Inside The Life of Dehea Abraham: Her Personal And Professional Life

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Inside The Life of Dehea Abraham: Her Personal And Professional Life
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Dehea Abraham is the girlfriend of Llyod Polite Jr aka rapper Lloyd with whom she shares two children. Although Abraham and Lloyd have been together for a long time, they have not yet exchanged their wedding vows; at least that anybody knows of.

Dehea’s partner, Lloyd was in the R&B group Preteen-boy Band N-Toon. His 2004 debut single “Southside,” featuring Ashanti charted on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became a Top 40 hit.

Abraham and Lloyd have been together since 2015 and together, they share two children. Know who was she before dating the rapper and also all about her professional and personal affairs in the ensuing details.

Dehea Abraham Was A Model?! 

Although not confirmed, some speculate, Dehea tried for runway models at the beginning of her career. There are even some pictures of her posing for a mugshot seemingly for modeling purposes.

Abraham was born on the 29th of October. The mother of Lloyd’s children is a vegan. Abraham supposedly was also a gymnast. She has one younger sister and a brother, named Dante Abraham.

When Did Dehea And Lloyd Started Dating Each Other? Dehea Influenced Lloyd To Become A Vegan

While Lloyd and Abraham are yet to reveal when exactly they started dating, speaking from Dehea’s Insta, the couple might have begun to see each other at some point in 2015.

On August 17, 2015, Abraham posted a picture of herself where she is posing alongside a guy who, though, we can’t see him in the photo. Later, the full imaging appeared and it turned out to be none other than Lloyd, himself.

Dehea Abraham strated dating Lloyd in 2015
Dehea Abraham started dating Lloyd in 2015. Source: Instagram

Then on December 21, 2015, Abraham yet again shared a picture of her and Lloyd; only this time the tension between the two looked like something deep was going behind the two. Over the next several Ig posts, it was — crystal that the rapper and the animal activist had become a thing.

Dehea Abraham with Lloyd in December 2015
Dehea Abraham with Lloyd in December 2015. Source: Instagram

The duo has been together ever since. They, however, are yet to come with the news of their wedding. Abraham and Lloyd with their children reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Polite Jr. admits, his girlfriend had a huge influence on him for going plant-based diet. He says she helped her in a lot of ways and one of those was curving his addiction to food and taste.

Lloyd’s two songs, Porcelain and Caramel are about Abraham.

Lloyd Is Certain That Abraham Won’t Say No To His Threesome Proposal 

Abraham’s husband has been pretty vocal and bold about his take on monogamy; how it’s boring, challenging, and such. While talking with Angela Yee’s Lip Service in Sep 2018, the father of two said Dehea wouldn’t mind exploring new adventures; the rapper was then talking answering if his girlfriend would go for a threesome.

“She’d do it, She’d try it. (Dehea) would be like, alright let’s try it. She’s not gonna be like, I just don’t like that. I’m not doing that,”

said the 35-year-old artist. However, when asked if he’d do for her, Lloyd responded saying, “Depends! I can’t stick my tongue on somebody’s a**. I can’t do it.” After that, the singer was immediately attacked with lots of disappointing reactions from the hosts. The singer, nonetheless admitted he’d consider her fantasy but not the a** eating part.

Abraham Shares Two Children With Lloyd; Her Partner Lost A Child In Abortion With An Ex-Girlfriend

Abraham and Lloyd welcomed their first child, a son named River Polite in September of 2017. Then, in late 2018 the pair had their second child, a daughter, whose name is yet to be disclosed.

Dehea had shared the news only on the 32nd week of the pregnancy. She took to her Instagram to show a photo of her baby bump on social media with the caption,

“Ohhh 32w! Almost there,” she wrote. “It’s time to come back home and rub on my belly, [Lloyd].”

Lloyd, on the other hand, expressed his excitement through his Twitter writing, “Another blessing thank you, Lord.”

The year, when his first child was born, was a big year for Polite Jr. In addition to welcoming his son, he also made a comeback to the music game, releasing his first project in 10 years. The artist admitted to crying for three weeks straight after having River. He said,

“I cried every day for the first three weeks after having my son. It made me look at my mom differently and respect her a great deal…especially with her raising me by myself.”

While talking with The Breakfast Club, the singer revealed the birth of his son, River took a greater toll on his emotional state than he could have imagined. This was in the sense that he had previously lost a child in an abortion while in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The New Orleans native has even sung about losing a child to miscarriage on his track “Tru.”

“Came home helped my sister raise a child, kind of hurt me ’cause I could’ve had my own now / Lost my baby damn, it’s really hitting home now.”

With Sway’s Universe in August 2016, Lloyd revealed the decision wasn’t his but rather his ex-partner’s.

Dehea Abraham’s Boyfriend On Fatherhood

In an interview with Madame Noire, Llyod talked about how fatherhood changed his life. He said as a father, he will always have a responsibility to become a good example for his children.

“It has humbled me, far beyond anything. It has also energized and motivated me; not for anything pretentious but just to be the best person I can be,”

said the 35-year-old rapper.

The Southside singer also added how fatherhood has changed him for the best. He explained becoming a father is helping him to become the best version of himself. Lloyd sees his life coming around whenever he thinks of his children.

Abraham’s Husband Went To Depression After Losing His Sister

In the past, Dehea’s boyfriend, Lloyd has been vocal about his battle with anxiety and depression as well as overcoming turmoil after the death of his little sister. The King Of Hearts singer’s sister passed away when she was less than a year [old]. Lloyd says the year was probably 1992/1993 it is something that he hardly talks about.

The rapper also admitted that his song, “Lil Sis” is about him writing a letter to his late baby sister telling her things that have been going in his life.

Did Dehea Abraham Really Tried For America’s Next Top Model

Back In April 2009, a group of aspiring models showed up for America’s Next Top Model auditions in New York. Sources then reported Tyra Banks and the ANTM producers chose at least some of their contestants at private tryouts and that the open cattle calls around the country were mostly just publicity stunts; meaning the audition was almost a hoax.

Several newcomers’ hopes hit rock bottom; they really thought they had a shot and believed the genuineness of the tryouts. One of the contestants, Amanda Almeida suffered bruises and cuts in the whole leg and back, and hip. Almeida took some physical toll all for an alleged fake audition. After her hospitalization, her mother blamed Tyra and asked ANTM to help with the hospital bills.

Another hopeful aspirer that suffered was a girl named, Dehea Abraham, who had flown to New York from Georgia for the audition.

She revealed she had spent $240 on the flight and $184 per night for the hotel, and it only took a matter of seconds for her dream to slip away from her. While the dust has settled on that matter, it, still, is a bit of a mystery if the then-Georgia girl was really Lloyd’s girlfriend. What’s more, Abraham has never talked publicly about competing in such kind of a show.

Abraham Is A Friend Of Actress Gail Bean

Lloyd’s partner, Dehea Abraham has an amicable relationship with actress, Gail Bean from the fame of Test Pattern, Unexpected, Skin In The Game, and Paradise Lost.

Dehea Abraham is a friend of actress Gail Bean
Dehea Abraham is a friend of actress Gail Bean. Source: Instagram

Abraham, through her Ig, has often spoken about Bean’s movies. The actress also has expressed her gratitude to the mother of two.


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