Is Ben Shapiro Married? Who Is His Wife? Love Life And Children

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Is Ben Shapiro Married? Who Is His Wife? Love Life And Children
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Ben Shapiro is an American conservative commentator. Although the right-wing commentator’s professional life is mired in controversies, his marriage life is a far cry from his professional life. He is a happily married man and living a great personal life with his wife.

Upon hearing about his partner, we’re sure you might be intrigued to know who is Ben Shapiro’ wife. Since when are they in a marital relationship? Does the pair share any children?

Let’s find out all the answers to the question above. Apart from that, we’re going to take a look at his wife’s career!

Ben Shapiro married happily for years

Out of many conservative commentators out there, Ben is most possibly renowned of them all. After all, the majority of the time his opinions spark a lot of outrage. Despite all the negativity, at the end of the day, Ben lays down and relaxes at his home with his long-term spouse.

The youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States is married to his wife Mor Shapiro since 2008. Even though Ben doesn’t really share a lot of pictures with his spouse on his social media account, he often talks about his lover in public.

Many times whenever any type of relationship segment comes up in his show, Shapiro usually starts off by talking about Mor.

Ben Shapiro tied the knot with his wife Mor in Israel

As both Ben and his wife Mor are Jewish, they decided to hold their wedding in the place where their religion was born, Israel. They exchanged vows in a super intimate ceremony on July 8th, 2008. The matrimonial was held at Acre, Israel.

Ben Shapiro marriage
Ben and his wife during their wedding.

Explaining the destination wedding, Ben wrote in a blog, “It was a beautiful wedding in Acre, Israel, overlooking the ocean at sunset.” Moreover, his father wrote processional music which brought everyone to tears.

Initially, it was around the mid-2000s when the pair first came across one another. It was Ben’s sister Abigail who first introduced them to one another.

Ben and his wife Mor Toledano Shapiro is a parents of two kids

Shapiro believes that marriage is all about bearing and rearing children. Further, when the duo got married, Shapiro talked about their plan of becoming a parent and said, “Together we plan, with the help of God, on having healthy, happy, freedom-loving children who will grow up with the security provided by the armed guard.”

Now talking about their kids, well, there’s a lot of debate here. While some sources claim he is a father of two others claim he has three kids. But Ben himself cleared up all the speculations when he admitted to being a father of three.

The Shapiro couple has one daughter Leeya Eliana Shapiro, born in 2014, and a son born in 2017. As for their child, currently, there’s no information available about the kid’s gender and date of birth.

Their daughter Leeya underwent heart surgery back in 2017. Thankfully, everything went according to the plan

Ben Shapiro believes children make your life both good and bad

Ben and Mor are happily raising their three kids but on the contrary, Ben has said a number of times that kids will make your life significantly worse and good at the same time. Still, the upside is always greater.

Despite the fact that he rarely shares pictures of his kids on social media, he is often talking about his kids. Moreover, Shapiro also gives advice to his fans related to marriage and children during the live Q&A session on his talk show, The Ben Shapiro Show.

In addition, Ben also thinks that planned parenthood is always a blessing, however, you should never forget to remind your spouse of how important they are to you.

In an article published in Newsweek, the columnist writes, “Marriage is a merger of two lives; kids turn the object of those lives outward. This means more emotional volatility, less time with each other, and more pressure. It’s deeply important to carve out time with your spouse and to reassure them that they are the most important person in your life.”

Who is Ben Shapiro’s wife Mor?

After all the talk, we’re sure many of you might’ve gotten curious to know about his wife. Allow us to answer your queries.

Ben Shapiro Mor
Ben and Mor are parents of three kids.

Well, first up, Mor is an Israeli-born American medical practitioner. She is of Moroccan descent and was raised in a devout orthodox jew household. As for her education, she studied psychobiology at UCLA. She received her MD from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Up until 2019, she was working at Kaiser Foundation Hospital. Meanwhile, Mor has licenses from FL State Medical License, CA State Medical License, and the American Board of Family Medicine.

Ben and Mor Shapiro’s Early Relationship stage was a struggle

At the time of their dating, the lovebirds used to live in two different states. Mor was still studying at UCLA which is located in Los Angeles while Shapiro was thinking about a job in New York. In a Newsweek article, Ben mentioned how his wife decided to transfer to college just for the sake of their relationship.

Nevertheless, Mor isn’t the only one who sacrificed for the sake of love. When Mor got into a medical college across the country, Ben also moved his job to the location.

Besides, Ben has his priority straightened up when it comes to marriage. He says, “Obviously, chemistry matters; so do shared interests. But these are necessary, not sufficient conditions for marriage. Over time, passionate love shifts into companionate love—you’d better pick the right partner for your life journey, someone who wants the same life that you want.”

That being said, this doesn’t mean the couple doesn’t have any conflict between them. For instance, Ben is always ticked off by his wife’s constant phone-losing behavior.


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