Insight Into The Life Of Betsy Berardi: Ex-Wife Of Singer Sammy Hagar

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Betsy Berardi is the ex-wife of American singer-songwriter Sammy Hagar. She received fame only after she tied the knot with the musician. Well, Hagar is famous as the lead singer of the rock band Van Halen. Over the years, he has given very successful albums, including Three Lock Box, Red Voodoo, and many others.

Though Betsy separated from her ex-husband long ago, the media and people pretty much recognize her as a celebrity. So, how is her life at present? Did she marry again after her divorce?

In this article, we are going to find out everything about her including details on her career, relationship, and much more.

Betsy Berardi Was Born In Los Angeles

Beautiful Betsy Berardi was born on October 26, 1948, in Los Angeles, California, to McCray. As of 2020, she is 74 years of age. Her birth name is Betsy Bell Berardi.

Born in Los Angeles, Betsy spent most of her childhood in her hometown along with her parents. She was also pretty close to her parents who are no more, unfortunately. Talking about her schooling, she did her high school in Los Angeles itself.

It was during her college days that she met her partner and walked down the aisle.

Betsy Berardi Is The Ex-Wife Of Sammy Hagar

Like we mentioned earlier, Betsy was married to singer and songwriter Sammy Hagar in the past. The couple married on November 3, 1968, in California in a very intimate ceremony. At the time of their wedding, Berardi was just 21 years of age and was possibly in her college.

Though the former couple never talked about their first meeting, their relationship had a pretty good start. Around 2 years into their marital relationship, she gave birth to her first child Aaron Hagar on February 24, 1970. Eventually, after 14 years gap, she gave birth to her second son Andrew Hagar in 1984.

Betsy Berardi's Photo From 1975 With Her Husband Sammy Hager And Elder Son Aaron
Betsy Berardi’s Photo From 1975 With Her Husband Sammy Hager And Elder Son Aaron

Despite all the bonding, Betsy’s marriage with Sammy headed to a dead end. Finally, after being married for 26  long years, they called it quits in 1994.

The major reason behind Betsy and Sammy’s divorce was Kari Karte, whom Sammy had just met. As written in his book, the singer had just met her back in December 1991 and thus left Berardi to marry her.

Sammy’s Ex-Wife Betsy Berardi Lives In Mill Valley CA, In 2021

Well, Betsy is all well and doing pretty well at present. She currently lives in Mill Valley CA, amid a little vegetation. She also has her own garden where she is mostly involved in growing flowers.

Besides, she also occasionally spends her time with her children Aaron and Andrew. Both her children are well settled and doing well in their life professionally. Her elder son is the owner of Hagar’s Rat Runners Garage, where he deals with preserving old cars, modifications, etc. Likewise, her younger son Andrew is a singer and songwriter just like his father Sammy.

Betsy has a great relationship with both of her sons. In 2020, both of his kids came up with a beautiful Instagram post wishing her a birthday.

Betsy Berardi's Son Andrew Post Throwback Picture With His Mom On Her Birthday
Betsy Berardi’s Son Andrew Post Throwback Picture With His Mom On Her Birthday

Not only this, but she celebrated her 70th birthday with both of her children along with some of her friends. Berardi also posted a photo from the day on her Instagram. Check out the post here.


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Did She Marry After Divorce With Sammy?

It does not look like Betsy Berardi ever tied the knot again after her split with her ex-husband in 1994. There are no hints of her dating any man ever since. Also, there are no posts on her social media that indicate her ever been in a romantic relationship since her split.

Also, since she has not made any statements on her present relationship status, it is safe to say that she is single and not dating anyone. Having said that, we hope she talks about her love life post the end of her marriage in the future at least.

Berardi’s Ex-Husband Married Again After Divorcing Her

If you didn’t know, after splitting from Betsy, Sammy married for the second time to Kari Karte. They married in 1994 and have been together ever since. She is a producer who has produced films like Ram Dass, Going Home, and several others.

From their marriage, they also have two children Samantha Hagar, and Kama Hagar. While Samantha was born in 2001, Kama was born in 1996.  They have a pretty good relationship with both of their kids.

Betsy Berardi Is Active On Instagram

Over the years Besty has completely kept herself away from the limelight. However, she has maintained her presence on social media. As of 2021, she is active on Instagram where she goes by Betsy Bell. She has just over 500 followers on her Insta, where she also gives insight into her personal life.

Her Instagram has mostly been filled with photos of natural vegetation around her house. She also has a big love for flowers and also has different types of roses in her garden.