Everything You Need to Know about Aaron Paul’s Daughter Story Anabelle Paul

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Everything You Need to Know about Aaron Paul’s Daughter Story Anabelle Paul

Story Annabelle Paul is the celebrity daughter of the Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman. Annabelle is the first child of Paul and his wife of eight years, Lauren Parsekian. She was born in the late 2010s.

Story may not be of an age where she starts to get the following of her own. She nevertheless raises substantial curiosities whenever her famous parents are in the picture.

Although people get to see her every now and again, Aaron and his wife have hardly let out anything in detail about their little girl. So know how much she means to her star father and her mother. What was going on in Paul and Parsekian’s life when they decide to have her, and what were the days like when they were about to welcome Story Annabelle Paul.

Story Annabelle Paul’s Ancestry 

Paul and Lauren’s daughter was born in Feb 2018. Her paternal grandmother was Darla (née Haynes) and her grandfather was a Baptist minister Robert Sturtevant.

Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren Parsekian welcomed their first child, a daughter, Story Anabelle Paul in Feb 2018.
Aaron Paul’s wife, Lauren Parsekian with her daughter, Story Anabelle Paul right after her birth.

From her father’s side, Story’s patrilineal line traces back to Samuel Sturtevant, who was born c. 1618, in Rochester, Kent, England. Her paternal great grandfather is Leon Robert “Bob” Sturtevant (the son of The Rev. Leon Robert Sturtevant and Ethel Meta Walker). Likewise, Annabelle’s great-great-grandfather The Rev. Leon was a Protestant minister.

Story is part English, Scottish, and German.

Her Siblings

Looking back at Story’s father’s interviews, it becomes quite clear that she is destined to have siblings or two in the near future or in fact in any of the upcoming years.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, during the then-impending release of his Netflix film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the hosts asked the Idaho-born celebrity if he and wife Lauren were done after having a daughter. To this Paul exclaimed, “God, no!”

“You talk to my wife about that,” the three-time Emmy winner added and said he and his wife were hoping to add to their family. “I’m down to just keep ongoing,” said the father of Story.

The Emmett native explained his life began once he had a baby girl and watching his wife take on a role of a mother was “such a joy” for him.

When Is Story Annabelle Paul Able To Watch Breaking Bad?

While talking with ET, Paul also said he’d begin talking to Story about Breaking Bad “whenever she shows interest.” The actor from the west, however, added he doesn’t think it’s something that he should start playing her on her sixth birthday. The actor made it clear that he will be introducing his daughter to his career-defining gig once she is 12, 13.

She Means Quite A Lot To Her Actor Father, Aaron Paul 

During the premiere of his movie El Camino, Paul reported on the red carpet about his baby girl and how much fatherhood had changed him since Story came into his life.

Aaron Paul says being the father of his daughter is the greatest gift he could ever have.
Aaron Paul with his daughter, Story Anabelle Paul, and his wife, Lauren Parsekian. Source: Shutterstock

The father of one said, “It is wild.” Aaron established becoming a father is the greatest gift that anyone could ever have. The actor said although he had that kind of assumption beforehand, he maintained no one truly knows until it happens. To him, Paul admits it was just the greatest joy.

Paul revealed the sounds his daughter makes when she stretches and yawns are what he lives for.

“Her sneezing and hiccups make me feel warmth like I have never felt,” the now 42-year old actor inscribed on his Instagram in March 2018.

The Excitement Before Story Anabelle Paul’s Birth

Lauren first shared the picture of Story on her Instagram on Feb. 9, 2018. Alongside the imaging, the then-new mother wrote,

“There are no words that will ever be able to explain what just happened to my heart.”

A month before her birth, Aaron had told Jimmy Kimmel he was “over the moon excited” about becoming a dad. To the host, he had said “I love babies. I always have loved babies.”

Aaron Paul first revealed his wife's pregnancy with their daughter Story in September 2019.
Jimmy Kimmel gave Aaron Paul a baby meth suit for his daughter, Story Annabelle Paul. Source: Getty

Later, in honor of the new family member, Kimmel gave Aaron a pink baby meth suit—a mini girly impersonation to his character Jesse Pinkman.

Aaron had first revealed his wife’s pregnancy with Story back in September 2019. The actor, sharing a picture of Parsekian’s baring baby bump on Instagram, wrote,

“Hey everyone. Look what I did. Words can’t express how excited I am that this little one has entered our lives. Just thought it was time I would share this beautiful news with all of you.”

She Was In Comic-Con

In July 2018, just a few months old, Paul’s daughter, Story, made her Comic-Con stage debut. It was during the special Breaking Bad 10-year anniversary panel in San Diego. In the event, Aaron dressed his daughter in Walter White’s signature hazmat suit and a miniature respirator mask.

Aaron Paul brought his daughter, Story in 2018 San Diego Comic Con during the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad.
Aaron Paul presented his daughter, Story at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018. Source: Getty

After the Jesse Pinkman star introduced her to the viewers, the panel erupted in applause for Story. Some claim she is the youngest panelist at the San Diego festival.

Who Is Story Annabelle Paul’s Mother; How Did She Meet Her Father?

Annabelle’s mother, Lauren Parsekian is a Californian-born documentary filmmaker and an activist. She runs a nonprofit charity organization called Kind Campaign. The group helps girls across the country to cope with bully-led trauma.

Parsekian married her daughter, Story’s father in May 2013 in the Cottage Pavilion at Calamitous Ranch in Malibu, California. They had met at Coachella in 2009. Two years later, Paul asked Annabella’s mother to marry him in Paris. They got married in May 2013.

How Story Got Her Name?

Aaron Paul revealed to Jimmy Fallon how he and his wife came with their daughter’s name. The actor said it involved the actor’s very first date with his wife Lauren.

“We had a handful of names,” Paul remembered. The Eye In The Sky actor then added they didn’t want to name her until they met her and when they saw her they decided to go with ‘Story’.”

Story's parents, Aaron and Lauren almost married on their first date.
Aaron Paul says the first date he had with his wife inspired his daughter, Story’s name. Source: BlackGrid

Paul said the name takes inspiration from the event when he almost married his wife on their first date. He explained that when they saw each other for the second time, they were in Vegas and went to dinner and a show. After that, they decided to get married in the chapel. They even went on to buy a baby leather jacket in case they were going to have a child.

They, though, couldn’t marry as the chapel was.

“So we took that as a sign and just waited. So she’s our little story,” concluded Aaron Paul.

How Rich Is Her Father?

Even after several years since the finale of Breaking Bad, Story’s father is still running quite notably in the entertainment industry. Multiple sources agree that Paul got big in terms of career and money while playing the sidekick of a kingpin lord in the hit AMC series.

There’s also a handful of movie gigs to consider when mentioning Aaron’s net worth. While the specific number may be the discussion for another day, his fortune has been estimated at around $20million.

Along with his better half, Paul likewise owns several properties in California and Idaho. He once sold his Hollywood Hills cabin for $2.2 million and furthermore has a lavish house in his home state.

Other Facts About Story Annabelle Paul

Once in a show, Aaron Paul admitted he was afraid that his daughter, Story’s first word would be “bitch.”