Julian McMahon’s Wife Kelly Paniagua: What Does She Do For a Living?

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Julian McMahon’s Wife Kelly Paniagua: What Does She Do For a Living?
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Kelly Paniagua is the wife of an Australian actor, Julian McMahon. Paniagua’s husband is known for his roles as Detective John Grant in Profiler. Besides, the couple has been married for a long time, so do they share any kids.

The gorgeously tanned model, Kelly Paniagua took people by surprise when she appeared publicly with McMahon in 2014. Few were aware of the fact that she was none other than his legit better half. So how did she meet Julian? When did they actually marry? And are they still together? Also, who was she before being the wife of McMahon?

Know all these along with some untold facts from the personal life of Kelly Paniagua in the content below.

Key Takeaways

Kelly and her husband Julian tied the knot in June 2014, in an intimate ceremony.

Her husband Julian was previously married two times, first to Dannii Minogue, and to Brooke Burns.

While Kelly is yet to welcomed any child of her own, she is the step-mom to Julian’s daughter, Madison.

She works as an author and an app creator.

Apart from this, she is also a model.

Profile Summary

Date of Birth15th December 1977
Birth SignSagittarius
Height5ft 4inches
HusbandJulian McMahon (2014)

Kelly Paniagua Is An Author And An App Creator

While not much is known about Kelly, she, though, has notable albeit less popular fame in the media. In July 2012, the former model authored and published a children’s book, titled, Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan.

Kelly Paniagua (roght) with her husband's daughter, Madison
Kelly Paniagua (right) with her husband’s daughter, Madison. Source: Instagram

The 36-page award-winning bedtime feature tells the story of Sarah Sullivan traveling through the wonders of her imagination as she learns what it is like to create her own dreams. The protagonist ultimately lands on the moon and learns that anything is possible, as long as you believe.

Paniagua later also created an app based on the title of the same book. The book took inspiration from the relationship of her husband and his daughter from a previous marriage, Madison.

Kelly, in recent times, has sidelined herself from the media; or so it seems. Although she makes occasional red carpets appearances with her star husband, her own endeavors remain a mystery.

Her Wedding with Julian McMahon

Paniagua married her actor husband, McMahon in Lake Tahoe. The marital venue was on the edge of California and Nevada. The couple celebrated their big day in June 2014 in a small ceremony that included a fortuitous group of friends. The nuptials happened during a family holiday in Melbourne.

Kelly Paniagua married her husband, Julian McMahon in 2014
Kelly Paniagua married her husband, Julian McMahon in 2014. Source: Getty

Among the attendees was Lady McMahon’s (Julain’s mother) friend, Professor Ross Steele. However, as per the guest list, the bride’s sisters-in-law, Deborah and Melinda were not present.

Her Relationship with Step-Daughter

New Idea states Paniagua’s husband had asked for the help of his daughter, Madison Elizabeth while proposing. The news outlet reported the pair — along with McMahon’s daughter from his previous relationship — were on a plane to Paris. The New South Wales-born actor had welcomed her during his marriage with his second wife, Brooke Burns.

Later, The Fantastic Four actor, himself revealed he had asked the question while the plane was still in the air. He said he had initially thought of doing it once they’d landed on the French capital. However, after discussing the matter with his then-14-year-old daughter, McMahon changed his mind and asked Kelly to marry him right there on the airplane.

FBI: Most Wanted star and Kelly started dating in 2003.

Paniagua’s Father In Law Was The Prime Minister Of Australia

Ms. McMahon’s father-in-law, Sir William McMahon, also the father of Julian McMahon was an Australian politician who served as the 20th Prime Minister of Australia. He served in the office from 1971 to 1972 as the leader of the Liberal Party. Additionally, Sir William was a World War II veteran, reaching the rank of major.

Kelly’s late father-in-law was a government minister for over 21 years, the longest continuous ministerial service in Australian history.

Her Huband Was Married Twice 

Before Kelly started a relationship with Julian, he was the husband of an Australian singer. The son of the former Australian Prime Minister was previously in a matrimonial bond with two women; first to Dannii Minogue (1994-1995), the sister of Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue.

He was also married to Brooke Burns (1999-2001), an actress from the fame of the crime drama series, Baywatch. Their marriage produced Julian’s only child, Madison.

When Did Kelly Paniagua And McMahon Meet? Are They Still Together?

Before tying the knot, the Hispanic model and the Aussie actor had reportedly been together for 11 years.

Unlike her husband, Paniagua, over the last few years, has turned into somewhat of a has-been celebrity. This has led many to question if the Nip/Tuck actor and the brunette are still married to each other. What’s more, Julian also hasn’t shared that much from his life with his third wife in recent times.

Kelly Paniagua with her husband, Julian McMahon and her step daughter, Madison
Kelly Paniagua with her husband, Julian McMahon, and her stepdaughter, Madison in June 2020. Source: Instagram

Fortunately, they are still together; as apparent from McMahon’s daughter, Madison’s Instagram. She along with her father and her stepmom, Paniagua last appeared together in June 2020. As it appears, she is also extremely close to Kelly. McMohan’s grownup daughter even wished her a “happy mother’s day in May 2019.


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