Bella Noche Ruffalo – Know Who is Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk’s Teen Daughter

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Bella Noche Ruffalo – Know Who is Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk’s Teen Daughter
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Bella Noche Ruffalo is the daughter of the Avengers actor, Mark Ruffalo, and his wife, Sunrise Coigney. She is the couple’s first daughter among their three children. Mark and Coigney’s daughter, Bella is now a teenager and it was only a matter of time before people started noticing her.

Although Ruffalo’s children have never made a big deal out of their privacy, they’ve also managed to quietly keep much of their personal lives to themselves. Bella along with the rest of her family shows up for red carpets and big events together, yet neither she nor her siblings are sharing their personal lives on social media.

Details with respect to her life remain scarce. However, down here lie some key moments from her world though few that might be worth taking a look at. The post entails her lineage, relationship with her actor-parents, her siblings, her usual pursuits, and more.

Bella Noche Ruffalo Is French Italian 

Bella was born on April 12, 2005 (age 18 years). She is of Italian (from Girifalco) and French-Canadian descent.

Her paternal grandmother, Marie Rose (née Hébert), is a hairdresser and stylist. Noche’s grandfather (Mark’s father), Frank Lawrence Ruffalo Jr., worked as a construction painter. Her maternal grandfather is French and was from the bourgeois community.

Her Mother, Sunrise Coigney 

Bella’s mother, Sunrise Coigney is a former actress and now a retailer; boutique, and artifacts. As an actress, she has appeared in films like In the Cut (2003), Campfire Stories (2001), and 100 Centre Street (2001).

Bella Noche Ruffalo's mother, Sunrise Coigney is known for films like In The Cut.
Bella Noche Ruffalo’s mother, Sunrise Coigney is a former actress and now a businesswoman who owns an e-store for artifacts relating to home decor. Source: Getty

Mark’s wife, Sunrise quit acting once she became pregnant with her first child, Keen; Bella’s older brother. Sunrise is now an online boutique store owner and also has an e-store for artifacts and antiques for home decorating.

Noche’s parents, Mark and Sunrise met in the late ’90s and married in June 2000. The couple is heading into their  22nd anniversary.

Bella Noche Ruffalo Siblings 

As mentioned, Bella has an older brother, Keen. He was born in June 2001. After her birth, Noche’s parents welcomed her sister, Odette in 2007.

Bella Noche Ruffalo has two siblings, Keen and Odette.
from left, Mark Ruffalo, Odette, Bella Noche, Keen, and Sunrise Coigney. Source: Getty

See What Her Mother Said On Her 16th Birthday 

In April 2021, on her 16th birthday, Sunrise Coigney wrote a heartfelt tribute to her daughter, Bella on her Instagram. The post contained three pictures of Bella wearing a colorful jacket, orange hat, and sunglasses. The first daughter of the Ruffalo couple is standing beside her bike in front of a grassy landscape.

Bella Noche Ruffalo celebrated her 16th birthday in April 2021.
Mark Ruffalo’s wife, Sunrise Coigney wishing her daughter, Bella Noche Ruffalo on her 16th birthday.

“Perpetually in awe and wonder over you,” penned the doting mother. “You’re a force of nature, my love. Happy birthday Bella Noche. 16 today  .”

Mark Ruffalo Wished Her In His Own Way

On the other hand, her father Mark, posted a rare photo to Instagram of then-16-year-old Bella and commented on his daughter’s maturity.

In the picture, Bella sits in the car’s passenger seat while looking into the distance. Her curly hair is under a striped gray beanie, which she wore with a navy sweatshirt and star-printed face mask.

Ruffalo captioned the post writing, “My daughter, Bella, so big and beautiful and coming into her own.”

Another Hollywood star, Amy Schumer also hopped into the comment saying, “I remember meeting her and thinking f— yes this is a cool original person.”

Raising Bella Noche Ruffalo And Her Siblings Hadn’t Been Easy, Says Her Actor Father

In November 2019, while talking with PEOPLE, Mark admitted that balancing his career with life as a father of three isn’t always easy.

The Avengers star admitted “It’s intense,” mentioning the times when his wife was gone and he had to take care of everything. Ruffalo said the laundry alone is enough to destroy him.

People Have Raised Questions About Bella Noche Ruffalo Gender Identity 

In April 2015, Mark Ruffalo made it into the coolest dad club. The actor, the writer, and director, and his then 10-year-old daughter, wore matching J. Crew tuxedos. Both the father-daughter duo sported black suits, black ties, white shirts, and some sport shoes. Ruffalo and Coigney’s middle child, Bella Noche wore her hair shoulder length with bangs, curly and free-flowing.

Mark and his wife, Sunrise is okay with their daughter wanting to dress like boys.
Mark and his daughter, Bella wore matching suits during the 2015 MTV movie awards. MTV Red Carpets

Some praised the Ruffalo couple for doing a fantastic job teaching their young daughter what is truly important: being herself and being comfortable in her own skin. On the other hand, many celebrity stylists and conventional parents have critiqued the Hollywood pair. Much like Brangelina’s daughter, Shiloh, Noche has also been on the receiving end of harsh criticism for her style by the media.

Mark and Sunrise are seemingly handling the gender exploration of their children well. Bella has had a tomboyish style since her adolescence. The Wisconsin-born actor’s daughter has always been pictured wearing masculine clothes like shorts, t-shirts, ties, etc.

It, however, is not clear if it is just what she likes or has she been really exploring her identity since the age of three.

Mark and his wife of 21 years have shown their support to the LGBT community in the past supporting equal rights to marry regardless of gender.

They have also been fairly open over the years about their eldest daughter’s interest in all things considered masculine and fully support their kid’s decision to self-identify. Be it her affinity for suits and ties to shorter hair.

Her Instagram Also Says She Loves To Dress Like A Boy

Ruffalo’s daughter, Bella might be a newbie to Insta yet the teenager has some rocking moblogs; with all her selfies featuring the signature beanie. Although only a few or two posts, one can still notice Keen’s sister loves to appear as a drag king. The shaggy pants add further to the mystery of whether the teenager is still trying to sort out her gender identity.

Her Father Survived Brain Tumor

In May of 2001 Bella’s father, Mark Ruffalo had a vivid dream that he had a brain tumor. The Golden Globe winner then had an MRI. Shockingly the test results proved he had a golf ball size mass behind his left ear. Fortunately, the tumor was benign but the actor says the recovery process was most difficult.

The diagnosis even forced Ruffalo to turn down the role of Merrill Hess in Signs (2002). The role later went to Joaquin Phoenix. At the time of diagnosis, Ruffalo and his wife were also expecting Bella’s brother, Keen.

Ruffalo underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The 13 Going On 30 star, however, battled paralysis of his facial nerves for ten months. Mark even shut himself off from Hollywood for a while.

His recovery was slow, and the steroids made problems worse.  He eventually regained most of the movement on the left side of his face.

How Rich Is Bella Noche Ruffalo’s Father? 

Ever since Bella’s father stepped into the MCU, he has been constantly ranked among the big earners in Hollywood if not the highest.

The father of three reportedly received between $2 and $3 million for portraying The Hulk in 2012’s The Avengers. And the figure has been on the rise ever since. In 2018’s Infinity War, the Kenosha-native allegedly raked in over $5 million for his brief appearance as Dr. Bruce Banner.

Mark Ruffalo supports his daughter wearing boys clothes.
Bella Noche Ruffalo loves to wear beanies and shaggy hoodies.

Although his salary from Endgame is yet to be revealed, unofficial words from insiders claim Coigney’s husband cashed in anywhere from $10 to $20 million from the historic box office movie. This is considering the fact that his co-stars, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downy Jr, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, and Paul Rudd all made over $40 million having appeared in Avengers 4.

What’s more, since Mark is still in the Marvel universe, insiders suggest there’s a lot to pull in for the actor from many more upcoming billion-dollar superhero movies.

Other Facts

  • Bella appeared alongside her siblings in Thor: Ragnarok. The three came-od as Sakaaran citizens.
  • The police found her uncle Scott Ruffalo’s body on December 1, 2008, outside his home on North Palm Drive in Beverly Hills. They discovered him with an execution-style bullet wound to the head. Scott died the next week he was taken to the hospital. The police still haven’t solved the case.


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