Dana Lee Connors, Mike Connors daughter; Where is she now?

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Dana Lee Connors, Mike Connors daughter; Where is she now?
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Dana Lee Connors came to the limelight as the daughter of the late American actor Mike Connors. Her father is mostly famous for starring in the movies like Mannix, Tightrope!, Today’s FBI, Good Neighbor Sam, Sudden Fear, and many more. Mike has also won one and was nominated six times for the Golden Globe Award.

Besides, talking about Dana’s personal life, she is the mother to one child and is leading a very blissful marital relationship. So, who is her husband? Similarly, who is her child? Well, was the child born in her current relationship?

This write-up is all about unraveling the untold and interesting facts about Mike’s only daughter Dana. It also includes her age, career, net worth, and many more.

When Was Dana Lee Connors Born? Details On Her Age, & Early Life

Dana Lee Connors was born in July 1960, in the USA. As of 2023, Dana is 62 years old. She is the daughter of the late Marylou Connors (mother) and Mike Conners (father). However, there isn’t any information available, when it comes to talking about her early life.

We do know that Mike’s daughter is a very educated individual. She has enrolled at the University of Oregon. Besides, Dana is American by nationality and belongs to Armenian ancestry from her father’s side.

Dana Lee Connors with her both mom Mary and dad Mike
Dana with her parents.

The ethnicity we talked about above comes from her paternal grandparents. She is the grandchild of the Armenian couple Krekor and Alice Ohanian.

Dana Lee Connors Had One Elder Brother

Dana isn’t the single child of Mike and his wife Mary. In fact, Dana was blessed with one elder brother Matthew Gunner Ohanian. Her brother was born in 1958. However, at just 15 years old, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Sadly, in 2007, the Connors family had to face a joyless moment. Matthew died of heart failure, predeceasing his father. The sudden death remained like a stain on Dana’s father Mike’s life. Then, the actor even began advocating in charitable organizations like National Alliance on Mental Illness for mental-disorder patients.

In 1998, Mike received the Silver Ribbon Award from the UC Irvine College of Medicine’s Brain Imaging Center Committee for his alms.

What Does Dana Lee Connors Do For A Living?

Dana is a very private person like her mother Mary. She is yet to get involved in the media world. Hence, her profession also remains something to wonder about.

On the other hand, her father Mike served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, before becoming an actor. Later, Dana’s dad attended the University of California, Los Angeles. There Mike studied law to become an attorney like his father. However, as we all know, Mike is now recognized as an actor. Well, he switched his profession to theatre arts.

Moreover, his decision to become a part of the film industry led him to face lots of problems. At one time, Mike’s friends stopped believing in him, and even his own mother disowned him. Starting his career as an actor in the early 1950s, he landed his first role alongside Jack Palance and Joan Crawford in the thriller film Sudden Fear.

Dana Lee Connors parents at the Canyon Hotel Covention Center
Dana’s father Mike Connors and his wife Mary Lou at the Canyon Hotel Convention Center in Palm Springs, California

But, did you know, at first Mike was rejected to become an actor by the producer Joseph Kaufman? It was because of his less experience in acting. But, after sneaking into Republic Pictures, he met the director David Miller. David gave him a chance to read the script and then offered him a supporting role in Sudden Fear.

After that, Mike starred in several TV shows including Frontier, Island in the Sky, Swamp Women, The Day the World Ended, The Oklahoma Woman, and others. Then, Mike came to the limelight after starring as the private investigator Joe Mannix in the American detective television series Mannix.

Dana Lee Connors Is A Married Woman: Who Is Her Husband?

Dana was reportedly in a marital relationship with her ex-husband named Jerry Wills. They even share one child Cooper Wills. As of now, Mike’s daughter is married to Mike Condon. The couple is believed to be leading a very blissful marital relationship.

Besides, Condon has also said his father-in-law was a very nice person. As per Deadline, Dana’s husband told,

“He was a wonderful father, a wonderful husband, a wonderful father-in-law and a wonderful friend. He was always there for anyone in need.”

However, there aren’t any news updates on whether Dana and her husband Condon have welcomed any kids together or not.

Dana Lee Connors’ Parents Were In A Marital Relationship For Almost Seven Decades

Dana’s parents walked down the aisle on September 10, 1949. They were college lovebirds and first met at UCLA. As mentioned above, Mike at that time was a law student whereas his wife was an education student. After knowing each other for some time Connors’ mom and dad began dating.

After staying in a relationship for a short time, the Mannix star wanted to get married to his late wife Mary. Dana’s mother, however, kept denying the marriage proposal as she wasn’t ready. As per CloserWeekly, Mike said,

 “I told her along the way that I was very much in love with her, and wanted to get married. But she kept stalling, saying she didn’t think she was ready.”

When Mike approached his wife with the marriage proposal, Mary dropped her college journey and was living in Laguna Beach. The actor used to install sprinkler systems and sell brushes and vacuum cleaners door to door just to be close to his wife. As Mary didn’t want to walk down the aisle, Mike said to her either to get married or call it off.

Dana Lee Connors' parents were married for 67 years
Mike Connors and his long-time late wife at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, on November 16, 2000.

Then, the actor started going to college as usual. Sometime later, Mary accepted her future husband’s marriage proposal. Well, the couple was in a marital relationship for almost seventy years. Not only that but, they stayed together until one’s death.

Where Is Dana Lee Connors As Of 2023?

Dana’s current residency is still under the media radar. Well, we do know that Mike’s daughter is still in California. But, the exact location is still unconfirmed. Besides, until now she has lived in cities including Santa Clarita, Encino, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Lake Arrowhead, Fairfield, Van Nuys, Thousand Oaks, and Palos Verdes Peninsula.

However, her profession and whereabouts are still something that has remained a mystery.

Net Worth: How Much Is Dana Lee Connors’ Fortune?

Dana’s profession is not revealed, which leads to her net worth becoming unknown. On the other hand, her late-father Mike Connors had a net worth of $6 million at the time of his death. Her dad use to earn money from the film industry as an actor.

Is Dana Lee Connors Active On Social Media Handles?

Dana Lee Connors isn’t active on any social media handles. As secretive individuals, it is hard to find if they have any social media accounts. In addition to this, none of Dana’s family members are available on any social media platforms.

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