Chasen Joseph Schneider, Meet John Schneider’s Adopted Actor Son

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Chasen Joseph Schneider is an American actor famous for his role in The Secret Life of The American Teenager (2008-2011), Anderson Bench (2016), and Hate Crime (2017). Besides this, Chasen is famous for being the son of an American actor and country music singer John Schneider. He is renowned for his role as Beauregard “Bo” Duke in the series The Dukes of Hazzard.

The celebrity son is walking in his father’s footsteps and is on his way to achieving greatness professionally. However, many of you may not be acquainted with his personal life. How was his past life? Who is his mother and does Schieder have any siblings?

Hence, let’s go through this article to learn about Chasen Joseph Schneider including his education, career net worth, and more!

Chasen Joseph Schneider Is Los Angeles Native; His Early Life, Age, And Wiki

Born December 31, 1991, in Los Angeles California, Chasen is 31 years old as of 2023. He is the son of Elly Castle and John Schneider. Joseph’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Chasen lived in San Antonio with his family for about three years before moving to Los Angeles and settling in Agoura Hills. He was very fond of acting and participated in school theater honing his skills to become an actor from a very young age.

Regarding his ethnicity, the celebrity son is Caucasian and American by nationality.

What Are His Height And Weight?

The uprising actor Chasen stands at around approx 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighs around 75 kg 165lbs.

He Is A London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Graduate

Joseph studied at Agoura Hills High and attended The Columbia Gorge School of Theater in Washington state. He had a keen interest in acting most probably because his father is a famous actor himself. So, to follow his dreams, Chasen attended The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in acting and theater arts.

He Has Three Siblings

Chasen has two biological elder sisters named Mandy Castle and Leah Michelle Castle. Leah is a camerawoman, director, and, executive producer known for her work in Project Runway (2005-2013), Project Runway All Stars (2013-2014), and Jobyna (2010). Both of them were born to Elly from her past relationship.

Chasen Joseph Schneider with his family.
Chasen is John Schneider’s adopted son.

Similarly, he has a younger half-sister Karis Schneider born in 1996. She is an actress famous for her performance in Collier & Co (2006) where she played the role e of Danielle

Is Chasen Schneider The Biological Son of John Schneider?

The now 31-year-old Chasen Joseph Schneider is actually the adopted son of The Haves and the Have Nots actor John Schneider. During an interview, John talked about his then-wife Elly and their children. While on the subject matter, he said that they have four children altogether and he is the father to all of them.

However, he also mentioned that he is the biological father of Karis and that Elly had two other kids including Chasen before they met from her past relationship.

Who Is Joseph Schneider’s Mother?

Chasen’s mother is Elly Castle. She was born Elvira Castle on 15th September 1959. Castle is an American actress who gained fame after marrying John Schneider. Her work involves portraying Becky Collier in the 2006 comedy movie Collier & Co alongside her ex-hubby.

Chasen was Diagnosed With Asperger’s Syndrome In His Childhood

Chasen was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when he was young. It is a type of autism spectrum. It is a form of developmental disorder that affects the brain making it difficult for the person to relate to others socially and making their thinking pattern rigid and repetitive.

Similarly, while talking about his son’s unique disorder the actor said he has Asperger’s and according to him, other geniuses most probably had the same syndrome including Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson. He also talked about Chasen’s unique ability to remember everything regarding baseball including player names, dates, statistics, and many more.

Chasen Joseph Schneider Is An Uprising Actor: A Short Introduction About His Career

John Schneider’s son Chasen appeared for the first time in the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2011), where he portrayed Joe Hampton. Later down in the line, Chasen worked as a file clerk for Photofest for about eight months. During that time, he was tasked with integrating new music photos into existing folders and organizing several folders into their specific drawers.

Chasen Joseph Schneider is an actor.
Chasen In The Secret Life of the American Teenager playing as Joe Hampton

Likewise, in 2016, he appeared in Anderson Bench and in the same year, he had a role in Manhattan Islands, a short romantic video portraying Hugh. Similarly, in 2017, Chasen featured as Kevin in Hate Crime alongside his father John. His latest work includes the 2022 comedy Tres Leches where he appears as himself.

Chasen Joseph Schneider’s Parents Are No Longer Together

John Schneider and Elly Castle walked down the aisle on July 11, 1993. They had a private wedding surrounded by close friends and family members. The couple was having a blast in their relationship. However, after 21 years into their marriage, the I’ve Been Around Enough to Know singer filed for divorce on December 12, 2014, which was finalized in 2019.

Chasen Joseph Schneider parents are no longer together
The couple was married for

Regarding their first meeting, the duo met sometime in 1992. At the time, Chasen’s mother had recently lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. It was more or less love at first sight as they started dating not long after. Similarly, their love and understanding grew even further and they decided to take their ongoing relationship to a whole another level marrying in 1993.

His dad John was also married to former TV personality Little Tawny. They were married from 1983 to 1986.

Chasen’s Dad Broke Down After Talking About The Relationship With His Kids

When the Dukes of Hazzard alum was interviewed in Dancing with the Stars, he talked about how he was going through a divorce for four years and it had taken a toll on the relationship he had with his three adult children. He hopes they would one day call him or attend one of his shows. John further explained,

 “I’ve been going through a divorce now for four years and it’s awful. The worst part about it is that it’s wedged itself in between my three adult children and myself. Nothing I can do except hope one day one of my kids will call me up or show up. I look in the crowd every Monday thinking maybe tonight, maybe tonight.”

He also claims that if it weren’t for the music and the show Dancing with the Stars, he wouldn’t have survived. Well, it was back in 2018 and it’s been four years since the interview. So, we hope that Chasen along with his sisters has resolved all of the differences with their dad.

Did Chasen Joseph’s Parents Marry After Their Divorce?

Chasen’s parents were together for 21 years before their marriage ended in divorce in 2014. After their separation, Chasen’s mother has remained away from the limelight and it is unclear as to if the ex-celebrity spouse is married or single as of 2023.

Chasen Joseph Schneider's is marriage.
The actor is married to his girlfriend Alicia Allain

On the other hand, Chasen’s dad is married to Alicia Allain since July 2, 2019. Alica and Schneider’s relationship started in April 2015. Allain is his producing partner, personal and professional manager, and the owner of Maven Entertainment.

Is Chasen Joseph Schneider Married/Dating Anyone?

The 31-year-old Chasen is quite open when talking about his professional life but the same can’t be said about his personal life. He hasn’t left a hint of information for us to believe that he is in any relationship.

However, by looking at his age, we can assume that Schneider is most probably married or is dating someone at the moment. But, these are all speculations at the end of the day. So, we can’t be sure until and unless he himself or someone close to him reveals the mystery surrounding his love life.

Chasen Joseph Schneider’s Net Worth

The celebrity son Joseph Schneider is an actor by profession, so, it is without a doubt that he has earned a huge sum of money from his career. Many sources have estimated his net worth to be somewhere between $500,000 to $1 million.

On the other hand, his father John Schneider is an actor, singer, director, and producer. He has a total net worth of $200 million.


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