, her mother gave birth to her at the Abington Memorial Hospital. Until the age of five, she lived in Pennsylvania, before the family relocated to Las Vegas.

Ashley Lovelace Death
Ashley was a famous Instagram star.

The late social media star belonged to the Black-Asian ethnicity. In her social media handle, she used to refer to as Blasian. Her father is African-American while her mom is of Asian ethnic group.

Lovelace studied at the Sierra Vista High School. At the time of her death, she was a sophomore.

Ashley had four siblings

The beautiful social media star had four biological siblings, three older brothers, and one younger sister. Her brothers were Yunte, Yusef, Keyan, and her sister was Mya. All five of them were incredibly close to each other and we can say after her demise, they had the hardest.

In addition to her biological siblings, she also had two step-siblings, one older step-sister named Tylisha, and one older step-brother, Amir. Before her passing, her mom and dad were separated and her mom was in a relationship with a guy named Travis Jones.

Ashley Lovelace was a fun-loving girl who performed well in high school

While studying at her high school, Ashley was an enthusiastic kid. She used to take part in every possible school project and work on them with determination. Moreover, she also performed pretty well in her academics as well, constantly scoring good grades. Her favorite class was Spanish.

Furthermore, she was also an athlete and played a variety of sports. According to her teachers, she used to take on everything with calmness and ease. For instance, studying was a plaything for her. She used to finish her assignments on time and was really loved by her teachers.

Besides, Ashley had multiple interests including arts & crafts, singing, and modeling. Because of her skill, Ashley won many accolades, including a school-wide art contest.

Ashley Lovelace committed suicide

On January 21st, 2019, Ashley died after she committed suicide. At the time of her death, she was only 16-years-old. After she died, many of her fans and reports claimed she was a victim of constant bullying which made her take such a drastic step. Some even pinpointed it all to a guy named Tyler Edmonds aka BarbiiDaBully who used to constantly bully her.

However, many sources later claim Ashley had a severe case of depression and anxiety which triggered the fatal decision. Though many people commented that she should’ve been grateful for the life she had, one thing we all should realize is that mental health doesn’t distinguish.

That being said, despite all the rumors that she committed suicide due to constant bullying, none of her family members came forward with any complaints regarding anyone. They stayed together as a family and got over the painful moment of their life.

Signs Of Self-Harm Were Found On Ashley’s Body

Ashley’s death was mostly claimed to be cause by depression that she was going through. And the fact was justified because several marks of self-harm were found on her body post her death.

Further, several photos of her from June 2018 were found which showed numerous marks of self-harm on her left-harm, which further justified the fact that she was going through depression.

Moreover, later on Ashley’s mother Stacey Pak started a GoFundMe page in order to raise fund in honor of Ashley and raise awareness about mental health issues.

Tyler Edmonds Admitted Of Bullying Ashley

Though Ashley’s family denied that she committed suicide because of bullying, Tyler came farward stating he was the reason for her death. In fact, he didn’t even show a sign of regret for his action and instead stated that he bullyied people because he was bored.

Moreover, he even changed his Instagram bio where she wrote,

Yo roaches mad about Ashley, get over it, and yes, I’m the reason why she gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more

Ashley had a boyfriend before her tragic death

She was dating fellow social media personality, Ryan Tran. The pair was in a relationship for a couple of months. Both of them were so cute together & fans also shipped them a lot. Ashley used to share a lot of photos with her boyfriend Ryan on social media.

Ashley Lovelace Boyfriend
Ashley was dating a guy named Ryan Tran before her death.

Talking about her boyfriend, Ryan, well there’s not much info about him online. The only thing we know is that he belongs to an Asian ethnic background. Other than that there’s not much information available about him.


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