Jeremy Ayala González: Interesting facts about Daddy Yankee son

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Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee not only has an exceptional career as a rapper, but he also enjoys a terrific personal life. He is a father of three kids including a son, Jeremy Ayala Gonzalaz. His son, after himself, is the most talked-about member of his family.

Ever since Yankee’s son Jeremy came into the limelight, fans have been eager about him. As the son of Puerto Rica’s biggest musical artists, many are curious to know if he shares the same passion as his father.

In addition, many of you might not know that Yankee’s son has even made him a granddad. Now the question here is, with whom does Jeremy share his kid? Who is his girlfriend? Let’s find out everything you should know regarding Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez.

Where was Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez raised? Details on his early life

B0rn on May 26th, 1998, Jeremy Ayala was born as the youngest child of rapper Daddy Yankee and Mireddys González. He is the only son between the couple.

As of writing this article, he is 22-years-old. There are a lot of conflicting reports in regards to Jeremy’s age. Some sites he was born in 1999 while some claim it is 2000. But all of them are wrong as he was born in the year 1998. His mother confirmed it when she shared a post in May 2020, commemorating his birthday in which she said he turned 22.


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In a now-deleted post, she wrote, “Happy Bday 🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊 for my sehzade @jahmarpr on his return to ☀️ # 22. May God allow you to fulfill many more years. I LOVE YOU 😍 😘

He belongs to the White Puerto Rican ethnic background and is a member of the Hispanic race. Jeremy was brought up in the residential neighborhood of Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rica. Before moving to Isla Verde, the family lived in a three-room public housing apartment.

As of now, he lives in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Although some sources claim he lives in the US, they are all wrong.

Besides, he belongs to the Puerto Rican nationality.

Detail on Jeremy Ayala’s profession

We’re sure many of you might be thinking Jeremy might be a rapper as well, just like his old man. However, it seems he has chosen a different path. Going by his Instagram profile, he has written the designation producer in his bio.

Jeremy Daddy Yankee son
Yankee and his son Jeremy.

The term producer in itself is pretty vague given how the role is found in wide varieties of fields. Having said that, his father is involved in the music industry for decades. Being a record producer himself, it is highly likely that Daddy Yankee’s son Jeremy is also a music producer.

Whatever the case may be, the star kid is free to do whatever he wants as his dad is always there to support him no matter what.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez has two siblings: He has one half-sibling?

Jeremy has one biological and one half-sibling. His father first became a parent at the age of 17. He welcomed his first child, a daughter named Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez back in 1994. Daddy shares his eldest daughter from a previous relationship. She came into the world, around the time when he and his wife, Mireddys first met.

The same year Daddy aka Ramon Ayala Rodriguez became a father for the first time, he and his girlfriend also exchanged vows. Some times later, the pair became parents for the first time and welcomed their daughter, Jesaeelys.

Jeremy’s biological sister Jesaeelys is pretty much the most famous amongst them. She is into make-up and lives in Florida. Moreover, she also operates a YouTube account where she often shares make-up tutorial videos. In addition, she is also active on Instagram and has over 1 million followers. On Instagram account, she usually shares pictures from her day-to-day life.

Daddy Yankee daughter
Jeremy’s half-sister,

Talking about the eldest Yamilette, well, she is kind out of the social media scene. In fact, she is not even active anywhere. For the past several years, she has remained behind closed doors. The only time we ever saw her was back in 2013 when Yankee added a picture with her congratulated her on graduating college.

Jeremy Ayala Gonzalez girlfriend: She is a Puerto Rican influencer

As of now, he is dating Instagram influencer, Andrea De Castro Font. There’s limited information regarding how their relationship came to be. Reports suggest they are dating since early 2021 while some say they are going out for a couple of years.

Jeremy girlfriend
Jeremy and his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, Jeremy is totally head over heels for this Latina beauty. He even professed his love for him while screaming from a rooftop, some onlookers said.

The lovebirds rarely share photos of each other on Instagram. So far, they have added only a handful of photos together.

Jeremy is a father of one: Daddy Yankee is a grandpa

The star kid literally took the phrase, like father like son to a whole new level. As surprising as it is, he also became a father for the first time in his teens. It was in early 2019 when he welcomed a baby boy.

Initially, not a single soul knew about the baby until Jeremy shared a photo of his child in 2021. In the photo, where his bundle of joy was seen standing up, he wrote, ‘You are almost 2-year-old. Dad loves you!’

Jeremy Gonzalez son
He is a father of one son.

Besides, the identity of his baby momma is still behind closed doors. Many tabloids speculate the baby momma is his girlfriend Andrea De Castro Font, however it can’t be ascertained as of yet. Similar to his dad’s nature of keeping his private life behind doors, Jeremy also doesn’t like showing his personal life in public.


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