Holden Fletcher Fraser Brendan Fraser’ son, Wiki, 2023, Age, Parents, Bio

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Holden Fletcher Fraser Brendan Fraser’ son, Wiki, 2023, Age, Parents, Bio
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Holden Fletcher Fraser only came to the limelight as the son of Canadian and American actor Brendan Fraser. His father is recognized for his leading roles in a variety of films including comedies, dramatics, and blockbusters. Brendan first came to prominence for his appearance as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy trilogy.

Today’s article will be more about Holden’s life than his famous dad Brendan’s professional life. Well, we will be answering all those frequently raised questions about Holden. So, if you are one of them then, why not discover what you were wondering?

Let’s get started!

Holden Fletcher Fraser Had A Way With Words As A Kid: How Old Is Fletcher In 2023?

He was born on August 16, 2004. The star kid is 18 years old as of 2023. Although we do know his father is Brendan Fraser, who actually is his mother? Well, his mom is also an actress Afton Smith.

Moving onto his family roots, he is the grandson of Peter Fraser and Carol Fraser. Furthermore, his great-grandparents are Catherine Mary Genereux and Arthur George Genereux.

Besides, Fletcher belongs to mixed ethnicity as his father is Irish, Scottish, German, Czech, and French-Canadian. On the other hand, his mother belongs to Caucasian descent.

Holden Fletcher Fraser with his father Brendan
Holden with his dad.

Now coming to the topic of his early life, Holden has had a way with words since he was four. One day, when he was just a baby, he saw a flowering tree and went towards his father Brendan and said,

“Daddy, it’s raining petals!”

What would he do as a father at that moment? Yes, his heart melted at his son’s sweet words.

His Educational Background

Although some of his childhood glimpses are in the media, none of his educational details are revealed. It’s not that, Holden hasn’t enrolled in any educational institution but he might be studying in a very private school.

On the other hand, his father is also a very educated individual. The actor has attended Upper Canada College and a private boarding school in Toronto.

Siblings: Holden’s Big Brother Was On The Autism Spectrum

Holden isn’t only the child of Brendan and Afton. That’s right, he has two brothers, an elder brother named Griffin Arthur Fraser (b. 2002) and a younger Leland Francis Fraser (b. 2006).

Holden Fletcher Fraser is the middle child of the actor Brendan
Holden with his brothers and their dad Brendan.

However, his older brother was born unhealthy. Griffin was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition (ASC). Even now they have to give him extra love and care and obviously, without any doubt, he gets it.

There were also rumors in 2023 that Griffin might be dead after Brendan’s 2023 Oscar speech.

Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Parents First Met At A Party: Details On Their Marital Relationship

Holden’s parents first met through a mutual friend, fellow actress, Winona Ryder. During their first meeting, the actress Ryder organized a party at her house on July 4, 1993.

It is believed that they had an instant connection, and fell head over heels for each other. Some years after dating, on September 27, 1998, Holden’s parents walked down the aisle.

Holden Fletcher Fraser with his family
Brendan and his wife Afton with their sons.

Their wedding ceremony was held in a low-key ceremony with only a few of their close friends and family in attendance. The former couple stayed in a marital relationship for almost a decade.

Why Did Holden’s Parents Brendan & Afton Split?

In December 2007, when Holden was just three years old, his parents decided to divorce. Even after their split, they have remained close friends. Many didn’t know about the truth behind their divorce, and still, some have no idea about that.

The actor Brendan revealed everything some years ago. When Holden’s parents were still together, his father had to face many problems like losing his beloved mother, being sexually assaulted, and many more.

Brendan was harassed by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Berk. Reportedly, it was these traumatic experiences that led him to make a decision to separate. After the divorce, his father was ordered to pay a monthly alimony of $50,000 for 10 years or until Afton’s remarriage. In addition, Holden’s dad used to pay $25,000/per month as child support.

However, in early 2011, Brendan petitioned the court to reduce his alimony payment as he wasn’t able to fulfill the yearly obligation of $600,000. However, the court ruled against Fraser’s petition.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Has A Great Relationship with his Father

Although Holden doesn’t live with his parents side by side at the same time, he has a great bond with his both mom and dad. There isn’t a single day, he misses visiting his father. In other words, his father can even throw himself on the verge of death, if it means saving his kids’ life.

In an interview with PARADE, Holden’s dad said,

“I’d throw myself in front of a train if I had to for their well being. That doesn’t mean you can protect them from everything, but you have to try.”

Furthermore, Brendan always hugs and kisses his sons whether they like it. After working in the film Extraordinary Measures, based on a man who is on the verge of losing his critically ill children, he would go home and hug his children.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Wasn’t In Love With His Father’s Profession When He Was A Kid

When Holden was 4, his elder brother Griffin 6, and the youngest Leland 2 and half years old didn’t like their father’s profession. In their childhood, their dad always use to say he was going to work and then they asked what was his profession.

The 54-year-old actor would tell his kids that he defeat bad guys for a living. Holden’s father said in an interview with OK!,

“I tell them I’m going to work, and they say ‘What do you do, daddy?’ ‘Well, I defeat bad guys?’ ‘Wanna take one of my light sabers?’ [laughs] ‘You know, I want to go work with Han Solo.’ What?! Oh, by the way, I just got hired to work with Harrison Ford. Cool! Look at me, I’m turning into one of my kids. Don’t tell anyone!”

It was always a kind of fun moment for Brendan to teach his children. But, they were always confused, and soon they started hating their daddy’s profession. However, they were just kids back then, so as of now, they understand what their old man does for a living.

Is He Following In His Father’s Footsteps?

Holden Fletcher Fraser might still be in High School so, it is quite early to speculate whether he will become an actor like his dad or not.

But, it wouldn’t be any surprise if he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, like any other star kid.

Is Holden Fletcher Fraser available on any Social Media Handle?

Holden isn’t active on any social media as of 2023. On the other hand, both of his parents are active on Instagram. His father Brendan has over 140k followers. The majority of his pictures and short clips are about his professional works.

Brenden generally doesn’t share much about his personal life on his social media account.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Is The Son Of A Multi-Millionaire

Currently, Holden has not started working professionally so he doesn’t have a bank balance of his own. Well, he will soon start earning for himself, until then, he is dependent on his dad Brendan and mom. Well, it’s not that hard for the actor to look after his son, as he has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023.

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