Innis Jenkins, Sanela Diana Jenkins Son; Who is his father?

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Innis Jenkins, Sanela Diana Jenkins Son; Who is his father?
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Innis Jenkins is famously known as the son of one of the most popular philanthropists in the world, Sanela Diana Jenkins. Sanela and her former partner, Roger Jenkins, who is a British banker, welcomed their handsome son to this world almost 22 years ago. Unfortunately, despite having parents who are greater known personalities, Innis likes to keep a low profile and stays off the radar most of the time.

Then, who is Sanela’s son? Is he a philanthropist like his mother or a banker-cum-financier like his dad? These questions might linger in your minds as you think of Innis, a socialite’s son. Furthermore, does this cute guy have a girlfriend? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer all your queries.

So, this article is all about Innis Jenkins and his life as a kid of two millionaires. Despite his low-profile lifestyle, we’ve brought some known facts about young Jenkins to you. So, Let’s get started!

Innis Jenkins Is The Eldest Child Of His Parents; What Was His Childhood Like?

Although Innis Jenkins was born into a family with parents who are internationally known, his life has been a secret since the very beginning. Not many sources have been to find information about Innis but we have found it. He was born on 25th July 1999. As of now, he is 23 years old.

Philanthropist, Sanela Diana is the mother of 2 kids
Eneya Jenkins and Innis – the children of Roger Jenkins and Sanela Diana.

He is not the only child of his parents. That’s right, Barclays banker, Roger Jenkins, and his ex-wife also shared a second child together. Eneya Jenkins is Innis’ younger sister. Like her brother’s, Eneya’s early life has been shrouded in mystery. She was born on September 23rd, 2002.

Furthermore, besides this, we can guess a few details of Innis’ early life. We all are aware that he comes from a family of great wealth. Thus, without a doubt, he had a lovely childhood, where all of his demands would be fulfilled without any hesitation. Likewise, we also believe that this handsome hunk studied in a well-facilitated school and graduated from a renowned university.

He Has Part-Bosnian, Part-British Ethnicity

Many might not be aware of this but young Jenkins is gifted with two vastly different ethnicities. His father, who is a world-renowned banker, is British. So, what about his mother? Where does she come from?

Sanela Diana, or Sanela Dijana, is originally from Yugoslavia. Yes, ex-Mrs. Jenkins is not American by birth. She was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Later, during the Bosnian war, she migrated to the US. Thus, ethnically, Innis’ mother is a Bosnian Muslim.

Therefore, Innis is half-British and half-Muslim.

Young Jenkins Was Just A Boy When His Parents Decided To Divorce; What was the Reason?

Jenkins was just 8-9 years old when his parents decided to separate from each other. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins had a fairly happy marriage since 1999 for 10 years before officially divorcing each other in 2011. However, their marriage was broken almost 2 years before that.

Roger Jenkins is an internationally known banker
Roger Jenkins – Sanela Diana’s ex-husband

So, what caused it? According to the statements released by Jenkins’ parents, they took a mutual decision to break things off between each other. As it turns out, their marriage had a “natural end” in 2009 because Sanela felt that she was being overshadowed by her husband’s reputation.

Sanela Jenkins got married to the father of her children only a few years after entering America. At that time, she neither had any wealth, nor she was famous. Furthermore, as Roger Jenkins used to be an ex-international athlete and a popular banker, it helped Diana gain some fame. Nevertheless, it was not enough. Thus, she left the man she loved behind; Sanela Diana needed to be “herself” and not just a “wife of a famous banker” for once.

Interestingly, despite whatever happened between Jenkins’ parents, they remained good friends and are still in touch.

Both Of His Parents Moved On After The Divorce But Innis’ Mother Was The Only One Who Settled Down; He Also Has A Half-Sibling From His Mom’s New Relationship

After officially calling it quits, Jenkins’ parents moved on separately. His father met and married a Brazilian model, Larissa Andrade in 2018. Sadly, the marriage did not last and they separated in 2021.

On the other hand, his mother, who is also a socialite, got engaged to singer/songwriter, Ashar Monroe. As of today, they are still together and even share a beautiful baby girl together, Eliyanah Monroe who is Innis’ youngest half-sister.

So, What Does Innis Jenkins Do For A Living?

You would be wrong if you guess Jenkins’ career to be similar to that of his parents. Even more so, he does something that is completely different from both Mr. and ex-Mrs. Jenkins.

Diana is Innis' mother
Jenkins mother, Sanela. She is a famous philanthropist.

While looking at his Instagram profile, we found that Innis has described himself as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, a little more digging led us to MetaForceX. MetaForceX is a company that merges the Web3 and IRL worlds to better explore the real-world benefits of Web3. Their benefits include decentralized systems, action-based identity, borderless exchange of ideas, and costless global transactions. To add, Innis is speculated to be a part of this extraordinary company.

Both Of His Parents Have Quite The Reputation Internationally; What Makes Them So Famous?

Now, talking about his parents, both Roger and Sanela, are internationally renowned.

His dad, Roger Jenkins is a famous British banker. Mr. Jenkins has worked with some extremely popular banks or companies in this world like Barclays, Kleinwort Benson, and even a British financial company named, BTG Pactual. At one time, he even opened up his own advisory firm during the Irish financial crisis. However, it did not work out.

In addition, Roger Jenkins is also an ex-athlete. During the early days of his life, he was internationally known as an accomplished sprinter. To add, he even has competed in famous tournaments like the European Championships and the Commonwealth games.

Likewise, talking about his mother, Sanela Diana’s life has a literal rags-to-riches story. Today, she is a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and socialite. Furthermore, she is the CEO of multiple companies including a music label, and also the star of the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Is Sanela Diana’s Son Innis Jenkins’ Dating Rachel Roy’s Daughter? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Somewhere around 2022, fans speculated that Innis was involved romantically with Rachel Roy‘s daughter, Ava Dash. Even more so, these speculations were supported by the kid’s Instagram post, where he was seen kissing Ava. Interestingly, it was also the only picture posted on his feed.

Innis with his rumored girlfriend
Ava Dash and Innis – they are speculated to be dating each other

However, as of recent, Innis deleted that picture from his account. Furthermore, as we went deep diving into Dash’s feed as well, we also found no sight of Roger Jenkins’ son. However, what we did find was a lovey-dovey picture of Roy’s daughter with her then-ex-boyfriend, Conor Kennedy.

Therefore, we are not exactly sure what the actual truth is, but we believe that Innis and Ava might have already separated. And, as of today, there isn’t a single piece of information about Roger’s son moving on with a different girl.

If Both Of His Parents Are Millionaires, How Rich Is Innis Jenkins?

By now, it is pretty clear that both of Innis’ parents have a set career that of course would pay them millions of dollars. Thus, a little research led us to the information that his father, the famous banker has a net worth of $80 million, while his mother, Sanela Diana is worth $300 million.

So, what about him? Is he as rich as they are? Well, we do not have a definite answer for that. Unlike his parents, young Jenkins lives a low-profile life and is also quite young to have a multi-million dollars net worth. However, we do believe that he is a well-adjusted kid who is making his way through fame.

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