Hanne Jacobsen Marriage & Relationship With Husband Mads Mikkelson: Untold Story

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Hanne Jacobsen Marriage & Relationship With Husband Mads Mikkelson: Untold Story
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Hanne Jacobsen is an actress & choreographer known for her work on Alletiders jul, Alletiders nisse, & many others. Besides, she also famous as the wife of The Hunt and the Hannibal actor, Mads Mikkelson.

Jacobsen and Mikkelson have been together since the late ’80s with two children in between. In fact, their long-term relationship has attracted a lot of attention.

So, how did Hanne meet her hubby? What’s the secret to their decade-plus togetherness? Also, take a look a bit extra about her professional aspects.

Hanne Jacobsen Has Been Part Of Many TV Series 

Born on January 13, 1961, in Denmark, Hanne began her career in the entertainment industry appearing as herself in the Danish reality TV series, Harry Måneskin (Harry Moonlight). Hanne then was a member of the jury at the third season of Stjerne for en aften (Star for an evening).

Mads Mikkelson's wife, Hanne Jacobsen is a Danish choreographer known for series like Everlasting Christmas, 1994, and Pyrus in the adventure of all time, 2000.
The Hannibal actor, Mads Mikkelson’s wife, Hanne Jacobsen is known for the Danish reality programs such as Star for an evening, ‘Love you forever’ at the film festival, Star of the night – the winner.

Following that, she would serve a similar role in regional reality programs such as ‘Elsker dig for evigt’ på film festival (‘Love you forever’ at film festival), Stjerne for en aften – vinderen (Star of the night – the winner), Det store juleshow (The big Christmas show), and TV akademiet (TV Academy).

She has also choreographed for TV movie, Det glade vanvid (The happy madness) and series, Olsen-bandens første kup (The Olsen gang’s first coup).

Mikkelson’s wife’s last appearance in showbiz was as Djævel in the TV series, Pyrus i alletiders eventyr (2000).

Hanne Jacobsen Is Married To Husband Mads Mikkelson

Hanne and her husband Mikkelson have been together since 1987. She married The Hunt actor Mads Mikkelsen on December 2, 2000. Together they have two grown children. They are Viola Jacobsen Mikkelsen and Carl Jacobsen Mikkelsen.

Mads Mikkelson and his wife, Hanne Jacobsen have been together for over three decades; they married in Dec 2000.
Mads Mikkelson with his wife, Hanne Jacobsen with their two children.

Through her husband, Jacobsen is also the daughter-in-law of the late actor, Henning Mikkelsen, known for the film, Brutal Incasso (2005). She, likewise, is the sister-in-law of the House Of Cards actor, Lars Mikkelsen, and actress, Anette Støvelbæk.

They also spend a lot of time on the Spanish island of Majorca, where the Mikkelsen family has a house.

When Did Hanne Jacobsen And Mads Meet? 

Despite his family having nothing to do with art, Mikkelson, since his early years, started showing outstanding abilities in performing. As he grew up, he, though, began not with acting, but with dancing. The six-foot-tall Scandinavian actor started attending ballet classes and later moved to Sweden for some time to get a full-fledged choreographic education in one of the best European schools.

And it was during this period that he met his future wife Hanne Jacobsen. The choreography, however, did not become the meaning of the professional and creative life of Jacobsen’s husband. At the age of 27, he, therefore, decidedly left dancing, returned to Denmark and devoted all his free time to acting.

Mads Wasn’t Himself When He First Met Hanne Jacobsen  

Mads revealed in an interview – he met Hanne when he was portraying a role of a woman in one of his early plays, La Cage aux Folles.

When asked how they met, the Nordic star told the New York Times:

“I met her when I was dressed up like a woman in La Cage aux Folles. There must be some Freudian stuff happening there. I was a Chinese girl, and I think I was quite good. I have women’s legs.”

How Hanne Remembered Their First Meeting 

Talking about the first time she encountered the father of her children, Hanne said, at the time, they were both dancers.

She was 24 and Mads was 20.

Hanne Jacobsen says when she first met her husband, she had been dancing for many years.
Hanne Jacobsen met her husband Mads Mikkelson in 1987 in a dancing audition at Aarhus Theater. Source: Getty

She disclosed she had been dancing for many years at that point. The Danish choreographer revealed she actually met Mads at an audition for at Aarhus Theatre. And after some time they were both in a relationship. She added even though things weren’t simple between the two at the beginning, they both fall deeply in love with each other and she just looked at him and thought:

“That right there; that’s the man in my life.”

The bond has lasted ever since.

Hanne Jacobsen And Her Husband Live Together A Lot Less 

Though they have been in a relationship for over 30 years, their marriage is not a marriage in the classical sense.

In an interview with See and Hear, Hanne revealed what was it like to live with Denmark’s most celebrated actor.

She disclosed they do not live together at all because her husband, Mikkelsen is gone all the time. She at the time also said how she believed that they will never live together as they did during the first few years of their union.

The mother of Mikkelson’s children explained she does not see Mads and her living together 12 months a year in their native, Denmark. She admitted her partner being an international actor loves working abroad.

When Mikkelsen was filming the series, Hannibal, in Toronto, Canada, he and Hanne would only see each other for about 3-4months.

Hanne’s Husband Mads Mikkelson Is A Multimillionaire Actor

With so many international films and series credits to his name, it’s pretty given, Hanne’s husband is quite a big taker in terms of money. And while he may not count himself as the bankable actor, Mikkelson’s films still pull in grave attention from the movie-goers and critics alike.

With an estimated net worth of over $15 million, Mads, who speaks fluent Swedish in addition to Danish and English, also has several properties across a few or two European territories.


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