Ben Azelart Age, Career, & Relationships: All The Details About His Life

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Ben Azelart Age, Career, & Relationships: All The Details About His Life
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It hasn’t been long since Ben Azelart started posting YouTube videos, but he really made a big name in a small time. Besides, his eagle-eyed fans are more than keen to know about his personal life.

For some time he has been linked with Lexi Rivera but both of the claims they are single. What’s up with that?

Today let’s talk about Ben’s life including his parents, sibling, and more!

Who is Ben Azelart?

Born on January 10th, 2002, in Texas, Ben is an American YouTuber. As of June 2020, his eponymous YT channel is about to reach 4 million subscribers.

Initially, he started making videos just for fun in 2016 and used to share adventurous/daring videos. It was when his skateboarding video went viral when Ben decided to take YouTube more seriously.

Since his career shot up, Ben is a namesake in the community, known for his fun and unique videos.

Where does Ben live?

Since his career exploded, he moved to California and primarily lives there. Nonetheless, he often goes to Hawaii to spend time with his parents. In addition, his brother too lives in Cali.

How tall is Ben Azelart?

He stands at a height of 6ft 1in/ 1.85m. Ben has often mentioned his height has been a subject of curiosity for many. Many tabloids have stated his height a bit smaller than what he really is.

How old is Ben?

Currently, he is 18 years of age.

His Ethnicity

Ben is 50 percent French, 25 percent Irish, and has some German ethnicity.

About the Azelart Family: Ben’s Mom and Dad

He is the second son of Jill Azelart and Lionel Azelart. His family is originally from Texas but because of his father’s job, they moved to Hawaii. Ben was 3 at the time.


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Speaking of which, his father is a Fleet Captain at Hawaii Airlines Inc. The Azelart family currently resides at Paopua Loop, Kailua, Hawaii.

Does Ben have a sibling?

Yes, Ben has one sibling. Before he came knocking into this world, his parents gave birth to their elder son, Julien Azelart. He was born on July 2nd, 2000, two years older than Ben.

Besides, Julien is also a celebrity on his own. He is quite passionate about photography and videography.

If you’ve been following Ben for some time then his earlier videos were mostly edited with the help of Julien. What’s more, Ben even mentioned his interest in photography and videography were inspired by his older bro.

Had a Cameo in No Good Nick: His Other Works

Many of you are still confused about whether the handsome hunk appeared in the Netflix series, No Good Nick. Well, let us tell you that he indeed appeared in the second season of the series.

He made a small appearance in the sixth episode titled, The Mystery Shopper. For the sake of more clarity, in the episode, he comes right around 14:24 mark.

Ben Azelart in No Good Nick
Ben had a cameo in No Good Nick. Source:

Ben played Will, a water polo team member and friend of Celeste (Elizabeth Donzis).

Aside from this series, he also cameoed in the 2018 web series, BroBot alongside Lexi and Brent Rivera.

Meanwhile, Ben has also mentioned becoming an actor and model later in his career. He even wants to develop his own show where there are dares and risks to take. Kind of like Fear Factor.

What is Ben Azelart Net Worth?

His net worth is $400,000. Moreover, Ben also has a merch store meaning his total wealth is sure to increase in the future.

Ben Azelart Girlfriend: Is he dating Lexi Rivera?

As of 2020, Ben is not in a confirmed relationship with anyone, nevertheless, fans have been constantly shipping him with fellow YouTuber Lexi Rivera.

Rumors of their romance are going about for a long time. After Ben moved to California, he frequently collaborated with Brent and his sister, Lexi.

In many of their videos, he often mentions her as ‘girlfriend’ or ‘crush’ and the same goes for Lexi.

Moreover, this year, the duo even added a snap on Valentine’s Day, further solidifying their dating rumors. Despite all the signs, they are yet to officially come forwards as a couple.

A post by Lexi Rivera with Ben Azelart on Valentines Day
A post by Lexi Rivera with Ben Azelart on Valentine’s Day. Source: Lexi Rivera Instagram

We’ve already talked about Lexi claiming she is single in a recent video, and similarly, back in 2018, Ben also said he is single. Although he did mention having a crush on someone.

Guess, we’ll have to wait a little bit more!

Ben Once Linked with actress Brighton Sharbino

He was once rumored to have hooked up with The Walking Dead actress, Brighton Sharbino. Rumors of their affair came to be when she added a prom date picture with Azelart in 2018.

Brighton Sharbino and her rumored boyfriend
Brighton and her rumored boyfriend.
Source: Tube Follow

Both the party never confirmed nor denied the rumor.

Interesting facts about Ben Azelart:

  • His biggest fear is drowning.
  • Loves hanging out in Hawaii because of its simplicity.
  • Started skateboarding at the age of 9.
  • He loves pizza.
  • Had his first kiss at 14.
  • Once saved a girl from an accident.
  • Graduated from Kailua Intermediate School.


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