Kat Timpf

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Kat Timpf
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  • Katherine Clare Timpf was born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan.
  • She is the eldest daughter of Anne Marie Timpf and Daniel Timpf.
  • The comedian belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.
  • She graduated from Hillsdale College.
  • Kat stands at a height of 1.69 meters/5 feet 5in.
  • Kat Timpf is married to Cameron Friscia.
  • She married her hubby in 2021.

Kat Timpf is famous for working in The Greg Gutfield Show on the Fox News Channel. Apart from that, the TV personality also appeared in other segments of the news network.

With her goofy and lively personality, she quickly became a fan favorite. She currently hosts her own show, Sincerely, Kat.

Kat Timpf Parents and Siblings: Brother and Sister are Artists

The celebrity spouse Kat is one of three kids of her mother and father. Born and raised in Macomb, Michigan, Katherine graduated magna cum laude from Hillsdale College with a degree in English.

Kat with her mom on right and dad on back.
Kat’s mother and father posing for a picture. Source: Kat Timpf Twitter

The American columnist is the elder sister of Elliot Timpf, 31, and Julia Timpf, 28.

Speaking of her sibling’s professions, both of them are artists. Looks like Dad Timpf’s upbringing had a big part in it.


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Kat’s Brother is a Singer and her Sister is a Model

Elliot is a musical artist, a lyricist, and a singer, whereas, her baby sister, Julia is a model and actress. The siblings share a good relationship and they often appear on Kat’s Twitter or Instagram account.

Kat’s Mother Anne Marie Timpf Passed Away in 2014

Kat Timpf lost her mother back in November 2014. She died due to Amyloidosis at the age of 57. After the passing of her mother, Kat started an initiative to raise awareness regarding the rare disease that took her mom’s life.

Kat's tweet regarding donating for a hospital.
Kat’s tweet about donating to the hospital. Source: Kat Timpf Twitter

Back in 2019, on the event of Mother’s Day, as a tribute to her late mom, Kat donated a figure of an undisclosed amount to the one and only hospital that specializes in Amyloidosis. In addition, she urged her fans to donate to the cause.

Kat Owns a Pet Cat

Kat has a pet feline named Cheens Timpf. She has even made an official channel for her pet @cheenstimpf.

Kat Timpf Career and Net Worth

Kat currently hosts her own show Sincerely, Kat on Fox Nation. Additionally, she appears in many other segments as well. As of 2023, her net worth is $750,000.

Since her college days, Kat was into journalism for which she even moved all around the country several times. Initially, she started out as an intern for Fox Business News and KFI News in California.

She also worked as a reporter for CampusReform.org. Besides regularly appearing in the Fox and Friend’s segment, she also made appearances in other shows including America Live with Megyn Kelly.

Famous for The Greg Gutfeld Show

Likewise, she prominently appears in the show, The Greg Gutfeld Show alongside Joe Machi, Tyrus, and Emily Compagno.

Her humorous demeanor is what attracts the audience. The way she delivers news and the recent event makes her a delight to watch on the screen.

Meanwhile, Kat is also a professional comedian. She has performed stand-up at some of the prestigious clubs around the country including Gotham Comedy Club and Improv. No wonder, she can make people laugh.

Joined Fox News Full Time in 2020

Kat announced she has joined Fox News in an article written in the conservative NPR magazine. She mentioned joining the news agency full-time. Currently, she appears as a regular panelist/co-host of Fox News Channel’s Gutfeld!

Sadly, Kat won’t be writing columns for NPR now. However, you can always read them on the Fox News website.

Kat Timpf Boyfriend: She married him in 2021

Kat is happily married to Cameron Friscia. The lovebirds exchanged vows on May 1st, 2021 in an intimate ceremony. Her boyfriend is a US Army Veteran who enlisted right after the September 2001 attack.

Previously, Kat announced she and Cameron are engaged on the August 1st episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show. While showing off her engagement ring to Greg, she revealed the big news.

Though the exact time when the pair started dating is not known, it is for sure they are together for a long time. They reportedly met for the first time on the dating app, Raya.

Besides, Kat initially gave a hint of an upcoming wedding after sharing a post on 2020 New Year’s Eve. In the post, she called Cameron her hubby which made many fans speculate about their nuptials.

Kat and Camron attending a Cancer event.
Kat and her boyfriend Cameron attending an event. Source: Kat Timpf Instagram

At the time, Kat didn’t say anything on the matter. And now that they have been married, we’re all so happy for her.

At the moment, her boyfriend works at Coatue Management as a Research Associate.

Kat once had a Boyfriend during her Teens: Her Parents Disapproved of him

Previously, she had a boyfriend during her teenage days. In a segment with Fox Nation, where Kat’s dad, Daniel joined his daughter, she talked about her ex-boyfriend.

According to Kat, her parents told her to break up with him due to the fact that he had a tongue piercing. Her parents even grounded her for two weeks and called her boyfriend’s house and specifically told him to never call here.

Though at the time, Kat was furious over her parent’s decision, she, later on, realized they were right.

Watch the full segment below!


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