Shyheim Jenkins

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Shyheim Jenkins is the son of the rapper, songwriter, and actor, Jeezy fully Jay Wayne Jenkins and one of his ex-partners. Shyheim's father, Jeezy is…

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Constance Nunes

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Constance Nunes is a model and car mechanic who is noteworthier as the host and the lead mechanic of the Netflix restoring and flipping the…

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Sunday Molly Myers

Sunday Molly Myers is the daughter of the Austin Powers actor, Mike Myers, and his wife of over 16 years, Kelly Tisdale. Sunday is the…

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Francesca Hetfield

Francesca Hetfield is a former costume manager for the heavy metal band, Metallica. She is also known as the wife of the band's frontman, James…

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Chudney Ross

Chudney Ross is a children's book writer, entrepreneur, teacher, and TV host who is better known as the daughter of Diana Ross, the ex-lead singer…

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