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Meet Television Personality Ainsley Earhardt: Everything About Her

Ainsley Earhardt husband Sean Hannity

Conservative TV personality, Ainsley Earhardt is famous as the co-host of the show, Fox & Friends. In addition to her work in the media, she is also an author and so far authored a few award-winning books.

While talking about her personal life, she has been married twice. Although both of her married life didn’t work out, she still remains grateful. Above all, taking care of her daughter is Ainsley’s topmost priority and in fact, she loves spending time with her child.

Today let’s take a closer look at the life of Ainsley Earhardt and find out some interesting facts about her. We will also discuss what kind of relationship does she have with another Conservative commentator, Sean Hannity.

Ainsley’s Earhardt’s Wiki-Bio: Her early life

Ainsley was born on September 20th, 1976, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She is the second daughter of her mom Dale and dad, Wayne Earhardt. Ainsley belongs to German ancestry and is of Caucasian ethnicity.

The conservative commentator spent the initial few years of her life in Spartanburg before moving to Columbia, South Carolina. Upon moving to Columbia, she joined Spring Valley High School and graduated in 1995.

Afterward, she joined the Florida State University. She later on transferred to the University of South Carolina from where graduated with a Bachelors degree in Journalism.

Ainsley grew up with two siblings

She has two siblings, one brother, and one sister. Her brother’s name is Trent. He is a married man and a mother of two children, one son, and one girl. He works as a Medical Representative in the state of South Carolina.

Apart from her brother, Ainsley also has a sister named Elise. All three of Earhardt’s siblings are quite close to each other. They share a lot of pictures with each other on Facebook.

They are also close to their parents. When their mom Dale had a stroke back in 2018, and three siblings banded together and took care of their mother.

Ainsley started her career in Southern Carolina

While she was still studying at her college, Ainsley started working at WLTX, a CBS station in Columbia. While working for the station, she also went to New York City after the September 11 attack to cover a story where the middle school students from South Carolina raised a million dollars for the firefighters involved in the rescue mission.

Subsequently, a few years later she relocated to San Antonio, Texas where she became the anchor of the show, KENS-TV. She worked in the South-Central state for a couple of years before moving to New York City.

She is famous for hosting Fox and Friends

In the year 2007, she moved to New York City and started working for the Fox News Channel. At the time, she started working in the Politics department which according to her back then she had no knowledge of.


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Some times later, she was hosting her own segment on Hannity titled, Ainsley Across America. In addition to that, she also c0-hosted several other shows as well including Fox and Friends Weekend, All-American New Year’s Eve. She was also a panelist for Greg Gutfeld‘s show, Red Eye.

Above all, since 2016, she has been working as the co-host for the show, Fox and Friends. She hosts the show alongside Jillian Mele, Pete Hegseth, Steve Doocy among many others.

She has been married two times

The veteran TV personality has had two marriages in her lifetime, first with Kevin McKinney and second with Will Proctor. Let’s talk about her marriages one by one.

From 2005 to 2009, she was married to Kevin McKinney. The pair exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony on April 9th, 2005. The ceremony took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Texas. Both Kevin and Ainsley are from Texas. After their wedding, the duo went to Turks and Caicos Islands for their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, their marital relationship didn’t last and they divorced a few years later in 2009.

After divorcing from Kevin, the Fox News reporter found love again. She tied the knot with former football Quarterback turned investment businessman Will Proctor. They married in a civil ceremony on October 13th, 2012. At the wedding, several of the pair’s friends and relatives were in attendance.

Ainsley welcomed a daughter with her second husband Will

On November 6th, 2015, Ainsley gave birth to her first and only child, a girl. She and her then-husband Will named their firstborn Hayden Dubose Proctor.

Ainsley Earhardt Daughter
Ainsley’s daughter with Will.

Hayden is quite close to her mom and spends a lot of precious moments with her. In many of Ainsley’s posts with Hayden, she often writes about how she will miss these moments once Hayden becomes an adult.

Ainsley and her ex-husband Will shares joint custody of their daughter, though she spent the major portion of her time with her mom. The mother and daughter live in New York City. As of now, Hayden has started going to school.

Divorce between Ainsley and Will: Was his infidelity the reason?

In October 2018, Will and Ainsley decided to end their marriage. Ainsley first announced her separation from Will through a statement via a Fox News spokesperson. The statement read,

“After much prayer and careful consideration, Will and I have separated.”

She further added, “I am grateful to Fox for their support and allowing me to spend all day, everyday after the morning show with my child.”

At the time when Ainsley announced the separation, she didn’t mention the reason behind their divorce. However, later on, it was rumored that they are divorcing because Will was unfaithful. He allegedly cheated on her with one of her closest friends, a few years ago and reportedly there’s even evidence to back up the claim.

Nevertheless, Will denied all the loose talks and claimed he was never unfaithful. He stated, “There is not one ounce of truth to the allegations that I had an affair.”

He also adds, “I am disappointed that this private matter has become public. I remain focused on and committed to being the best dad, and maintaining a friendship with my wife even though she has decided to move on.”

Besides, after their separation announcement, Will was the one to file for divorce. He filed the divorce papers in New York City. At that time, he was working in the finance department of Neuberger Berman.

Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity rumored to be dating

Since 2020, there’s a rumor going on that Ainsley is dating Fox News conservative commentator Sean Hannity. Rumors about their affair had been swirling around since 2019, right when both of them divorced their respective partners. While Sean divorced his wife of over 15-years in 2019, Ainsley separated from her second husband, Will.

Sean Hannity Ainsley Earhardt
Ainsley is rumored to be dating Sean Hannity.

Moreover, both Sean and Ainsley reportedly arrived together at the wedding of their colleagues, Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet. In an article written by Gabriel Sherman for Vanity Fair states that several sources have claimed Sean and Ainsley are indeed dating.

Nonetheless, both of them have kept their silence on the matter. They are yet to open up about the real state of their romance. What’s more interesting is that despite all the evidence backing the claim, Ainsley has something else to say. Through a Fox News spokesperson, Ainsley said that she is not dating anyone.

Well, only time will tell whether the so-called Fox News’s First Couple is a thing or not.

All About Jillian Mele Husband, & Her Married Life: Does She Have Any Children?

Jillian Mele husband

Jillian Mele is a news anchor and reporter for the Fox Entertainment group. The beautiful anchor has won the hearts of many from her work as the co-host of Fox & Friends First.

The majority of her fanbase consists of men which is why everyone is asking more about her dating life. Ever since she tweeted about having a boyfriend, fans have been itching to know if the reporter is married. Who is Jillian Mele husband? or is she in a relationship with someone? Questions like this have been asked quite many times.

Here today we will try to uncover all the truth behind Jillian’s personal life. We will find out if she is really married and if not then does she have a boyfriend?

Who is Jillian Mele husband? Is she really married?

Ever since she joined the show Fox & Friends First, Mele’s personal life has become a subject of curiosity. But unfortunately, Jillian likes to keep her personal life down low. Maybe this is why not much is known about her dating life.


That being said, she did make a lot of head turns when she once tweeted about having a boyfriend. It was back in May 2016, when Jillian made a bombshell tweet which made literally jump scared all of us.

In the tweet, she mentioned that she has a boyfriend. See for yourself!

Jillian Mele Tweet dating
Jillian tweeted about having a boyfriend.

Judging by the statement, it seems someone must have tried to ask out Jillian on a date, either virtually or physically, for which she politely declined. Either way, we cannot ascertain whether the Tweet was something to take seriously or not.

Jillian once shared a picture with a mystery guy on Facebook

As if her Tweet wasn’t enough, the American reporter once added a picture on her Facebook account wherein she is seen getting cozy with a guy. The picture was taken at the Devil’s Bridge.

The most interesting part of the photo was the timeline. She uploaded the picture right in the March of 2016. Notice the pattern here?

Well, the tweet regarding her boyfriend was made in May 2016, and a few months back she uploaded a picture with a guy. This somehow implies she was indeed in a relationship with this person.

As for what is the current state of their affair, well, Jillian has since deleted the Facebook post but has kept the Tweet so it’s fifty-fifty. She might be or she might not be dating. Whatever the case may be, until and unless Jillian herself comes out and reveals it, all we can do is just speculate.

She was once rumored to be dating her co-host

We’re sure many of you might’ve heard the loose talk or maybe many of you are still in on it but if you have no idea then let us tell you. There was or is a rumor going on that Jillian is dating Rob Schmitt, her Fox & Friends First co-host.

News of their romance first came to the surface when Rob shared an anniversary post with Jillian. However, the anniversary that he was talking about was different than our version. Apparently, it was their 1st anniversary as co-hosts of the show. Unfortunately, people took that in a different manner.

Jillian Mele boyfriend 2021
Jillian and Rob Schmitt are co-hosts of the show.

But then again, we fans wouldn’t mind seeing Jillian and Rob as a couple. Both of them are apparently single and both of them are one of th

Jillian Mele dating
Who is Jillian Mele husband?

e eligible bachelors around.

Jillian Mele is enjoying her singlehood

She might be single but boy is Jullian enjoying it. Going through her social media account, she shares awesome photos from her personal or professional time. The majority of her Instagram photos has been occupied by a single being and that is her cute puppy, Levi.

Her dog is the star of her social media handle. His overloaded cuteness quite literally melts our hearts. See for yourself!


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A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele)

Well, isn’t he the cutest. In addition to sharing her dog’s photo, she often showcases her life behind the camera. We can often see her enjoying nature which gives a little hint that she must be a country girl with a little touch of classiness of the city.

Whenever she has time, she usually goes on exotic vacations. For instance, back in October 2020, she shared a picture from her visit to Amalfi Coast in Italy. We sincerely have our doubts that Jillian is visiting the world’s greatest romantic destination all by herself. Maybe her so so was behind the camera.


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A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele)

Well, she is living a high life and we as fans are happy that she leads a life without stress. Even if she is hiding a secret partner, let us all pray for their happiness and love.

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All about Mika Kleinschmidt, Brian Kleinschmidt’s wife

Mika Kleinschmidt Brian Kleinschmidt

Mika Kleinschmidt is an American real estate developer. She is famous for appearing in the HGTV show, 100 Day Dream Home alongside her husband, Brian Kleinschmidt. In the show, the husband and wife build houses in three months.

Talking about their relationship, the pair is in a marital relationship for a long time. But did you know their relationship didn’t start right after they met? It was only after many years that love blossomed.

Today we shall take a close look at their relationship in addition to some interesting facts about Mika!

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt Relationship: He asked her out in High School but she rejected him

Mika and Brian had met each other for the first time while studying at Riverview High School in Florida. When Brian saw her for the first time, he was head over heels. He instantly fell in love with her.

With no confidence whatsoever to go up and speak to her, Brian asked one of his friends to do his bidding. He urged him to ask Mika if she’ll come with him for the homecoming. Unfortunately, Mika wasn’t interested in Brian and said no.

Mika Kleinschmidt
Mika and her husband first met when they were in High School in Florida.

As time went by, the pair also moved on with their lives. They dated other people, even got married but as fate would have it, their paths crossed once again. Who would’ve thought that Brian and Mika will meet again and this time fall in love for good measure?

They found each other once again after a decade since their high school graduation in 2011. Both of them had gained a lot of experience in their respective field and thus a romance and business were born.

When did they get married?

The pair exchanged vows on October 10, 2015, in a private ceremony surrounded by a few of their friends and family. This was the first wedding for Mika while a second for Brian who was once married to Miss America 2004, Ericka Dunlap.

Ever since they tied the knot, Mika and Brian aren’t just a husband and wife duo but they are also business partners as well. Together they star in the popular TV series, 100 Day Dream Home. In the show, the pair uses their expertise to help build their customer their dream home and that too within three months.

Talking about their skills, Mika is into designing and helping her customer take important financial and personal decisions. On the other hand, her husband Brian is the brawns of the organization and likes to keep his hands dirty in construction.

Brian is the step-father to Mika Kleinschmidt’ daughter: Who is her biological dad?

No, they don’t have any biological children between them. Nevertheless, Mika and Brian do take care of one child and that is Mika’s daughter, Jade, from her previous relationship.

Mika gave birth to Jade on February 23rd, 2009. The identity or the name of her biological father is kept behind closed doors. In addition to that, Mika’s relationship with Jade’s father is also hidden from the general public.

Mika with her daughter
Mika is the mother of one daughter named Jade.

Although Jade is Brian’s step-daughter, he still loves her like his own. Many times Brian has even mentioned that Jade is one of the best things that ever happened to him. From the statement alone we can make out the word step is just a word and nothing else. Moreover, Brian calls himself Jade’s bonus dad, as a way of expressing his love for her.

Besides, Mika and Brian usually take out time to hang out with their daughter. They might be busy in their career but they also understand how valuable this time is for their daughter and themselves.

Mika Kleinschmidt’s Early Life and Education

She was born Mika McGee on March 30th, 1982, in Florida, the United States. She is the daughter of Thomas McGee and Yolanda Pozzi. Her parents have been separated for a long time.

Mika spent the major portion of her childhood in Riverview, Florida. Her father Thomas’ profession isn’t known, however, Mika once mentioned her father works in the middle east back in 2020.

As for her education, she graduated from Riverview High School. During her time in high school, she was found active in choir and varsity softball. It was during one of these choir classes that she and Brian met for the first time.

After she graduated from high school, she enrolled in the University of South Florida. She studied Bachelor in Communication, Mass Communication/Media Studies. She finished college in the year 2007.

How many siblings does she have?

Mika has in total three siblings, one sister, Brittany McGee, and two brothers, Tom Ace, and Dontae McGee. Her youngest brother, Dontae is her half-sibling from either one of her parent’s other relationships.

Mika is quite close to all of her siblings. She usually shares pictures with her siblings on the occasion of National Siblings Day or any other day.

All of her siblings are also close to her daughter Jade as well. Safe to say, the McGee are a happy bunch.

How much is Mika Kleinschmidt’s net worth?

As of now, her net worth is whopping at $2 million. She earned a major portion of her income from her work in the TV show. Moreover, she also earned income from her work as a real estate developer.

On the other hand, her husband is worth $1 million. He also earned the majority of his income from his role in the series, 100 Day Dream Home.

Meet Lorna Wells, Taurel Wells wife: Her Wiki, Age, Kids, Wedding

Lorna Wells Taurel Wells

Lorna Wells is a celebrity spouse. She is famous as the wife of Christian musical artists, Tauren Wells. The pair is in a marital relationship for a long time and is a parent of four kids.

While there are many aspects of Tauren’s life that many of you are aware of, there are a lot of things unknown about Lorna. For instance, where is she from? who are her parents and many other things?

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at Lorna’s life and find many intricate details!

Lorna Wells was raised in a Catholic Household

She was born on September 23rd, 1985, in Texas, the United States. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has English ancestry. Lorna is the only daughter of Ronald Macey and Jeanna Macey.

The celebrity spouse was raised in Texas. Growing up, Lorna used to visit the Church on a regular basis. Her father who is a senior pastor of the Royalwood Church Houston instilled in her proper Catholic teaching. Lorna is grateful that her parents raised her in such a way because her life is more fulfilling now that she is closer to god.

Talking about her education, she studied at a local high school in Houston.

She has one brother

In addition to herself, the Macey household also has another member and that is Lorna’s brother, Brandon Macey. He is the younger one of the Macey brood.

Brandon is a Life Christian Academy graduate. He currently works as the Vice President for Growth and Development at A1 Mortgage. In addition, he is also a partner at Digital Marketing. He also helps out his old men back at the Royalwood Church where he works as Connections Director.

Lorna Wells Parents
Lorna Wells with her parents, kids, husband.

Brandon is a father of three kids, two boys, and one girl. His relationship status says he is single meaning he must’ve divorced or separated from his kids’ mother.

Besides, Brandon is quite close to his sister’s family as well. He often shares pictures of his nephews and his brother-in-law on social media.

What is Lorna Well’s profession?

Her husband is one of the famous Christian musical artists out there. Many a time, Lorna also performs songs alongside her husband. We can say, she is his partner in crime and on stage as well.

Moreover, if her Facebook account is anything to go by, she is also an Independent Consultant at Usborne Books & More. The agency generally sells books that are specifically designed for kids.

Apart from the above field, Lorna doesn’t have a specific career. She sometimes works for her dad’s church in Houston but that is more of a service and not a profession. Be that as it may, she is also a stay-at-home mother as well.

Since when are Lorna and Taurel married?

The couple exchanged vows on January 21st, 2011, at the Pentecostals Royalwood Church in Houston, Texas. Of course, the wedding was officiated by Lorna’s dad, Ronald.

For the wedding, Taurel opted for a grey suit with a plain white shirt and red bow-tie. On the other hand, Lorna wore an off-white gown. Her father walked her down the aisle.

The couple had started dating a couple of years before their nuptials. They got engaged in 2010 and married the very next year.

An anecdote about Taurel’s proposal

It was back in 2010 when Taurel had decided to pop the big question. Back then he was in Nashville while his girlfriend was living in her apartment in Houston, Texas. The Christian singer wanted to make the proposal memorable and so he decided.

He asked one of their mutual friends to assist him. He gave her a box of jewelry and inside he kept a camera and a note in it. Afterward, Taurel sent his then-girlfriend a text and asked her to look under her couch.

After she took out the little flip camera, Taurel asked her to record her whole day in it and so she did. Later on the day, she and her brother Brandon, who was in on the proposal as well, took her for a lunch at the airport. There he gave her the second jewelry box and this time it had plane tickets to Nashville on them.

Subsequently, she flew to the state, and Taurel’s friends received her from the airport. They gave her an i-pod and took her to a club that Taurel had rented out just for the big day. As soon as she entered the room, he gave her yet another jewelry box. Inside the box, he had the ring.

He got down on his knees and they got engaged. Taurel mentioned that at the time, he almost cried from happiness when she said yes.

How many children does Lorna share with her husband?

From their marriage, the couple is a parent of three kids, all boys, Kanaan Crue, born April 30th, 2013, Lawson, born May 12, 2016, and Navy Elliot, born December 2017. The family of five is about to get bigger as they have announced the birth of their fourth child in September of 2020.

Lorna Wells
Lorna Wells is a mother of three kids.

While announcing the birth of their fourth child, he added a picture of balls used in different sports. The balls were all categorized according to their physical size with the biggest one representing the pair’s eldest son and so on & so forth.

Interesting facts about Lorna Wells, Cedric Kyles wife

Lorna Wells husband Cedric

Lorna Wells is famous as the wife of the comedian, Cedric Kyles, aka Cedric the Entertainer. Her husband is a comedy royalty who became famous for his roles in shows and movies.

The couple is married since the late 90s. Fortunately enough there marriage has been sailing smoothly. Further, the couple is a proud parent of two kids.

We’re sure many of you already know a lot of things about Cedric, but what about his wife, Lorna Wells. Today in this article, we shall find out everything about the celebrity wife including her age, early life, and more!

Lorna Wells is a California native: How old is she?

She is a native of Southwestern Los Angeles, California. She was born on February 17th, 1967. Because Lorna likes to live a secretive life, information on her parents or siblings has been kept behind closed doors.

Growing up, Lorna moved quite a lot, from one residence to another and it was all around the same county of Los Angeles. Judging by this we can assume she must’ve had trouble settling in new places.

As for her education, reports suggest she studied at Hawthorne High School, but it cannot be said for certain. Besides, at the moment, she lives with her husband Cedric and kids in Los Angeles.

Lorna is often confused with Tauren Wells’ wife of the name

The name Lorna Wells isn’t only associated with Cedric the Entertainer. Christian musical artist Tauren Wells’s wife’s name is also Lorna Well. This mix-up has led to much confusion among the fans.

Many tabloids have even written jumbled-up information regarding the two. While some have added misplace information about Cedric’s wife Lorna’s parents and siblings.

The only truth of the matter is that other than their names, the two-star spouses do not have anything in common.

Lorna is famous for her marriage with Cedric the Entertainer

Ever since Lorna got into a relationship with Cedric, she became a famous name amongst the paparazzi. Apart from the media, since the late 90s, fans have also been curious about her.

Lorna Wells husband
Lorna and Cedric married back in 1999.

Lorna and Cedric Kyle tied the knot in September 1999. At the time of the matrimonial, Lorna was 31-years-old while her spouse Cedric was 34.

The wedding took place at Casa De Amour in Pasadena, California, and officiated by Bishop Noel Jones of Los Angeles and Dr. David L Lane. Cedric’s eldest daughter Tiara was the flower girl. Many of the comedian’s friends were in attendance including Steve Harvey, William Lee Scott, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and more.

Initially, the pair had met in the year 1997 when both of them were working in the 1998 film, Ride. While Cedric was an actor, Lorna worked as a stylist.

Given that there’s not much information available about their wedding, it looks like the ceremony was a small one with only the closest of their friends and family in attendance.

Their marriage is one of the longest-standing weddings out there, especially amongst African-American celebrities. True black love right there, ladies and gentlemen!

Cedric tries to keep the flame alive in his marriage

When you are married for a long time, there might come a time where you might think a spark is missing. This is when many marriages tend to end when a pair doesn’t feel the same way they felt about one another years ago.

Cedric whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles is fortunate in this department. Not only does he entertains his wife with his never-ending banters, but he also tries a few things that youngsters these days tend to do. Take a look!

In addition, Cedric often shares pictures during big occasions like their anniversary on his Instagram account.

Well, all in all, we can certainly say Lorna and Cedric are truly goals. At the end of the day, one thing that Cedric and his wife Young love should learn a few things or two from the OG’s.

Lorna is a mother of two kids and a step-mom to one

The long-term couple is a parent of two, one son and one daughter. At first, they welcomed a baby boy back in 2000 whom they named Croix Kyles. We know you are intrigued by the name so let us tell you what does it means. It’s a French word that means cross.

The eldest of the brood, Croix, has already followed in his old man’s footsteps. So far, he appeared in three movies, The Soul Man (2012), Jingle All the Way (2011), and Jingle & Bell’s Christmas Star (2012). Moreover, he studied at the Sierra Canyon School where he was a part of the swimming team.

Coming back to the main topic, after the birth of their first child, Lorna and Cedric welcomed a daughter in November of 2003. They gave her the beautiful name of Lucky Rose Kyles. She was born at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Similar to her older brother, Lucky is also an actress. She worked in the TV series, The Soul Man.

Lorna is also a step-mother and a grandma

At the time when Lorna started dating her then-future husband, he was already a father of one daughter named Tiara. She was born in 1989.

Lorna Wells family
Lorna with her kids and stepdaughter, and husband in a vacation.

From the beginning, Cedric had decided that he won’t make his older daughter estranged from the rest of his family. This is why he involved Tiara with Lorna and his other two kids from the get-go. This helped in creating a terrific bond between them. And today they are like a family.

What’s more, Tiara also made her step-mother a grandma after she gave birth to a baby boy in 2016.

What is Lorna Wells Kyle’s profession?

We’re sure many of you might be curious to know what is Lorna’s profession. Is she also an actor like her husband? Well, the answer to that question is simply no. She is not an actor.

She worked as a stylist in the entertainment industry. Like we mentioned above, it was her profession that led to the meeting between her and Cedric on the set of Ride.

As of now, Lorna is quite busy working as a philanthropist. She works together with her husband for their charity, Cedric the Entertainer Charitable Foundation Inc. From the foundation, the duo gives out scholarships to deserving high school students.

Facts you should know about Angie King, Jo Koy ex-wife

Angie King son Jo Koy wife

Angie King was your average American citizen until her ex-husband’s fame made her the center of attention. Yes, her husband is none other than Jo Koy, one of the most followed comedians out there.

Since his appearance in the Jay Leno show back in 2005, Jay has become one of the famous comedians. Angie and Jo were married for some time before divorcing. From their relationship, they became the parent of one child.

In this article, find out all the interesting details on the former flames relationship. Furthermore, we’re going to find out some interesting details about Joy Koy’s wife, now former, life.

Angie was born and raised in California

Angie was born on May 28th, 1979 to an American father, David A King, and a Filipino mother, Tessie King. While her father comes from English ancestry, her mother is an Ilocano from the Philippines.

King’s mom and dad raised her and her sibling in the state of California as a Catholic. However, before settling in California, she once lived in Saudi Arabia.

Besides, from her early childhood, Angie’s mother had instilled Filipino heritage in her kids. This helped Angie in bonding with her Filipino heritage, something which she proudly flaunts.

Talking about her parents, her father David passed away in the year 2018. He and his wife Tessie were together for 40-years before his tragic demise. Her father served in the U.S. Navy right around the end of World War II.

She has one biological and three half-siblings

The King’s household was a pretty big household. In addition to Angie, Tessie and her late husband Davide welcomed one son, David King Jr. Both David and Angie are pretty close to each other. She shares a lot of pictures of her baby brother on her social media handle.

Angie King family
Angie’s brother and father.

Her brother is a married guy and a father as well. He is married to his girlfriend of many years, Janea. Together the duo is a parent of one daughter named Natalie Rose King, born February 2019.

When Natalie was born, Angie was over the moon. She shared a picture with her niece, expressing her happiness. See for yourself!

In addition to her biological bro, Angie also has three half-siblings, two sisters, Cindi King Tuning, Danielle Bush, and one brother, Michael King. Not much is know about her half-siblings as she rarely shares any pictures of them on her Instagram account. Still, she is quite close with them.

Angie King’s became famous for her relationship with Jo Koy

Ever since Jo Koy got into the comedy scene, his family has been a subject of curiosity. And why wouldn’t it? After all, the majority of his jokes are centered around them, especially his childhood and mother.

Now talking about Angie and Jo’s relationship, there isn’t much known about it. What we know so far is that they dated and married somewhere around the early 2000s. It was around this time that they divorced as well.

Since their divorce, both of them are yet to tie the knot to anyone else.

Angie shares one son with ex-hubby

From their relationship, the pair welcomed one child, a baby boy named Joseph J Herbert Jr. He was born on 21st April 2003, in California. He graduated sophomore in 2017 from the catholic school, St Mel School, Woodlands, California.

After the divorce between his parents, they decided to share joint custody of their son. Leading up to this point, the former flames have co-parented their boy in an excellent manner. In no way did they ever made him feel estranged and less loved, something which we generally see in a child between a divorced couple.

Moreover, Joseph has a terrific bond with both of his parents. We can say he is the glue that holds both of them together.

Angie and Jo Koy are on excellent terms with each other

They might’ve their differences when it comes to marriage but certainly have not made any difference in the level of respect they have for one another. Although they have been separated for more than several years, they are still totally in love with each other, no in that way off course!

Back in 2020 when the whole country was in the state of lockdown, Angie stayed with her husband. Both of them decided to take this step just so their son could spend time with both of them simultaneously.

During Koy’s appearance in the show, Windy City Live he even brought his ex-spouse for the interview which totally took the interviewers off guard. In the session, Jo openly said he loves his ex-wife and they have a mutual admiration for each other despite their difference.

We’re happy they share such a great relationship. It takes more than just respect to stay together like this.

Is Angie dating or married to anyone?

For the past couple of years, Angie is dating a guy named Gino Perez. Her boyfriend is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer.

Angie King boyfriend
Angie and her bf, Geno.

The best part about all this is that Gino and Angie’s ex, Jo are great friends. Gino has even gifted the comedian a few of his arts, which shows how mutually respectful they are for each other.

Angie and Gino aren’t just partners in love but in business as well. Together they own a clothing line-up called Mexican UFO.

Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s son; Who is his biological mother?

Joseph Herbert Jr.

Joseph Herbert Jr. is famous among us all as Jo Koy’s son. His dad, Jo Koy aka Joseph Herbert Sr. is a Filipino-American comedian. He first gained media prominence after he did stand-up in Jay Leno‘s show.

When you are a star then it is only natural that all of your relatives will also become famous. Similarly, Jo’s son Jo Jr. is a subject of curiosity among his millions of fans.

Today in this article, let’s take a close look at the life of Joseph Herebert Jr. and find some interesting facts about him. Moreover, we’re also going to find out who is his mother?

Who is Joseph Herbert Jr.’s biological mother?

Born on 21st April 2003, in the United States. He is the only child between Jo Koy and his ex-wife, whose name is Angie King.

Jo Koy wife son
Jo’s ex-wife with their son. Source: Instagram

Now talking about Joseph’s ethnicity, well he has Filipino and Caucasian heritage from both of his parent’s sides. Interestingly, Jo Koy’s father is a Caucasian while his mom is a Filipino, and similar is the case for Joseph Jr.’s mother.

Herbert Jr. lives in California with his dad and was brought up in the same state. As his parents had been divorced, they co-parented him as per the custody arrangement.

Detail on Joseph Herbert Jr’s parents’ relationship

Jo and Angie enjoyed marital bliss for a few years before they eventually decided to separate for good. The former flames reportedly separated amicably. Besides, not much is known about the initial phase of their relationship. What we do know is that they started dating somewhere around the early 2000s.

The sole reason behind not knowing is that Koy doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. He has made his stance on privacy clear in many interviews. Koy just doesn’t like the media or even his fans prowling on his life.

On the other hand, Herbert Jr’s mother Angie King, like his father, hasn’t disclosed anything about her relationship with Jo either.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s mother and father, despite separation, are still close friends

If there’s any couple who is a true example of ex-couple goals, then Jo and Angie are it. Not only did they stayed cordial with each other over the years for the sake of their son, they still very much respect each other.

In many cases, exes tend to have this animosity amongst one another but not this one. The most exemplary part of Jo and King’s relationship is that they still hang out like they are a couple. Heck, they even spent the whole 2020 quarantine together at Jo’s house.

When the news of them spending time together with their son in the same home came out people thought they got back together. But on the contrary, the duo decided to live under the same roof just because they don’t want their son to travel from Jo’s house to King’s house and so on and so forth in the middle of a raging pandemic.

In 2020, when Koy appeared in a segment of Windy City Live, he revealed that he and his wife are staying at home together. Moreover, his ex-wife also made an appearance in the show. Take a look!

Above all, Jo Koy’s kid Joseph Jr. is surely one lucky guy. His parents might not be tied to the marriage bond, but he never felt the need for them to be.

Joseph’s Jr. Education

The Herbert family is a devout Catholic. Likewise, Joseph went to a catholic junior school. He attended the St Mel School in Woodlands, California. He graduated sophomore in 2017.

After enrolling in junior high, both his father and mother expressed their happiness on social media. Koy shared a comedy skit-like video where he is seen crying as his son leaves for college.

It certainly is something seeing your child growing up. One day you’re dropping them off at the kindergarten and the next thing you know, they are graduating college.

He often appears in his father’s live shows

Unlike other star kids who rarely ever make public appearances with their famous parents, Joseph usually comes out with his dad on the shows.

In addition, Koy’s son is usually the center of his jokes. One of his comedy specials is all about life as a single father with a teenage son. In the special, we get to see the fatherly side of Koy and other intimate details of their relationship.

Jo Koy son Joseph Herbert Jr.
Jo Koy with his son Joseph when he was young.

Likewise, in an interview with LasVegasSun, Koy talked about how his son is also a big part of the act. He said, “My son, oh man, I think every year I’m getting 25 to 30 minutes of material from talking about him. He just keeps growing.”

Is Joseph Jr. dating?

Going by his Instagram account, which has over 40k followers, he doesn’t seem to have any girlfriend or boyfriend, for the matter. The youngster is busy with his studies so he might not be interested in dating or maybe he has not met the right one.

Whatever the case may be, he is relishing his single life, living the life that many dreams of. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean he is like one of those spoiled rich kids. His mom and dad have raised a great man who is humble and knows where he comes from.

Who Is Jo Koy Wife? When Did He Get Married? All The Details Here

Jo Koy spouse

Everyone wants to know about Jo Koy‘ wife. Ever since he became famous, his fans wanted to know who is his lady luck. After all, it has been said many times, behind every successful man there is a woman.

Well, he was once married but as of now, Jo Koy doesn’t have a wife. Talking about his ex-wife, the former flames were in a marital relationship for a few years. From their relationship, they are a proud parent of one kid.

Today let’s take an in-depth look into Jo’s personal life and find out about his conjugal life.

Who is Jo Koy wife? His current relationship status

First of all, Jo doesn’t have a wife at the moment nor is he married to anyone. However, there are rumors that he is reportedly in a relationship with an actress.

Several tabloids claim the comedian is dating the American actress, Tia Carrera. But there is no solid evidence regarding their affair behind the scenes.

The only time Jo has ever mentioned Tia is in the year 2011. Back then, he congratulated the Hawaiian actress for her Grammy win in the category of Best Hawaiian Music Album. In the same year, the pair also made a joint appearance at the premiere of the 2011 movie, Footloose.

Jo Koy girlfriend 2021
Jo with his rumored girlfriend Tia. Source: Getty Images

Aside from the above two incidents, the couple has rarely made any appearances together. Neither of them has in recent years shared pictures of each other on social media. Safe to say, the news of their relationship, at this time, is nothing but a loose talk.

Jo Koy’s relationship with his ex-wife: They are on excellent terms

His ex-wife’s name is Angie King. She is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and a musician. She became inspired in the music field because of her dad, who was an opera singer.

Besides, not much is known about how and when did the pair first started dating. Still, we do know the former couple dated back in the early 2000s and married around the same time. Sadly, their marital life couldn’t hold out for long and they called it quits shortly after their wedding.

But unlike a typical divorced couple, Jo and Angie are on excellent terms with each other. In fact, she even quarantined together with her hubby at his residence. Joseph has expressed his love and respect for his former partner time and time again.

What’s more, Angie often appears in her ex-husband’s Instagram account. Like we told you before that they quarantined together during the 2020 lockdown, the couple wasted no time and created funny skits straight from their kitchen.


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Though we can argue that their mutual respect for one another holds them together, their son is the one who acts as the glue between them. Whatever the case may be, Jo and his ex-spouse are living a happy and content life enjoying their personal life. P.S: Koy’s ex is currently in a relationship with Gino Perez.

Jo shares one child with his former wife

The pair shares one son, Joseph Herbert Jr. aka Lil Joe. Angie gave birth to him on 21st April 2003. Although his parents separated some times after his birth, he was still raised by both of them in a fairly coordinated manner.

Jo Koy wife son
Jo’s ex-wife with their son. Source: Instagram

That is why Joseph is quite close to both his mom and dad. Jo and Angie knew they had to stay amicable otherwise it might affect their son’s childhood.

Koy has gone through the same phase when at the age of 13, his mom and dad decided to divorce. Afterward, Jo was then raised by his single mom. This phase made him estranged from his father.

He didn’t want his son to suffer the same fate. Thankfully everything worked out well. At the moment, Jo and Angie are proud parents as their son has graduated high school. He might even become a comedian just like his father given that he has started appearing alongside him in many comedy events. In addition, he frequently appears in his mom and dad’s accounts.

Jo Koy is more like a bro than a dad to his son

In an interview with Fatherly, the comedian vividly talked about fatherhood. He mentioned that he is doing all the things that he wished his father would’ve done with him while growing up.

Joseph Sr. and Jr. goes out to eat and hang out every now and then. When he was still studying in school, he used to bring him lunch which included a food item from a restaurant of his choice.


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A post shared by Jo Koy (@jokoy)

Furthermore, when asked whether his son likes the Filipino culture or not, Koy said he rarely ever had to teach him anything. Because the household is filled with Filipinos one is bound to absorb everything. Koy also added,

“He’s been to the Philippines for almost a month to see where his grandmother grew up. It’s kind of neat. Things I never got to do when I was a kid, my son is doing.”

We’re happy that Jo is cherishing all the great moments with his son.

Interesting details on Mike Lindell ex-wife Dallas Yocum

Mike Lindell Dallas Yocum (1)Mike Lindell Dallas Yocum (1)

Dallas Yocum came to media prominence as the wife of MyPillow guy, aka, Mike Lindell. As of this moment, the duo is no longer together. The reason behind their untimely might shock you so stay tuned.

Besides, ever since Dallas married Mike people have been curious about her. They have been asking questions regarding her early life and career.

Today in this article, we’re going to find out some interesting facts about Dallas and know her up and close.

Dallas comes from a family of Veterans

She was born Dallas A Farmer on December 8th, 1969, in the United States. Dallas belongs to Norman ancestry and is of Caucasian ethnicity. As for her nationality, she is an American.

The former celebrity wife was raised in the state of Arizona alongside her brothers. She is the only daughter of the late U.S. Navy mechanic, Oather Dale Farmer. Her father was a Vietnam war veteran. He worked aboard U.S. Bon Homme.

Moreover, her paternal grandfather, Guy Oather Farmer was a World War II veteran.

There’s not much information on her mother, however, in an article by StarTribune, it was mentioned she lives in Arizona. Similarly, there’s not much info on her siblings as well.

Her father Oather passed away at the age of 68 back in 2011. He was a resident of Bullhead City, Arizona for the last three decades.

Why is Dallas Yocum famous?

She became a prominent name in the media due to her association with businessman Mike Lindell. The couple was in a relationship for some time before eventually deciding on marrying.

However, their marriage was short-lived. So much so that it ended after a few weeks. Their wedding was shorter than Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries.

When did Dallas and Mike marry?

They exchanged vows on June 8th, 2013, in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The ceremony was an extravagant affair with many people in attendance.

Dallas's ex-husband Mike Lindell.
Dallas’s ex-husband Mike Lindell.

After their marriage, Dallas moved to Minnesota, where Mike resides. Although it wasn’t the exact reason, Dallas’s move to the state somehow resulted in their divorce. Apparently, she had to leave her family back in Arizona, which eventually took its toll.

Their marriage ended after a couple of weeks

If there’s a list for the shortest marriage of all time, then Dallas and Mike’s will be in on the list as well. Around a month after their matrimonial, Mike filed for divorce stating irreconcilable differences.

Now Mike wouldn’t be filing for divorce if it wasn’t for his wife’s behavior, he told in an interview with Star Tribune. According to Mike, when he t0ld his wife that she somehow feels distant and distraught, she replied by saying, “Just leave me alone or you’re going to hear something you don’t want to hear.”

Obviously, Mike wanted to hear what she has to say so he asked her to tell him. According to Lindell, this is what his wife said, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring. We don’t have anything in common and you’ve ruined the last two years of my life.”

Mike also maintained that he filed for divorce in mid-July and it was finalized some times later. The couple had a prenup which means Mike saved himself from shelling out a huge amount of money in a settlement.

Dallas had reportedly said that her marriage with Mike will be short-lived

This is an interesting anecdote. The columnist named C.J., who took Mike’s interview with Star Tribune, said people told her that Dallas had mentioned she won’t be married to Mike for long.

C.J. stated, “People told me at the wedding she told people I’m not going to be married very long. This is very short-lived.”

In addition, C.J. also added that when she spent time with Yocum and Mike, before the wedding, at Eden Prairie’s Lions Tap, she found Dallas a bit distant. According to her, while Mike was head over heels while talking about their love life and how their romance blossomed, Yocum rarely said anything.

Well, there are two sides of the story here so it is quite difficult to assess whether what eventually killed their marriage.

Dallas accused Mike of nearly killing him

In the same year of their divorce, Yocum called out her husband in an affidavit wherein she claimed he had once tried to ran her over and while doing so he was also close to hitting her 2-year-old granddaughter.

However, Mike vehemently denied all the allegations made against him. In a voicemail interview, he claimed that “there was never anything with either one of my ex-wives.” He even threatened to file a lawsuit against the tabloid that reported the accusation.

Be that as it may, as of now, Dallas and Mike both are living a content life.

Does Dallas Yocum share kids with ex-husband Mike?

No, the former flames do not share children between them, however, they have kids from their previous relationship. Dallas is a mother of two biological kids and one stepson.

When she and Mike were still dating, he gave all of her kids and one of her niece a job at MyPillow. After she married Mike, Yocum moved to the state of Minnesota alongside a few of her relatives.

Her Net Worth

While she was still in a relationship with Mike, she enjoyed a fairly lavish life. After all, her husband is worth a staggering $300 million. He amassed his fortune thanks to his company, MyPillow.

Now we’re sure many of you might be thinking that after divorcing Lindell, Dallas might’ve scored a jackpot in a divorce settlement. Well, what do you know, they apparently had a prenup so there goes her million dollar out of the window.

Meet Michael Wayans, Damon Wayans Sr. son: Interesting facts!

michael wayans Vanessa Simmons

Michael Wayans is an American star kid. He is one of four children of veteran actor Damon Wayans Sr. The Lethal Weapon actor shares Michael with his ex-wife, Lisa Thorner.

In addition to himself, Michael has three siblings who are all into acting just like their daddy. Now talking about his personal life, he is in a long-term relationship with reality star Vanessa Simmons. Now the big question here is, does the couple share any children?

Today in this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look into the life of Michael aka Mike Wayans, and find out many intricate details of his relationship.

Michael Wayans early life

He was born on March 28th, 1985, in Los Angeles,  California. He is of African-American ethnicity and has American nationality.

Michael Richard Wayans is the second oldest child between Damon Wayans Sr. and Lisa Thorner. His parents were married for around 15-years before calling it quits.

Mike grew-up alongside his siblings in LA from where he also received his formal education.

He has three siblings

Michael’s oldest brother Damon Jr., born November 18th, 1982, is a prominent actor. He is widely known for his role of Brad Williams in the ABC sitcom, Happy Endings. For the role, he even received a Critics’ choice TV award nomination. He is happily married to Samara Saraiva.

Michael Wayans siblings
Michael with his sister and older brother Damon Wayans Jr.

In addition to Damon Jr., Mike has two sisters, Cara Mia Wayans and Kyla Wayans. Both of them are also actors who appeared in a few small projects. They are not active in the entertainment industry at the moment.

He is a member of the prominent Wayans family

We’re sure that by the surname alone you must’ve figured out that he belongs to the Wayans family. Well, you are right. His dad Damon Sr. is one of nine children between Elvira Alethia and Howell Stouten Wayans.

Michael’s uncles are Dwayne, Keenan Ivory, Shawn, and Marlon Wayans. Meanwhile, his aunts are Elvira Wayans, Vonnie Nadia Wayans, Kim, and Diedra.

The big family has become a Hollywood royalty thanks to their service, on and off the camera. At first, it was Keenan who paved the path for all his siblings. He was solely responsible for creating the show, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and In Living Color. The rest of the Wayans siblings, especially the boys starred in the two shows.

Take a look at Michael’s father Damon doing stand-up at Jimmy Fallon’s show!

Besides, Michael’s father Damon Sr. is a comedian who became a prominent face after he wrote and performed in the sketch comedy show, In Living Color. His most iconic characters in the show are Homey D. Clown, Blaine Edwards, and Handi-Man.

Is Michael Wayans also an actor?

Yes, he also has tried his hands in acting, however, he didn’t make a big name for himself just like his father or uncles have.

The most intriguing part of Michael’s career is that he has not only tried his hands in acting but in another field as well. He has worked in the music department as a composer. While his acting credits include My Wife and Kids, and Blankman. He worked as a composer for the Dance Flick and for eleven episodes of The Underground.

Michael is in a relationship with Vanessa Simmons

Since 2005, Michael is enjoying a long-term relationship with TV personality, Vanessa Simmons. Not much information is available regarding the early phase of their relationship.

Similar to Mike, Vanessa is also a member of the prominent family. She is one of the two daughters of famous American rapper, Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run. Her father is the original founder of the hip hop trio, Run-D.M.C.

They are a parent of one daughter with another one on the way

The couple became parents for the first time in 2014 when they welcomed their first child, a girl named Ava Maria Wayans. Soon after the birth of their first kid, Simmons told ET Online in an interview that she and her boyfriend won’t be welcoming any more kids before tying the knot.

She said at the time, “Dealing with a 3-year-old is very challenging, but I think eventually yes [we will have more kids] after Mike and I tie the knot.”

Nevertheless, in late 2020, the pair announced they are expecting their second child. The duo organized a baby shower for their upcoming bundle of joy. At the intimate function, both sides of the families were in attendance.

Michael Wayans girlfriend
Michael and Vanessa are expecting a second child.

Fans are eager to see Vanessa and Michael marry

To be fair there are a lot more of Vanessa’s fans as opposed to Michaels and all of them want Wayans to pop the question now. What’s more, many of them are arguing that Vanessa should look for alternatives as despite being in a relationship for so long, there seem to be no plans for engagement let alone a wedding.

Although Simmons herself has subtly stated numerous times about being eager to marry, her boyfriend is yet to take the big step. Further, they are now on a verge of becoming a parent for the second time, something which Vanessa had claimed wouldn’t happen before their matrimonial. But here we are!

Regardless, going back on her words is not something Vanessa does often so it is safe to say they have talked about a potential wedding. We can assume the marriage is pretty soon. Fingers crossed!

What is Macaulay Culkin mother Patricia Bentrup doing now?

Patricia Bentrup son Macaulay Culkin husband

Patricia Bentrup is famous as the matriarch of the Culkin siblings. Her children, especially Macaulay Culkin, became a prominent face in Hollywood. Her son Macaulay is a recipient of several awards.

Bentrup and her partner, with whom she shares her kids, Kit Culkin was in a relationship for several years. Ever since breaking up with Kit, she moved on and currently lives with her husband.

The big question here is, who is she married to? What is she doing now? Who is her husband? Let’s dive in!

Patricia Bentrup was born and raised in North Dakota

She was born on November 21, 1954, in North Dakota, the United States. She is one of eleven children between Hubert Brentrup and his wife Mildred Narum. Patricia belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality.

Patrica spent her early life in the midwestern state. She graduated high school from a local high school in New England, Hettinger Country.

Her parents are unfortunately no more in this world. Her dad Hubert passed away in 2003 while her mother took her last breath in 2011.

She has ten siblings

Patricia grew up in a big family. Her parents altogether welcomed eleven children including Patricia. They had seven boys, Ronald, Richard, Neil, Barry, Paul, Greg, Jerome Bentrup, and four girls, Janice, Renee, Cindy, and Patricia.

Unfortunately, Patricia has bid adieu to four of her siblings, Jerome Brentrup (1942-1945), Ron L. Brentrup (1943-2015), Janice Brentrup (1948-2012), and Paul Brentrup (1961-2012).

After Patricia started dating Kit, she moved to New York City. She spent several decades of her life in the city.

Patricia Bentrup
Patricia with her siblings.

Most of Patricia’s siblings are active on Facebook, however, she remains outside of social media.

She and Kit Culkin started dating in the 70s

The former couple started dating in 1974. Apparently, the pair first met in the state of North Dakota. They lived in the state for the first few years before moving to New York. Though Patricia and Kit never married, their kids always thought their mom otherwise.

Besides, from their two decades worth of relationship, they became a parent of seven kids, Shane (born 1976), Dakota (born 1979), Macaulay (born 1980), Kieran (born 1984), Christian (born 1987), and Rory (born 1989).

Off the seven kids, their eldest daughter Dakota has tragically passed away. She died in a car accident in December 2008. Authorities revealed at the time that Dakota died after she got off a curb while walking in west side LA.

All of Patricia’s kids started out as child actors

The Culkin clan were all involved in the showbiz. However, of the seven, only a handful of them made an everlasting impact in the media. One of them being Macaulay.

Macaulay became a worldwide sensation after he appeared in the two back-to-back Home Alone movies. The film grossed millions of dollars and Macaulay was touted as an acting prodigy.

In addition to Macaulay, Shane, Christian, Rory, and Kieran also became famed actors. Rory’s credits include Lords of Chaos, Signs, Mean Creek while Kieran appeared alongside his brother in Home Alone and also appeared in the series, Succession.

Aside from the seven biological kids, Patricia was also step-mother to Kit’s daughter Jennifer Adamson. Sadly, Jennifer passed away at the ripe age of 29. She was the only child between Kit and Adeena VanWagnoer.

Patricia and Kit had a bitter battle for the custody of their kids

In March of 1995, Patricia and Kit decided to pull down the curtain in their decade-long relationship. But the separation didn’t turn out the way both of them or anyone had expected. After they separated, trouble started brewing between the two.

Patricia Bentrup now
Patricia with her son Chris.

They didn’t fight over child support but rather who will receive custody of their kids. Many tabloids reported that the duo didn’t fight for custody just because they loved their kids but because they wanted the money their star kid was making. Previously, when they were still together, the pair used to split 15% commission on their son, Macaulay’s earning.

Fast forward a few months and the Culkins siblings eventually settled out with their mother, though the judge ordered her to instill proper discipline and good study habits in her kids.

What is Patricia Bentrup doing nowadays?

Well, it might surprise you that Patricia is happily married. Yes, for the past couple of years, she enjoys blissful marital life with Mart D. Cox. Not much is known about their relationship as to how and when did they started dating, but we do know that they live in Billings, Montana.

Moreover, her husband Mart works as a remodeling specialist based in Billings. He offers services including accessibility construction, design, retrofitting, installation, and molding installation.

The lovebirds do not share any children between them, however, she is the step-mother of Kara Cox. Mart shares Kara from his previous relationship. Meanwhile, Patricia’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her seven kids Kit is also in a relationship. He is together with Jeanette Krylowski for around 20-years.

Meet Kate Danson, Ted Danson’ oldest daughter: Wiki, Mother, Husband

Kate Danson husband wiki

Kate Danson is the eldest daughter of veteran actor Ted Danson and his former wife. She is the only biological child between Ted and Cassandra Casey Coates. The former flames were in a marital relationship for over a decade before divorcing.

Besides, Kate once tried her hands in the acting field but she now walks a different path. Her handful of appearances as an actress didn’t bode well and she now works behind the camera.

In this article today, let’s take a close look at the life of Kate and find out some intriguing facts about her! Let’s get right into it!

Kate Danson Early Life

She was born on December 24th, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. She is the first and only biological child between Ted and his second wife, Casey.

From her father’s side, she belongs to Scottish and English ancestry whereas she has French Norman ancestry from her mom’s side. As for her ethnicity, she has caucasian ethnicity and possesses American nationality.

Ted Danson daughter Kate Danson
Kate is the oldest daughter of Ted Danson.

Kate was brought up by her mom and dad in a posh neighborhood of Los Angeles. For around five years she was the only child in the Danson household before her parents adopted her one and only sibling, Alexis Danson.

Kate’s birth also brought a health scare for her mom Casey

The arrival of any child brings nothing but happiness and joy around the household. Although similar was the case for the Dansons, Kate’s birth also brought forth something terrible for her mom.

While giving birth to Kate, Casey had a major health scare as she suffered from a stroke which left her paralyzed in one part of her body. Due to this, Casey spent several years struggling to do basic body movements. Her husband, Ted tended for his wife at such a dire time.

However, this health issue eventually became the death of their relationship and led to the end of their years-long married life. In an interview with Closer, Ted told both of them realized they weren’t the same anymore. He said, “We were adjusting to the fact that we weren’t the same people we were before it happened.”

Brief detail on Kate’s parent’s relationship

Ted first started dating Casey right after he divorced his first wife, Randy Danson. At first, Ted never thought he’d fall in love ever again but enter Cassandra Coates.

At first glance, Ted fell in love with this majestic beauty. Soon the couple decided to be in a relationship. Back then Ted was a small-time actor while his girlfriend was making a name for herself in Hollywood as a producer.

Casey Danson daughters
Casey with her two daughters and ex-husband.

After dating for a couple of years, the pair exchanged vows in an extravagant ceremony on the 30th of July, 1977. Although not much information is available about their wedding, we’re sure it was a blast for the newlyweds.

Their relationship was sailing smoothly, as expected. Even after Casey suffered from the health issue, she and her husband fought it off together. Moreover, they became parents to another baby girl.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard they tried, their beautiful marriage came to an end. They divorced in the year 1993. Their divorce is one of the costliest divorces of all time with Ted paying up around $30 million in the settlement.

Kate has one adopted sister and one step-sister

A few years after Kate’s birth, her parents decided to adopt another child. They adopted Alexis Danson, born in 1985. The identity of Alexis’s biological parents is kept behind closed doors.

Unlike her older sister Kate, Alexis likes to remain behind closed doors. She didn’t follow her famous father’s path and became an actress.

Apart from an adopted sister, Kate also has two step-siblings, Lilly McDowell, born January 22nd, 1981, and Charlie McDowell, born July 10th, 1983. Lilly is the daughter of Kate’s step-mother Mary Steenburgen and her husband Malcolm McDowell.

Kate is a certified doula

Like any other star kid, Kate too had an acting bug from earlier on. This led to auditioning for several roles and she eventually scored a couple of roles.

Though she doesn’t have many movie credits like her dad, she still has appeared in a handful of movies. Her movie portfolio includes Cousins, Keepin’ It Real Estate, Kemper: The CoEd, Alien Theory. Fun fact, she also appeared in one of the episodes of CSI alongside her dad, Ted.

In addition to her work in front of the camera, she also tried her hands behind the camera as well. She has produced a couple of plays namely Nocturne, French Waitress, Tennessee. Kate also appeared in a few theatrical plays, including French Waitress, The Drowning Girls at the Walker Space in NYC.

Apart from her work on and off the screen, she is a certified doula. For those of you who have no idea what a doula is, well, it’s a woman who provides physical and emotional support to the pregnant woman before, during, and after the birth of the child. Moreover, Kate is also a photographer.

Her Personal life: She was once married to TV royalty

At the moment, Kate is single and not in a relationship with anyone. Previously, she was married to Jesse Bochco. The former flames exchanged vows on September 26th, 2009, in an intimate ceremony.

Her ex-husband Jesse is the only son of late TV producer Steven Bochco. His father was famous for producing several acclaimed TV series. On the other hand, his mom, Barbara Bosson is a retired actress. She is famous for her work in Hill Street Blues.

Not much about their relationship is known but we can say they dated for a couple of years before deciding to settle down. However, things didn’t turn out to be as what the couple had expected and sadly they went their own ways some times later.

Their divorce was finalized in the year 2013. From their marital relationship, they don’t share any children.