Interesting facts about Zachary John Denver: Who are His Biological Parents?

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Zachary John Denver is the son of the late singer John Denver. The singer adopted Zak, alongside another child, with his first wife, Annie Martell. Although the couple separated sometime after adopting their kids, they made sure their differences didn’t impact their kid’s childhood.

Besides, Zak is the oldest of the three Denver siblings. All three of them like to remain behind closed doors and this is why there’s not much info on them.

But fret not, as today we’ve all the information you need to know about Zachary John Denver. Let’s get right into it!

Zachary John Denver is the eldest son of John: Who are his biological parents?

Zak was born on May 23rd, 1974, in Colorado. John and his then-wife, Annie Martell adopted Zak after the former pair couldn’t have a child of their own.

As for Zak’s biological parents, well, there isn’t any information available. It seems John wanted to protect the identity of Zak’s parents because of this he never revealed any information regarding Zachary’s folks.

Zachary John Denver Jesse Belle Deutschendorf
Zachary John Denver(far right) with siblings Jesse Belle(middle), Anna(left), and dad John.

Besides, the star kid belongs to the African-American ethnicity and has American nationality. He finished his formal education at a local high school in Aspen, Colorado. He spent his childhood in Aspen alongside his siblings.

His Adoptive Parent’s Relationship

John and Annie exchanged vows on June 9th, 1967. During the starting phase of their career, from 1967 to 1971, the pair lived in Edina, Minnesota. Afterward, when Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High came out, the duo was inspired to live in Aspen, Colorado and subsequently, they moved to the Western state.

Nevertheless, John and Annie’s relationship turned sour after around 15 years of marriage. Eventually, the lovebirds decided to call it quits. However, the divorce settlement in itself wasn’t as pretty. When the property settlement ended, Zachary reportedly choked his wife, in addition to cutting their marital bed in half.

Zachary John Denver’s dad passed away in 1997

His father John tragically passed away at the age of 53 in a fatal plane crash. He died in October 1997, after the plane he himself was flying crashed. He was the single fatality. At the time of his death, Zak was 23 years old.

Now talking about his mom, Annie Martell, she is living in Aspen, Colorado. In 2018, when Zak’s maternal grandmother passed away, the obituary stated Annie was still alive.

He has two sisters

When the Denvers adopted Zak, they didn’t just bring him home but someone else as well. They also adopted another child, a girl named Anna Kate. Several years after they were adopted, John welcomed his first and only biological child, Jesse Belle Deutschendorf¬†with his second wife, Cassandra Delaney.

All three of them kind of grew up together. Despite the fact that John was divorced from Annie, his kids Zak and Anna were still in a cordial relationship with him. This is the reason why they were quite close to their father and their half-sibling, Jesse.

Most recently, in 2017, Zak and his sister Jesse attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame coronation ceremony for their dad, John.

Jesse Belle Deutschendorf brother
Jesse with her older brother, Zachary John Denver.

What is Zachary doing Nowadays?

Many of you might believe that Zak might’ve gone down the same path as his late father but that is where you are all wrong. He in fact is involved in a completely different field. As per our research, the man is involved in politics.

Though we don’t know where his party affiliation lies at the moment, back in the early 2000s, he was a member of the United Party of America. Based in Basalt, Colorado. He is an active social worker and works towards the betterment of society.

Zachary John Denver is a Married Man: Who is His Wife?

Many of you might not know that Zak has been married for a long time. He enjoys marital bliss with his wife, Jennifer Deutschendorf.

The lovely pair is also proud parents of one child who is the eldest grandchild of the late John Denver. His wife Jenny is a pretty private person who doesn’t like to make joint appearances with her husband in public, however, she has appeared a handful of times.

Zachary John Denver wife
Zak’s wife Jenny (in middle), mom Anni (far left), and Cesar Milan. Source: Getty

She once came into the public eye with her mother-in-law Annie in 2010. She reportedly attended the Cesar Whispers In Aspen event, hosted by pro dog trainer, Cesar Millan.

How much is Zachary John Denver’s Net Worth?

Being the son of one of the legendary singers in the game, we’re sure Zak enjoyed a lavish life. When John was still alive, his total fortune was estimated to be around $60 million so it is safe to say Zachary is also a millionaire.

In addition, John also had a trust set-up for his first wife Annie, his parents, and all three of his kids. Each trust was worth $7 million. The three kids also got to share all of Denver’s property at the time of his death due to the fact that he wasn’t married at the time.

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