Is Noah Sebastian Asian? What’s His Ethnicity? His Parents & Family Background

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Is Noah Sebastian Asian? What’s His Ethnicity? His Parents & Family Background
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Noah Sebastian is the frontman and songwriter of the American rock band Bad Omens. Starting from 2015, Noah has come a long way within a short span of time, and as of now, he has established himself as one of the most successful metal rock singers worldwide. Though he has gained ground as a musical artist, details about his family background haven’t been much discussed in the media. His well-wishers seem quite curious and confused about Noah’s ethnicity.

Read the article below to learn about Noah’s ancestry. We will also add details on his parents. Have a close look.

Is Noah Sebastian Asian? What’s His Ethnicity?

The metal singer Noah is half-Japanese, thus, he is partially Asian. Once while in a live conversation, when one of the users asked if Naoh is Asian, he answered that he is half-Japanese.

Noah Sebastian, a Japanese-American, takes a selfie
Noah Sebastian

Now, talking about his ethnic background, while most of the online portals claimed him to be of white ethnicity, he actually belongs to mixed ancestry i.e. Japanese-American.

Noah Sebastian’s Parents Are His Inspiration For Music 

Once in an interview, when Sebastian was asked about his inspiration for his music, he mentioned his mother whose name is not known yet. It was his mom who introduced him to rock music while he was still a young kid. In this regard, he said,

 living with my mom who was the polar opposite and introduced me to rock music and R rated movies at a very young age.

Looking at the statement, it seems Noah’s mom always had an openness in seeing things rather than following societal norms and values. Unfortunately, The Fountain singer has never talked anything about his dad so far.

Though Sebastian is not open to the fact of introducing his mom and dad to the outer world, we believe that he really admires his parents for the reason that he is today.

Noah Sebastian’s Family Background; His Grandparents Were Strict

In an interview with Strife Magazine, Noah revealed that his grandparents were very strict.

Noah in his signature long hair
Noah Sebastian

While responding to the interviewee’s question about the motivation behind his music, he said,

 my grandparents which was a strict, religious, republican, school focused household haha

While talking about his grandparents, he mentioned his mother as well who was a free thinker. Growing up between strict grandparents and a flexible mom, he always found himself in a strange position.

Does Noah Sebastian Have Siblings?

Well, like his other personal matters, details on Noah’s siblings also haven’t been divulged in the media. Whenever he appears on camera, he is mostly seen together with his band members and colleagues, and his interaction is greatly based on his musical career.

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Thus, we can’t tell if Sebastian is his parent’s only child or if there are others as well.

Short Bio On Noah Sebastian

Noah was born to his Japanese and American parents on October 31, 1995, in Richmond, Virginia, the United States of America under the birth sign Scorpio.

From a very young age, Sebastian developed an interest in music. Just at the age of 20, he started a band named Bad Omens in cooperation with guitarist Nicholas Ruffalo and bassist Vincent Riquier. As of now, the band has given several hit albums like Just Pretend, Artificial Suicide, and many more which helped Noah to gain fame and money within a short period.

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