Bray Wyatt’s Ex-Wife Samantha Rotunda: Everything About Her

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Samantha Rotunda is the former wife of the WWE star, Bray Wyatt. The two were together for five years and were parents to two daughters.

Very little is known about Samantha, as Bray Wyatt generally has kept his off-the-ring life private. In fact, the Fiend even hardly appears for out-of-character interviews. Nonetheless, in the late 2010s, Rotunda was in the headlines for her former husband’s scandalous love life.

Out there still lies some points about her that more or so define why she became a point of interest and how she came to be Ms. Wyatt and then again turned into a noncelebrity. Read all these in the article below.

Is Samantha Rotunda Black? 

Rotunda, originally, Samantha C. Krieger was born in 1986, to Curt and Patricia Krieger. She grew up in West Texas.

Both of her parents served simultaneously in the United States Coast Guard and Samantha says, to this day, they still serve the United States Government and fellow Veterans in different ways.

Samantha Rotunda grew up in West Texas currently lives in Florida.
Both of Samantha Rotunda’s parents were in the US Coast Guard.

When revealing the pictures of her parents in November 2019, it was also clear that her father was white while her mother’s ancestry remained vague. In any case, none of her biological parents seemingly had black ethnicity. The ex-Ms. Rotunda, wherefore, could be of any descent in addition to half white but an African heritage.

The former Ms. Wyatt currently resides in Florida. She is a realtor at Futrell Realty Inc.

Full NameSamantha C. Krieger
Birth Date1986

Samantha Rotunda And Bray Wyatt Were Together At College 

Rotunda met her future husband Bray in college. They encountered each other when both of them were students at Troy University in Alabama. Wyatt was there on a football scholarship. He, in fact, played collegiate football for two years but left before obtaining his degree in order to pursue a career as a professional wrestler.

Samantha Rotunda and her ex-spouse were married from 2012 to 2017.
Samantha Rotunda and her former husband Bray Wyatt had been together since college and were parents to two daughters. Source: Instagram

Rotunda, on the other hand, stayed to earn her degree. Her then-boyfriend, the Brooksville native signed with WWE in 2009.

Two years later, in 2011, Rotunda and Wyatt welcomed their daughter Kendyl. The following year, in 2012, they tied the knot, and in 2013, they welcomed daughter their second Cadyn.

Why They Broke Up? 

Five years into their marriage, in March 2017, Bray Wyatt’s then-wife, Rotunda filed for divorce after claiming the six-foot-three inches tall wrestler cheated on her with his fellow WWE female employee.

Daily Mail reported Samantha filed for legal separation in Florida and claimed Wyatt had an affair with WWE announcer JoJo Offerman.

Bray Allegedly Abandoned Samantha Rotunda And His Daughters 

Rotunda explained the former Husky Harris of NXT committed “adultery and misdeeds.” It was also reported that Wyatt reportedly walked out on her and their children the same month.

Daily Mail reported, in her divorce filing, Samantha asked for child support, as well as custody of the girls for a majority of the time.

In the divorce filing, Rotunda also asked for their family home on Florida’s west coast.

At the time, Samantha Rotunda’s lawyer told how she was hoping her divorce from the head of the Wyatt family would come to a quick end so that Kendyl and Cadyn can get on with their lives.

Samantha Said Wyatt Missed Out On Spousal Support 

The Florida Tag Team Championship winner and his realtor-ex-wife reportedly started living separately in early 2017.

And by February 2018, Samantha publicly denounced Wyatt for not paying the support money and instead spent on strippers and expensive gifts for Jojo Offerman.

She accused him of squandering $11,000 on strippers and diamonds for his mistress during a 10-day spending binge.

Mike Rotunda’s son, purportedly, also spent some money at Tootsie’s, by some, the ‘number one strip club in Miami.’

Did Wyatt Really Cheat On Her With JoJo Offerman? 

As for the cheating thing, little emerged out about the alleged affair between Wyatt and Offerman. After some time, however, on Twitter, a picture pooped up that showed the WWE villain and JoJo arriving together to an arena for a WWE show.

Bray Wyatt allegedly cheated on his ex-wife with JoJo Offerman.
When Samantha was married to Bray Wyatt, the WWE star allegedly cheated on her with the WWE ring announcer, JoJo Offerman.

Offerman is the daughter of former Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Jose Offerman.

Wyatt, allegedly, gave JoJo Offerman diamonds and swimsuits but overlooked spousal and child support – claimed his estranged wife.

Wyatt Denied The Accusation 

Bray Wyatt, on the other hand, said she was trying to defame him. He, henceforth, asked the court for an injunction to keep Samantha quiet.

As per some insiders, Samantha originally wasn’t planning on mentioning adultery in the divorce filing. She, however, changed her mind when Bray Wyatt started accusing her of lying.

How Much Did Samantha Rotunda Receive In Divorce Settlement? 

For some time after the split, the three-time WWE champion paid $6,000 per month but later the sum tripled. During the initial hearings, Samantha demanded $15,000 per month in spousal and child support.

The court ordered Wyatt to give her $14,735 per month as well as a one-off payment of $50,000 to cover legal expenses. Wyatt, however, objected and refused to pay up beyond the $6,000 per month he had originally agreed on.

However, after some time, the Florida-born athlete, alas, agreed to pay his estranged wife $14,765 per month in maintenance and child support.

As for the present, in light of both Wyatt and Rotunda’s Instagram posts, they seem to have reached an agreement to co-parent their daughters.

Bray Wyatt After The Divorce

In Feb 2018, DailyMail revealed Wyatt had started spending much of his time with Offerman at her apartment near Miami. This was after he finally admitted his relationship with her.

Bray Wyatt welcomed his fourth child, a daughter (from his relationship with JoJo Offerman) in May 2020. They named her Hyrie Von daughter.

He had his third child a son, Knash in May 2019 with Offerman. Wyatt named his WWE colleague Braun Strowman as Knash’s godfather.

Samantha Rotunda Moved On With A New Partner Post Her Separation With Wyatt 

After the separation from the former collegiate footballer, Rotunda, and her two daughters remained in the family home on Florida’s west coast.

Bray Wyatt's former wife is married to a aman named Dan Pixley.
Samantha Rotunda is currently married to Dan Pixley (right). Source: Instagram

And sometime after her marriage officially came to an end with Bray Wyatt’s affair, Samantha Rotunda also moved on. The daughter of the former coast guards started dating a man named Dan Pixley, a landscape laborer, according to his Instagram.

Pixley and Rotunda supposedly started dating in Oct 2018 and got married in March 2021.

On Father’s Day 2019, she seemingly buried the hatchet with her ex-partner when, on Instagram, she wished both him and her current husband a happy Father’s Day.

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Profile Summary

EducationTroy University
FatherCurt Krieger
MotherPatricia Krieger
Height5 ft 2 in / 157 cm / 1.57 m
ProfessionReal Estate Agent
HusbandBray Wyatt (Former), Dan Pixley (Present)
Net Worth$500k



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