Is Seth Gold Married? He Once Talked About His Secret Wife

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Is Seth Gold Married? He Once Talked About His Secret Wife
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Seth Gold is a producer and reality star famous for appearing in the truTV show, Hardcore Pawn. Gold’s show ran for nine seasons from 2010 to 2015. Seth is one of three main stars, the other two being his father, Les Gold, and his sister, Ashley Gold.

Gold has haggled his way into the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. However, a notably elusive aspect of Seth’s personal life is his marital status and the identity of his wife. Read the reasons behind his secrecy and the answers to whether he is married and also the innards regarding his net worth.

Is Seth Gold Married?

Seth, most probably, is married or at least he has been. The TV star, nevertheless, has mentioned his wife once. It was back in March 2012 during an interview with M Victors when he first talked about having a wife. When the interviewer asked Gold why there was a #16 Michigan jersey hanging on the wall in his office, the reality star answered,

John Navarre. He was the quarterback when I graduated. My wife was friends with a player on the team and got it autographed for me.

Seth, however, didn’t reveal anything more than that regarding his spouse. This was the only time that Gold had ever talked about his partner or his marital status for that matter. Some sources suggest Seth’s spouse’s name is Karen.

Is Seth Gold Still With His Wife?

Hard to tell. Gold has been notoriously private about his personal life despite being a reality star and showcasing most of his life on TV.

Hardcore Pawn stars Seth and Les Gold
Seth with his father Les Gold. Instagram

It might be a bit ironic that for a man who loves to show almost all the essences of his life on social media including Instagram and Facebook, Gold hasn’t given so much as what his marital life is.

While, he likes to feature his father and sister on his Instagram which has over 500 plus posts, the TV star is yet to flaunt his life partner.

This mannerisms of Gold have made many believe that the reality star has long divorced his mystery wife and that he has been single for quite a long haul. Either that or the VP of American Jewelry And Loan has been exceptionally good at keeping privacy in his marital life.

Seth’s Net Worth; How Rich Is He?

While a rock-solid assessment of Seth Gold’s richness is still a mystery, multiple sources report that the reality star has a net worth somewhere in the region of $5 to $10 million.

Seth with his sister, Ashley and father, Les
Hardcore Pawn stars, Seth, Ashley, and Les. Instagram

Gold understandably made the majority of his wealth through his career on Pawn Stars, his businesses, and various other income avenues. Though it might be his own investments that bring him most of his net worth. As such, experts on Pawn Stars reportedly do not get compensation for featuring on the show.

Deadline Hollywood reports stars like Seth Gold work without a script and do not get a dime for their screen time. However, being on the show itself boosts the stars’ businesses which in turn makes them brand names in the appraiser field.

While how much Seth has benefited from Pawn Stars is ambiguous, one of the reality stars from the show, Mark Hall Patton once said that Clark County Museum’s attendance tripled after his appearance in 2009.

Seth Gold at the Michigan football game
Hardcore Pawn star Seth attending a college football game. Instagram

There’s also the traffic on social media and worldwide recognition. Many stars have claimed that appearing on the show has done wonders for their respective businesses. The hosts over the years have accumulated decent to massive amounts of followers and customers.

Whatever the case, stars like Gold are certainly making a lot more than your average pawn shop.

Seth Gold Life And Career

Gold was born on Feb 23, 1981, in Michigan, USA. He is the youngest child of Les Gold and Lili Gold. Seth has an older sister Ashley Gold.

The reality star’s parents own a pawn shop named American Jewelry and Loan. Seth is a fourth-generation pawnbroker and has been serving as the Vice President of his family’s company since Jan 2004.

Hardcore Pawn stars Les and Seth Gold
Seth with his father Les in Oct 2022. Instagram

Gold studied at the University of Michigan where he pursued business. He also studied at the Gemological Institute Of America. Seth additionally has designations in diamond grading.

Some of Seth’s achievements include Crain’s Detroit Business 40 under 40 class of 2016 and the 2013 National Pawn Brokers Association (NPA) Pawn Broker of the Year.


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