Kathy Ambush Today; Is she married? See her real pictures

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Kathy Ambush Today; Is she married? See her real pictures
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Kathy Ambush is famous as American associate justice Clarence Thomas’ ex-wife. The former flames shares one son, Jamal Adeen Thomas, between them.

Kathy and Clarence enjoyed their married life for more than a decade before calling it quits. So what was the reason behind their divorce? What is she doing nowadays? Has she remarried, just like her husband Clarence?

Here today we’re going to find out what is Kathy Ambush doing nowadays, where is she now? So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Kathy Ambush Wiki: Her Parents

Kathy Grace Ambush was born on June 6th, 1950, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is one of five children between the late Nelson William Ambush and Shigao Gladys Sato.

Her father, who passed away in 2012, was a renowned dental technician based in Worchester, MA. He had married Kathy’s wife Shigao back in 1941 and was in a marital relationship with her till 1984. Kathy’s mom, unfortunately, passed away in 1984.

Kathy Ambush Parents
Kathy’s father Nelson was a renowned Dentist. Source: MercadanteFuneral

How many siblings does Kathy have?

She grew up in a fairly large household. Aside from herself, she has four siblings, two brothers, Reverend Stephen Ambush, Benjamin, and two sisters, Karen Thande and June Ambush.

In addition, her late father Nelson re-married after the death of her mother. From Nelson’s second marriage to Mary Estelle, Kathy has two step-siblings, Valerie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler.

She is a College Graduate

Back when Kathy was still young, a lot of people didn’t really care for a college degree. Nevertheless, her father Nelson was quite strict when it comes to his kids’ education. Maybe this is why all five of his kids are all college graduates.

Talking about Kathy, well, she graduated from Marian Central Catholic High School in Worcester. It was during her time at the Catholic school that she met her now ex-husband, Clarence.

Afterward, she graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Lincoln University.

Kathy Ambush is famous as Clarence Thomas ex-wife

It was back in 1969 when the couple met for the first time. It was their mutual friends who introduced them to each other. At the time, Clarence was studying at the College of Holy Cross while Kathy enrolled in a nearby women-only college.

Clarence Thomas Kathy Ambush husband
Kathy is famous as Clarence Thomas’ ex-wife.

Upon meeting, Kathy and Clarence started going out and within a week, Clarence was head over heels for her. One of his friends Eddie Jenkins told WashingtonPost, “I remember him telling me he was in love.”

The lovebirds dated for around two years from their initial meeting before deciding to tie the knot. They exchanged vows on June 5th, 1971, the very next after Clarence’s graduation. The nuptials took place at All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester.

(Fun fact: Kathy’s dad Nelson helped Thomas to buy his yearbook by giving him $15.)

How many children does Kathy Ambush share with Clarence?

Right after their wedding, the couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut just so Clarence could join the law school at Yale. Two years later, Kathy gave birth to their one and only child, a baby boy named, Jamal Adeen Thomas, on February 15th, 1973.

Their son, as of now, is working in the financial sector. At moment, he is currently serving as Director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates. He previously worked at Wachovia Securities, Wells Fargo, and BB&T Scott and Stringfellow.

Besides, Jamal leads an incredibly private life because of which there is not a single photo of him available. He is currently married to Sakina Karima Paige, a lawyer, and shares one son with her.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Wife Children
Clarence Thomas and Kathy Ambush’s son, Jamal with his wife and son. Source: Facebook

Kathy and Clarence divorce

After being married for more than a decade, their marriage started crumbling. Clarence wasn’t earning well from his work at the office of Missouri Attorney General John Danforth, but he was still working at the firm because it helped him in furthering his career.

Nevertheless, his life outside the office was in turmoil. He borrowed money from the bank but instead of taking care of the family started going out with colleagues for regular drinks.

Soon after Clarence moved his family to Washington. Unfortunately, his marital, financial, and drinking problem also came with him to the capital. Eventually, Kathy and Clarence’s relationship could not hold out for long and they separated in 1981. Their divorce was finalized in 1984.

Kathy Ambush Thomas’ Real Pictures: Tabloids have mixed up her with Anita Hall

If you look up Kathy on the internet, you will be bombarded with photos of American lawyer Anita Hall instead of Kathy’s real photo. Just a classic tale of bad research by the tabloids on the internet.

Well, now that you have read our article, you have certainly found out her real picture.

Kathy Ambush Photo Now
Kathy is currently working as a volunteer.

Where is Kathy Ambush today? Her Occupation

Ever since her divorce from Clarence, Kathy has been laying low. As of now, she is doing volunteer work and works at Global Internet Entrepreneur.

Previously, she worked at The Immigration Learning Center, Inc. Clarence Thomas’ ex-wife was also the director of the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program at Milton Academy.

She also worked as Community Relations Manager at BankBoston.

Is Kathy Ambush married? Her ex-husband Clarence has

Moving toward her personal life, she is married to a guy named Douglas Allen Smith. At the moment, the pair lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Meanwhile, her ex-hubby, Clarence has also moved on & married his second wife, Virginia Thomas. They married in 1987.


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