Is Phoebe Bridgers Asian? Her ethnicity & Ancestry

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The Indie folk musician, Phoebe Bridgers is one of the most famous artists in the field of music. Along with the professional upliftment, there are a lot of queries among the people about her origin and ancestry.

Is Phoebe Bridgers Asian? What is her real ethnicity? Here, in this article, we will also dig into Bridger’s nationality, family, and ancestry.

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Is Phoebe Bridgers Asian?

Many of Phoebe’s fans have been curious about her real origin and few guess it to be Asian too. But they are wrong. Bridgers has no ancestral connection to Asia.

There might be several reasons behind people guessing Phoebe is an Asian as her ancestral group come from an overwhelming number of ethnic groups. Despite not belonging to any part of Asia, she has several fans and a following there.

Where Does Phoebe Come From? Her Ethnicity and Ancestry

The 28-year-old singer comes from a variety of ethnicity carrying all the talents of each one. Her ethnicity is compiled of English, One Eight Italian, likely eight Czech, distant Irish, French, and German, and also some Welsh and Scottish.

The larger part of Bridger’s descent comes from European countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Hence, the talented musician includes much of Caucasian ethnicity.

A picture of Indie folk musician Phoebe
The Indie Musician, Phoebe belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Source: Phoebe’s Instagram

Despite having a large number of European forefathers, Bridger’s family was established in America for a very long time. Her bloodline has traveled from the richest European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and Ireland including the U.K. constituent country, Welsh and Scotland.

Bridgers’ Ancestors: Paternal and Maternal

As you read earlier, Phoebe’s ancestors mostly come from European countries. Her paternal grandfather, Tommie Speight Bridger Jr was born in North Carolina with a good connection with the States. Tommie was born to Tommie Cannie Bridgers and Annie Ruth Pridgen.

On the other hand, Phoebe’s great-grandfather, Tommie Sr was the son of Cannie Bridgers and Rebecca Gardner whereas her great-grandmother, Annie was born to Father Robert Pridgen and mother, Millie Wynne.

Similarly, Bridgers’ paternal grandmother, Bonnie Marie Tennant was the daughter of Delbert Tennant and Ella Kodesh. Delbert was born to his father, Robert Tennant, who was of Scottish descent, and his mother, Mary Brown, who was from a Czech background.

Meanwhile, Phoebe’s maternal grandfather, Richard Carl Gandola was the son of Charles/Carlo Gandola and a Sawyer mother. Richard’s father’s parents were born to Italian parents. His father was Joe Gandola and his mother was Genoveffa Bongiglio.

In contrast to Phoebe’s maternal grandfather, her maternal grandmother was from California. Her name was Carole Elaine, and she was the daughter of Mervin Edwin Pinches and Lucille E. Holmes. Carole’s father on the other hand was born to, George Elmer Pinches who belonged to Kinnersley, Herefordshire, England. Carole’s mother, Mabel Jesse Purdy had deep roots in the U.S. and had a grandmother from Ireland. Similarly, Carole’s mother, Lucille was the daughter of Lloyd Edward Holmes, who had a long-term connection with the U.S., and her mother, Emily L. Simpson was English.

About Phoebe’s Parents; Her family

The Punisher artist was born to a mother, Jamie who worked at a real estate and a television set builder father on August 17, 1994.

Along with Phoebe, her parents had another child, a son. Her younger brother’s name is Jackson. Unfortunately, Phoebe’s parents got separated due to their internal conflict which left Jamie all alone to raise her two children.

A picture of Phoebe and her mother Jamie
A picture of singer Bridgers with her mother, Jamie. Jamie was a divorced mother. Source: Phoebe’s Instagram

Despite all the hardships, Jamie faced, she always encouraged her children. She was the one who always supported Phoebe in her musical journey and has a huge hand in her success today. She once mentioned to The Variety, that her mother was the one to introduce her to the folk world and was 100% responsible for her musical tastes today.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Nationality

Bridgers, who is an Indie rock and folk musician was born and raised in California, U.S.A, and hence holds an American Nationality.

Although belonging to a family of diverse numbers of nationals, Phoebe chose to stay in the States itself and shine through her music. At present, she identifies herself as a renowned indie rock and folk musician as well as an advocate for LGBT rights along with her mother.