Facts about Gina Martin Wilson, Carl Wilson’s wife and Dean Martin daughter

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Facts about Gina Martin Wilson, Carl Wilson’s wife and Dean Martin daughter
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Gina Martin Wilson is famously known as the spouse of the late musician, Carl Wilson. Carl co-founded the band, The Beach Boys, serving as their lead guitarist for almost three decades. However, before tying the knot with this man who was the love of her life, Gina was famous for something else.

Can you guess what that is? Well, we can give you a hint; she is the daughter of a famed actor and comedian. So, who might that be? In addition to this, she has a line of celebrities lined up as her family members. Besides her short-lived career as an actress, her family and husband were the only people that prompted Gina’s fame and fortune.

Therefore, this article is all about the life of Gina Martin Wilson. Who is she and what is she up to these days? Let’s find out!

Carl Wilson’s wife Gina Martin Wilson Is The Daughter Of A Famed Personality

Gina Martin was born Gina Caroline Martin on 20th December 1956 in LA, California in a well-renowned family. Her father, the late Dean Martin was a great entertainer of his time, while her mother, Jeanne Biegger, was an actress. Furthermore, she was the youngest among her parents’ three children together.

Gina Martin grew up with 2 older brothers
The Martin Family!

Dean Paul Martin and Ricci Martin were Gina’s older brothers. Dean Paul was born on 17th November 1951, and the actor’s middle child, Ricci was born on 20th September 1953. 66-year-old Martin shared an age difference of 5 and 3 years respectively, with both of her brothers.

Moreover, due to the extremely low-profile life that Martin has lived, we are not certain of any further details of her childhood. But, one thing is for sure – looking at both of her parents’ careers, we believe that Gina had it all from the very beginning.

She Was A Teen When Her Parents Separated; What Was The Reason?

Sadly, her parents separated when young Martin was just 17 years old. This must have affected her to a great extent. So, what was the reason for Dean and Jeanne’s divorce?

Unfortunately, no one really knows what the actual reason for the actors’ separation from each other was. Her parents were married for 24 years from 1949 to 1973. During this long duration of their being together, Dean Martin and Jeanne Biegger were one of the most photographed celebrity couples that always looked happy and great together. So, their separation came out as a deep shock to the fans as well.

On a positive note, both of them decided to stay on great terms even after the separation. And, till Mr. Martin’s death, Jeanne stayed by his side as his close friend.

Gina Martin Wilson Mom was her Dad’s Second Wife: Her Step Mothers and Siblings

That’s right, Gina’s mother was not the only person her dad was married to. This late American singer was married once before, and once after actress, Jeanne Biegger.

Before marrying the mother of his three kids, Martin was married to Elizabeth Ann “Betty” McDonald. They stayed together from 1941 to 1949 and shared four kids together. From his marriage to Betty, Dean became the father of Craig Martin, Claudia Martin, Barbara Gail Martin, and Deana Martin. After separating from her, Martin’s dad was the one who got custody of these 4 kids.

Similarly, after separating from Gina’s mother, Mr. Martin married Catherine Hawn. Their holy union lasted for only 3 years before they separated. Furthermore, the ex-couple did not share any biological kids together, however, Dean Martin did adopt Hawn’s daughter, Sasha, after the marriage. All of the comedian’s biological children seem to share a great bond with their step-sister, including Gina herself.

Gina Martin Wilson’s Marriage With Carl Wilson

In 1987, this daughter of a star married Carl Wilson, the co-founder of the band, The Beach Boys. So, how did their amazing relationship begin?

Wilson was a part of "The Beach Boys"
Carl Wilson and the love of his life, Gina Martin

Some sources confirm that the late singer/songwriter had a huge crush on his future Mrs before they even met. And interestingly, Gina’s brother, Ricci was the one who brought these two close together. As it turns out, Carl was close to young Martin’s older bro, with whom he shared his little secret. Ricci Martin then invited the musician to one of his band’s shows, where Carl locked eyes with Gina for the first time.

Thus, we could even say that the band, The Pack, brought unconditional love into the life of both Gina Wilson and her future husband. These two began dating shortly after, and after 7 years, tied the knot.

The Martin-Wilson marriage was held at a Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas. All of the bride’s and groom’s close family members and friends were invited to the wedding. Their marriage lasted for a total of 11 years.

She Wasn’t The Singer’s Only Wife; He Was Previously Married To Another Woman And Had Two Kids With Her

That’s right, The Beach Boys co-founder has been married twice in his life.

Before Gina, Annie Hinsche was the woman Carl was married to. She was the sister of the keyboardist, Billy Hinsche, from his own band. The former couple even shared two kids together. Jonah Martin, born in 1969, and Justyn Martin, born in 1971 are the musician’s two children with Annie.

This breakup with his first spouse left Gina’s late husband extremely heartbroken. Even more so, it was at this time that the singer wrote, Angel Come Home, because of the intense grief he felt due to Annie’s absence. Nevertheless, Wilson was able to forget about this bad heartache after he met Dean Martin’s daughter and settled down with her.

Carl’s Sons From His Previous Marriage Became Gina’s Step Kids; The Couple Did Not Have Any Children Together

Despite having a very happy relationship and an even happier married life, Gina and Carl did not have any kids of their own. Interestingly enough, the two children from Wilson’s first marriage are the only kids known to actress, Jenne Biegger’s daughter.

Similarly, after marrying the man of her dreams, Gina openly accepted his two kids. As cute as it may sound, they were even a huge part of the Martin-Wilson wedding. Jonah and Justyn served as the best man and the maid of honor in their dad’s 2nd wedding.

It seems like Gina really loved those kids as if they were her own!

Carl and Gina Martin’s Relationship ended after his death; What Happened To Him?

For 18 long years, Gina held her former partner, Carl’s hands. She was his true “ride or die” who followed him all around the globe when he went on tours with his band. We could even say that she was one of his biggest supporters.

Unfortunately, they had very less time together. After 11 years of their marriage, Carl Wilson bid goodbye to the love of his life, and to the world. In 1998, the musician died a tragic death due to lung cancer.

As it turns out, Wilson became sick for the first time in 1997 during his vacation in Hawaii. The Beach Boys guitarist had been smoking since his early teens, which led to the development of lung cancer. Furthermore, he was immediately referred to chemotherapy. And, despite the difficulty, this singer completed his final tour with the band in the autumn of 1997.

Therefore, his death on 6th February 1998 was the only reason for the couple to separate. This band owner was just 51 years old at the time.

66-Year-Old Martin Comes From A Family Of Celebrated People; For Her Career, What Did She Choose?

Till now, we have heard that Gina Martin was only known because of her family and late husband. However, many might not know about this, but she was also an actress before becoming a full-time wife to a traveling singer.

The famous actor, Dean Martin was Gina's dad
Young Martin with her husband, Wilson, and father, Dean Martin

On the contrary, barely anything is known about her career as an actress. Many believe that Gina had portrayed roles in Action Family (1987) as Melissa and in The Dean Martin Show (1967).

Now, talking about her family, both of her parents were great celebrities of their time. Martin’s dad, Dean Martin was a singer, actor, and comedian. Mr. Martin is famous for songs like, Memories are Made of This, That’s Amore, Volare, and so on. Similarly, her mother, Jeanne Biegger was an actress who appeared in a lot of TV shows.  To add, even her siblings and step-siblings have been parts of showbiz one way or the other.

Her Late Husband Was Also A Great Musician; All You Need To Know About Singer, Carl Wilson

Along with her family, Gina Martin’s late husband was also a famed and celebrated man. Carl, the co-owner and guitarist of The Beach Boys, was a singer/songwriter. Furthermore, his career began with the birth of this band in 1961, and till the very end, he gave his very best to keep its reputation high.

God Only Knows, Good Vibrations, and Kokomo are just a few songs that the band is known for.

Gina's husband
The co-owner of “The Beach Boys”, Carl.

In addition to this, Wilson even tried launching his solo career around the 1980s. In 1981, the singer released his first album, Carl Wilson, followed by Youngblood in 1983.

Wilson was indeed one of the most admired musicians of his time. It’s a shame that he had to leave the world too soon.

What Is Gina Martin Wilson Up To These Days?

After the death of her husband, Gina Wilson started living a low-profile life. Therefore, it is very hard for us to dig up information on her current whereabouts. However, we do believe that this 66-year-old woman who once was married to the creator of The Beach Boys, must live in LA, California in the present day.

Furthermore, she is still surrounded by Wilson’s two kids and her own family, so we hope that she is happy and healthy, and living her best life today.

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