Does Malika Andrews Have A Boyfriend? Her Dating History

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Does Malika Andrews Have A Boyfriend? Her Dating History
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Already been awarded the Sports Emmy, Malika Andrews has achieved a lot in her journalism career at such a young age. To date, the 27-year-old ESPN reporter has made history by being the first woman to host the NBA draft and the youngest sideline reporter to debut for a broadcast during the 2020 NBA Bubble. But what about Malika Andrews’ boyfriends and her romantic relationships?

Having such an accomplished career in the sports industry, Malika has received a wide range of attention from sports enthusiasts all around the world. And for the same reason, the questions about her romantic and marital relationship are pretty obvious.

Well, does she have a boyfriend? Further, get to know about her dating history in the below piece of article.

Does Malika Andrews Have A Boyfriend? If Yes, Who Is He? 

As far as the media is informed, the NBA reporter Malika Andrews does have a boyfriend. However, to date, Malika has hardly talked about her personal life. However, in the podcast Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy, she didn’t hesitate to give a clue about having a boyfriend.

In the podcast, while talking about the Ney York City with the program presenter, she revealed that when the COVID pandemic started, she was living in New York with her boyfriend. She also said that she studied the question that was prepared to ask the NBA finals winner alongside her lover.

Even after mentioning her having a partner, the ESPN reporter didn’t disclose her boyfriend’s name or his further details. Instead, the conversation in the podcast explored more Malika’s professional life than her personal one.

But yes, people do have assumptions about her secret affair. Besides, here is a list of her rumored boyfriend and dating history.

Malika Rumored Boyfriend Dave McMenamin: Are They Dating?

In the year 2022, Twitter overflowed with surprise and curiosity when Malika appeared alongside her NBA colleague Dave McMenamin. Speculations were made of them dating each other and the news escalated when her pictures of wearing a ring on her wedding finger swirled in the online portal.

Malika Andrews was rumored to be in a relationship with Dave Mcmenamin
Malika Andrews and Dave Mcmenamin

Sharing Andrews and McMenamin’s pictures in one frame, Tweep tweets on their presumed relationship. One of the Tweeps King Vicious tweeted,

The Hypocrisy Is Real  ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews have a consensual relationship. Why Haven’t @espn suspended either 1 of them or put their business out to the public like they did coach #ImeUdoka is it because he’s a Mr. Clean?  #StephenASmith #MalikaAndrews

Likewise, other Tweeps’ tweets like,

nah someone tell me this aint real

Idk what’s more shocking… the fact that Chris Haynes has an evil twin sayin wild shit or Dave McMenimen havin Malika Andrews.

and many others.

But, to date, neither Malika nor Dave has addressed the rumor about their relationship. In this case, we are not sure whether McMenamin is Andrews’ secret boyfriend or not.

Indeed the rumored couple was photographed together when they attended Netflix’s premiere of Colin In Black And White in 2021.

Malika’s Other Rumored Relationship

Alongside McMenamin, Malika’s name was also linked with another sports professional. She was rumored to be in a relationship with ESPN’s sports analyst Richard Jefferson. Richard is also a former American professional basketball player who took retirement as a player in 2018.

Malika Andrews' name was once linked with Richard Jefferson
Malika Andrews and Richard Jefferson. Source: Her Instagram

But, this matter also faded away without confirmation from the individuals. As far as our research is concerned, the two are no more than a co-worker.

Her Dating History

Apart from her rumored relationship, no details on her dating history have been updated in the media. As of now, Malika, who has a net worth of $800,000, has never divulged her past relationship details.

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