Hidden Facts About Bob Seger’s Wife Annette Sinclair and Their Marriage

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Hidden Facts About Bob Seger’s Wife Annette Sinclair and Their Marriage
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Annette Sinclair is an American actress known for The Job (2009), Thief of Hearts (1984), and Hide and Go Shriek (1988). More than her profession, Sinclair is widely recognized as the ex-wife of American musician Bob Seger (aka Robert Clark Seger).

In fact, Annette was in a marital relationship with the psychedelic vocalist for only a year before their divorce. The couple walked down the aisle in 1987 and a year after their wedding, they separated. Well, why did they quit their marriage shortly after? Where is Annette Sinclair now?

Here, in this article, read the personal and professional life of the 80s actress Annette Sinclair.

Bob Seger’s Wife Annette Sinclair Early Life

Despite being an actress, Annette hardly revealed her personal life in the media. So, not much is known about her early life except her birth name. She was born Annette Maria Szymanski to her parents in the United States of America.

Annette Sinclair's early life is not known
Annette Sinclair

On the other hand, her famous ex-husband Bob was born on May 6, 1945, at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, US.

Bob Seger’s Wife Annette Sinclair is An Actress; Her TV Series And Movies

As per IMDb, Annette made her acting debut in the TV series Matt Houston in 1983, playing the role of Marcia in one episode. Following her debut, the actress appeared as Maxine in the 1984 movie Weekend Pass.

Annette Sinclair has acted in several movies and series
Annette Sinclair in the movie Hide and Go Shriek

Subsequently, Sinclair did a series and movies like Days of Our Lives, Finder of Lost Loves, Full House, and many others. And her breakthrough performance came in 1988 in the movie Hide and Go Shriek in which, Annette portrayed the character Kim Down.

Later Annette appeared in the movies like Listen to Me, Instant Karma, and Lunatics: A Love Story. After that, it took almost two decades for her to return to the screen. In 2009, the celebrity spouse popped up as a Soap actress’s mom in the American sitcom The Jon. After two years in 2011, the entertainer did her last acting project as a secretary in Red & Blue Marbles.

Apart from her acting career, Bob Seger’s wife also did modeling for Pontiac Commercials.

Annette Is Also An Author

While still working as an actress, Annette also tried her hands at writing. In 1997, the actress-cum-author released her first book titled Calculus Highlights: An Overview. After seven years in 2005, her next book Building Global Leadership: Strategies for Success was published. She co-wrote the book with Barbara Agyeman.

Further, her other writing credits include The Management Agenda, The Leader As Storyteller: “Engaging Hearts and Minds, and What Makes an Excellent Virtual Manager.

Annette Sinclair Was Married To Her Husband Bob Seger For A Year

On November 8, 1987, Annette Sinclair walked down the aisle with the American singer and songwriter Bob Seger. Since both of them worked in the entertainment industry, they must have met somewhere as a professional. In case you don’t know, Annette was the second wife of Seger.

Annette Sinclair was married to Bob Seger
Annette Sinclair with her ex-husband

Like every newlywed couple expects that their union would last forever, the Full House actress and musician also have the same thought. After marriage, the married duo resided in California but things started taking a bad turn. In one interview, the songwriter told,

“California is just a place to go to work now. I tried living there a bit when I was married to Annette and I wouldn’t want to do it anymore.

Only a year after their marriage in November 1988, their matrimonial relationship ended in divorce. Following their separation, Annette even sued her then-spouse for being violent against her.

Annette Sinclair Sued Her Then-Husband Seger; What Had Happened?

A few years after their divorce, Annette filed a case against her former husband Bob with a claim of physical abuse and a false promise to remarry her. At the time when they separated, Sinclair was pregnant and she claimed in court that her ex-husband has pressurized her for an abortion.

Regarding the issue, her lawyer Gordon Gold claimed in a court that his client Annette’s ex-spouse Seger “made her life a ″living hell″ by pressuring her to have an abortion one month after their November 1988 divorce.

The attorney Gold further said,

″He was toying with her emotionally, ″He was living with her part of the time, talking about a reconciliation, using her basically as a pawn. … When he didn’t want to use her, he discarded her without any thought of her emotional well-being”.

Her attorney also stated that Annette was beaten up by her ex-spouse outside a Los Angeles nightclub in January 1989. As a result, the Jon actress suffered from mental illness and was hospitalized for six months.

Though Sinclair knocked on the court door with a strong claim, the case was later dismissed with the point of Seger’s attorney T. Patrick Freydl. Fredyl’s statement was:

decisions on birth control made by consenting partners are outside the court’s jurisdiction and there is no right to collect damages for a broken promise to marry.

Did Annette Remarry After Her Divorce With Bob?

Even after her divorce, Annette continued her acting for several years. So, obviously, she made a public appearance several times, however, she didn’t let the media invade her personal life. As a result, to date, the update about her remarriage is not available.

On the other hand, her famous ex-husband Bob Seger has been married to his third wife Juanita Dorricott since 1993.

Annette Sinclair's ex-spouse is a happily married man
Annette Sinclair’s ex-husband with his current wife

Previously, he was also a husband to his first spouse Renee Andretti. Prior to Annette, her now ex-husband was also in a long-term relationship with Jan Dinsdale from 1972 until 1983.

Is Annette Sinclair A Mother? 

As the former actress likes to keep her personal life out of media access, her current marital status and updates on her children are not known to date. Further, from her year-long marriage with the Face the Promise artist, she was pregnant with their child. But, there’s no evidence of whether she gave birth to a baby or not.

But, on the other hand, Annette’s ex-spouse is a father of two kids. From his marriage with his wife Juanita Dorricott, he has two children, a son named Christopher Cole Seger and Samantha Char Seger.

Where is Annette Sinclair Now?

After her last act in Red & Blue Marbles, Sinclair is living away from the limelight. So, at this moment, her current profession and whereabouts are really difficult to trace. However, we can assume Annette currently lives in the United States along with his family members.

Annette Sinclair’s Net Worth

She is reported to have an approximate net worth of $2 million. Annette must have amassed such a huge amount of money through her acting career as well as being a model and an author.

Meanwhile, her popular ex-husband Bob Seger has an estimated fortune of $60 million as of 2023.

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