Facts About Amandine Malkovich, John Malkovich’s Daughter and Her Life

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Facts About Amandine Malkovich, John Malkovich’s Daughter and Her Life
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Amandine Malkovich is the daughter of one of the veteran actors John Malkovich and his long-time partner Nicoletta Peyran. Over the years, her father has worked in numerous movies, most notably in The Killing Fields, Empire of the Sun, and more. On the other hand, her mother is a former assistant director who is now an academic.

Talking about John Malkovich’s daughter Amandine, the star kid works in a grocery shop. However, Malkovich has kept most part of her life quite grounded. So, let us try to explore something unheard of about her life, including her birth details, upbringing, and more.

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Who is John Malkovich’s daughter Amandine Malkovich?

As we have mentioned above that Amandine is popular as the daughter of one of the greatest actors John Malkovich. Her dad began his acting career in 1976 with a role as a charter member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He landed his first movie role in the 1978 movie A Wedding and made his feature film debut, portraying Mr. Will in Places in the Heart in 1978. His charismatic performance in the film also earned him an Academy Award nomination.

John, 68, was again nominated for the same award for his role in the 1991 comedy-drama Queens Logic. In addition, the actor won a Primetime Emmy Award for his work in the movie Death of a Salesman.

But, talking about his daughter’s profession, it looks like Amandine is interested in a different field. In fact, the star kid is working in a grocery store, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, other details about her career aren’t available.

Her mother is an academic

Amandine Malkovich’s mother Nicoletta Peyran is now an academic. She previously worked as an assistant director. Born in December 1953, Italy, Nicoletta initially also worked in a few on-screen projects like Not For Love. But, Peyran later started working behind the scene.

Did Amandine Malkovich’s Parents Ever Get Married?

Her parents John and Nicoletta first met on the set of The Sheltering Sky in 1989 and began dating in the same year. It’s been over three decades that the duo is together but they didn’t marry yet. In an interview, Amandine’s actor once said that the couple doesn’t need any official papers to prove their long-lasting relationship.

Amandine Malkovich parents
Amandine’s mom and dad.

So, it looks like they are already happy as lovers.

How old is Amandine in 2022? Her Early Details

Amandine Malkovich is 33-year-old as of 2023. She was born in October 1990, in Hammersmith, London, England. A few years after her birth, the star kid moved to France with her family, where her father used to work in theater. The family only left the country after about ten years in 2003.

As for her ethnicity, the star kid is Caucasian and has an American nationality. Besides, her great paternal grandparents were Croatian immigrants from Ozalj.

Her Family Details

Moving further towards her family, Amandine is the granddaughter of Daniel Leon Malkovich and Joe Anne. Her paternal grandpa Daniel was the state conservation director, while her grandmother Joe was the owner of the Benton Evening News daily newspaper. Meanwhile, her maternal grandparents were from France and Italy.

Amandine Has a Brother

Malkovich also has a younger brother named Loewy Malkovich, born on 18th March 1992, in Los Angeles. He attended an International School of Boston and then went to Reed College. He also studied computer programming at Epicodus, graduating in 2020.

Amandine Malkovich family
Amandine’s brother and dad.
Source: Facebook

For his professional life, her brother Loewy is now a software engineer at Chainstarters, in Portland, Oregon. He previously worked as a junior software engineer at Cascadia Carbon Inc.

Amandine Malkovich Dating Life

As we have written earlier that Amandine prefers to stay out of the media. She even didn’t make any public appearances with her family so far. So, we have even yet to find out her official photo to date.

So, at present, it is a little bit hard to confirm if Amandine is in a relationship with someone or not. Most probably, the 31-year-old Malkovich is leading her love life behind the camera.

What is Her Net Worth?

Amandine as a daughter of such a big actor has been living fairly a lavish lifestyle. But, as far as her net worth is concerned, the exact figure is yet to be estimated.

In the meantime, Amandine’s father John has a fortune of $25 million in 2022.

Social Media Activeness

There are no social media accounts be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter that Amandine is officially active in. It seems like the star kid doesn’t like being in public.


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