Interesting facts about Lorna Wells, Cedric Kyles wife

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Interesting facts about Lorna Wells, Cedric Kyles wife
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Lorna Wells is famous as the wife of the comedian, Cedric Kyles, aka Cedric the Entertainer. Her husband is a comedy royalty who became famous for his roles in shows and movies.

The couple is married since the late ’90s. Fortunately enough their marriage has been sailing smoothly. Further, the couple is a proud parent of two kids.

We’re sure many of you already know a lot of things about Cedric, but what about his wife, Lorna Wells? Today in this article, we shall find out everything about the celebrity wife including her age, early life, and more!

Lorna Wells is a California Native: How Old is She?

Wells is a native of Southwestern Los Angeles, California. She was born on February 17th, 1967. Because Lorna likes to live a secretive life, she has kept the information on her parents or siblings behind closed doors.

Growing up, Lorna moved quite a lot, from one residence to another and it was all around the same county of Los Angeles. Judging by this, we can assume she must’ve had trouble settling in new places.

As for her education, reports suggest she studied at Hawthorne High School, but it cannot be said for certain. Besides, at the moment, she lives with her husband Cedric and kids in Los Angeles.

Lorna is Often Confused with Tauren Wells’ wife of the name

The name Lorna Wells isn’t only associated with Cedric the Entertainer. Christian musical artist Tauren Wells‘s wife’s name is also Lorna Wells. This mix-up has led to much confusion among the fans.

Many tabloids have even written jumbled-up information regarding the two. While some have added misplaced information about Cedric’s wife Lorna’s parents and siblings.

The only truth of the matter is that other than their names, the two-star spouses do not have anything in common.

Lorna Wells is Famous for Her Marriage to Cedric the Entertainer

Ever since Lorna got into a relationship with Cedric, she became a famous name amongst the paparazzi. Apart from the media, since the late 90s, fans have also been curious about her.

Lorna Wells husband
Lorna and Cedric married back in 1999.

Lorna and Cedric Kyle tied the knot in September 1999. At the time of the matrimonial, Lorna was 31-years-old while her spouse Cedric was 34.

The wedding took place at Casa De Amor in Pasadena, California, and was officiated by Bishop Noel Jones of Los Angeles and Dr. David L Lane. Cedric’s eldest daughter Tiara was the flower girl. Many of the comedian’s friends were in attendance, including Steve Harvey, William Lee Scott, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and more.

Initially, the pair had met in the year 1997 when both of them were working on the 1998 film, Ride. While Cedric was an actor, Lorna worked as a stylist.

Given that there’s not much information available about their wedding, it looks like the ceremony was a small one with only the closest of their friends and family in attendance.

Their marriage is one of the longest-standing weddings out there, especially among African-American celebrities. True black love right there, ladies and gentlemen!

Cedric Tries to Keep the Flame Alive in His Marriage

When you are married for a long time, there might come a time when you might think a spark is missing. This is when many marriages tend to end when a pair doesn’t feel the same way they felt about one another years ago.

Cedric whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles is fortunate in this department. Not only does he entertain his wife with his never-ending banters, but he also tries a few things that youngsters these days tend to do. Take a look!

In addition, Cedric often shares pictures with his wife on big occasions like their anniversary on his Instagram account.

Well, all in all, we can certainly say Lorna and Cedric are truly goals. At the end of the day, one thing that Cedric and his wife Young love should learn a few things or two from the OG’s.

Lorna Wells is a Mother of Two Kids

The long-term couple is a parent of two, one son and one daughter. At first, they welcomed a baby boy back in 2000 whom they named Croix Kyles. We know you are intrigued by the name so let us tell you what it means. It’s a French word that means cross.

The eldest of the brood, Croix, has already followed in his old man’s footsteps. So far, he has appeared in three movies, The Soul Man (2012), Jingle All the Way (2011), and Jingle & Bell’s Christmas Star (2012). Moreover, he studied at the Sierra Canyon School where he was a part of the swimming team.

Coming back to the main topic, after the birth of their first child, Lorna and Cedric welcomed a daughter in November of 2003. They gave her the beautiful name of Lucky Rose Kyles. She was born at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Similar to her older brother, Lucky is also an actress. She worked in the TV series, The Soul Man.

Wells is Also a Step-Mother and a Grandma

At the time when Lorna started dating her then-future husband, he was already a father of one daughter named Tiara. She was born in 1989.

Lorna Wells family
Lorna with her kids and stepdaughter, and husband on a vacation.

From the beginning, Cedric had decided that he won’t make his older daughter estranged from the rest of his family. This is why he involved Tiara with Lorna and his other two kids from the get-go. This helped in creating a terrific bond between them and today they are like a family.

What’s more, Tiara also made her stepmother a grandma after she gave birth to a baby boy in 2016.

What is Lorna Wells Kyle’s profession?

We’re sure many of you might be curious to know what Lorna’s profession is. Is she also an actor like her husband? Well, the answer to that question is simply no. She is not an actor.

She worked as a stylist in the entertainment industry. As we mentioned above, it was her profession that led to the meeting between her and Cedric on the set of Ride.

As of now, Lorna is quite busy working as a philanthropist. She works together with her husband for their charity, Cedric the Entertainer Charitable Foundation Inc. From the foundation, the duo gives out scholarships to deserving high school students.

Her Net Worth

As a celebrity spouse, she enjoys a lavish life. Her hubby, Cedric is one of the richest comedians out there. As of now, Lorna Wells’ husband Cedric’s net worth is an astounding $25 million. He earned his wealth from his decade’s worth of work in the entertainment industry.


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