Is Romeo Miller Married? Who Is His Wife? His Girlfriend And Dating History

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Is Romeo Miller Married? Who Is His Wife? His Girlfriend And Dating History
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It has been almost 23 years since Romeo Miller got into this business. Besides exploring his career further as an actor and a TV personality, he has had multiple relationships. Miller was irresistible and dated quite a handful of women before meeting the love of his life. In 2022, he even welcomed his darling little daughter. So, is he married to his present girlfriend? And, who has he dated before her?

Besides, Romeo, born with the name, Percy Romeo Miller, is famous in Hollywood as a rapper. Miller’s journey as a rapper began when he was just 11 years old. In the early 2000s, he gained much fame after signing with No Limit Records, owned by his dad, Master P. Soon enough, he released his debut single, My Baby which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001.

Therefore, this article focuses on Miller’s present love life and dating history. Does he plan to tie the knot soon? Let’s find out!

Is Romeo Miller Married? Details On His Present Love Interest, Drew Sangster

Romeo is not married but the rapper is in a loving relationship with Drew Sangster. The pair is not just a couple but fiancees. Romeo has seemingly proposed to his would-be wife. We first came across this big news after he announced it in Growing Up Hip Hop on WE tv. He told the host Angela Simmons,

“I keep my private life away from everything, but I’m an engaged man, Ang,” Romeo said. “When you have a kid, you have to do what’s right. I’m ‘bout to be somebody’s husband. You’re the first person to know that outside of the family.”

Sangster and Miller began their lovely journey together in 2020 i.e., during the pandemic. Thus, because of COVID-19, the pair could not spend much time together in the initial days of their relationship.

Sangster is the mother of Miller's kid
Miller and his present partner, Dew Sangster

Despite this, their love was strong and the pair was able to form an unconditional bond. Even more so, Drew would often send books for Romeo to read, every month during the pandemic. Not only this, but she once also sent a handwritten letter with 138 reasons why she was happy to have met him- this is so sweet!

Furthermore, Sangster later also invited her boyfriend to a Thanksgiving dinner at home. It was then official for them! Miller later went on to Instagram to flaunt his new love interest on 27th November 2020.

It has already been 3 years since Miller first encountered the love of his life. They’re still very happy together and can’t seem to get going with their day without the other’s presence. However, they are yet to walk down the aisle.

The Couple Already Has A Kid Together! Do They Plan On Getting Wed Soon In 2023?

Drew Sangster is more than just Miller’s girlfriend – she is the mother of his kid. On 14th February 2022, Romeo announced the birth of his daughter on Instagram. Today, in February 2023, his little girl is already a year old!

Sources confirm that it was a surprise announcement. No one had the slightest idea of the God’s Gift actor, Romeo Miller, becoming a dad. Now, you can probably guess how secretive the rapper is when it comes to his personal life – either romantic or family.

Therefore, we cannot say for certain whether Miller will soon be tying the knot with Drew Sangster in 2023. She is already the mother of his darling daughter, so he must be planning to pop the big question very soon. Until then, his fans have to be patient and wait.

Did Romeo Miller Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Hamilton?

Before Romeo became a dad and settled down, he dated a lot of women. One of them is rumored to be Normani Hamilton, a member of the musical girl gang, Fifth Harmony.

Hamilton is a "Fifth Harmony" member
Romeo liked Normani as an artist while everyone believed they were together.

In 2019, Lil’ Romeo was actually the one who started the rumor of his relationship with Normani. The rapper-cum-actor literally shoot his shot at the girl group member when he appeared on Nick Cannon’s radio show on 10th October 2019. As it turns out, Romeo actually wore a shirt with an image of Hamilton printed on it.

Out of curiosity and his desire to poke fun, Cannon asked Miller why he was wearing a shirt with the artist’s picture on it. He could have worn it since he adored the Fifth Harmony member. However, he did not give a proper answer to the radio show host’s question.

As they moved ahead with the conversation, Nick insisted on how Romeo and Normani would make a lovely “power couple”. Moreover, the rapper then started to gush over Hamilton – this proved that he indeed had feelings for her.

Was Angela Simmons Just A Friend Or A Lover To Romeo?

Angela and Romeo are the producing partners on WE tv‘s show, Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. In addition to being reel-cum-real life buddies, the two were also believed to have had a romantic relationship with each other. However, such claims were never proven to be true.

Simmons is a single mother
Romeo and Angela – best friends from the past

Furthermore, Simmons was a single mom. Her former fiance was horrifyingly shot and killed. Therefore, it is obvious that she did not live the life that she always had dreamt of. On the contrary, she did feel like she had someone she could count on with Miller. But later, she had to swallow the hard truth.

According to the famous socialite, she was ignored by Lil’ Romeo. This led her to be heartbroken and feel more miserable than she did. As per one of her interviews, Miller assured her that he would “always be there” for her. However, he could not care less when Simmons’ fiance died. Here, he not only broke his promise but also ruined their friendship forever.

On the other hand, Romeo has a different story. He claims that he did not talk to her because he had “personal differences” in their friendship. On top of this, he also did not like to engage with Simmons because of a love triangle – between him, Angela, and Bow Wow.

Truth About Miller’s “Rumored” Relationship With Khloe Kardashian

Believe it or not, but Miller has also linked with one of the Kardashians. According to the rapper himself, he and Khloe Kardashian briefly dated during his senior year in school around 2007-2008. The intimate details of their “relationship” isn’t out and about, however, resources have confirmed that Romeo’s dad, Master P., the rap mogul, did not approve of his son’s love interest at that time.

Miller's ex girlfriend
Khloe and Miller dated back in 2007/08

If you think about it, in 2007/08, Miller was a teenager while Khloe was 23 years old. They had a huge age gap between them. So, of course, his dad had to intervene! He even mentioned how Master P. kicked the Kardashian out when she attended Miller’s graduation party.

Romeo Also Previously Linked With The Bring It On: All Or Nothing Actress

Actress, Francia Raisa, who is famous for her role in American Teenager, also has had a romantic encounter with the 33-year-old artist, Miller. The ex-pair is believed to have dated for almost a year around 2010-2012.

However, they never did share information about their love life together with the fans. Sources believe that Francia and Romeo dated after she got out of her serious relationship in 2009 with the hip-hop choreographer, Shane Sparks.

This Rapper Has Had A Fair Share Of Girlfriends

In 33 years of Romeo Miller’s life, he’s had a fair share of girlfriends who have come and gone. Before settling down with Drew Sangster, he dated numerous girls. His list of girlfriends includes Serayah McNeil, Paige Hurd, Toneata Morgan, Briona Mae, Chelsie Hightower, and Katelin Najjar.

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