Who Is Lori Fieri? Her Marriage With Husband Guy Fieri, & More Details

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Who Is Lori Fieri? Her Marriage With Husband Guy Fieri, & More Details
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If you are already in the food industry, then you definitely familiar with Guy Fieri, the most successful restaurateur with several well-established restaurants throughout the United States. He is a quintessential TV presenter too.

But, there are a few people who know regarding Guy’s enduring marital relationship and the staunch support of his wife Lori Fieri in crafting and motivating his crazy business ideas. The couple has been married for years. Find out, if they are the parents of any children or not.

In the meantime, also know Lori’s family details; both of her parents passed away.

Where is Lori Fieri From? Her Age and Early Life

Lori was born Lori Ann Brisson on May 31, 1970, in Rhode Island, in New England. She spent most of her early life in her hometown with her family. Lori’s age is 50 as of 2020.

Her nationality is American and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

Who Are Her Parents? Her Family Details

Lori is the daughter of Donna M. Brisson and Robert Brisson. Sadly, both her mother and father are dead. She also has one brother named Jason Brisson

Talking more about her family background, Fieri is the granddaughter of late Mary E Crane and Kenneth B. Crane. Her grandmother Mary was from Quincy, Massachusetts. She was an Inspector for A.T. Cross of Lincoln, Rhode Island. She died at the age of 81 on 21 Nov 2007.

What does Lori Fieri do for a living?

Frankly, Lori has never involved in anything professionally but has assisted a lot her husband in his business. The now-food network star kick-started his journey in the food industry while in grade school in Ferndale by selling pretzels. He did all that to bear the fee of his study in France.

Upon his return to the United States, Fieri landed the job at the restaurant at the Red Lion Inn in Eureka, California. He worked there until his move to Las Vegas. He then went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management in 1990.

Soon after his graduation, Guy began working for a restaurant Parker’s Lighthouse, in Long Beach. He has since opened dozens of restaurants and also featured in several shows on Food Network.


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The Emmy-Award winning TV personality often praised the role his wife played in his rapid growth. He once told to People Magazine,

“I couldn’t imagine how this could be going on without my wife’s support and understanding, because it’s a lot.”

What is Lori Fieri Net Worth?

Her net worth is $300,000 as of 2020. She has mainly racked the major portion of her wealth from her hubby’s restaurant business. Talking about Guy’s estimated fortune, the restaurateur has $25 million in wealth. The couple currently lives in their Santa Rosa home along with their children.

On the other hand, Lori Fieri’s husband is an avid car lover who owns a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle, a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, a 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS, and a 1976 Jeep CJ-5.

How did Lori and Guy first meet? Their love story from the beginning

Lori came across her future life partner at a restaurant, in Long Beach, Califonia in 1992. It was managed by Guy. However, his first impression wasn’t good when they first met.

He told Delish that Lori’s friend, “had been let go from the restaurant, and they weren’t supposed to be there. I was talking to her friend and saying ‘Hey, listen, wait a few weeks before you come in,’ and standing behind her is this blue-eyed, blonde girl giving me this mean mug.”

Lori immediately went for defending her friend, insisting that they wouldn’t be left. He said,

“She said, ‘You can’t make us leave,’ and I was like, ‘You don’t have to.'”

Guy finally gave them permission to enter the restaurant and gradually joined them in talk. Lori made her cross-country move from Rhode Island to San Diego to visit her friend. She was glaring at him while they were talking but  Guy told the tabloid there was something different between the two that his heart knew from the day they first met. He said,

“I knew as soon as I saw her. I just knew.”

Recalling their get-go, Lori said that Guy looked totally different. She said “When I first met him, he had no goatee. He had dark hair. He wore a suit to work every day. Now I look at him and I’m like, ‘Where’s that man I married with the whole clean look?’”

Lori Fieri with her hubby Guy.
Lori and her spouse Guy.
Source: Instagram

After a few courtships, they started their lovey-dovey.

What Did Guy Do to Win Over Lori?

The then fresh-face in the food industry told in the same interview with Delish that their same love for food initially helped them to connect well to each other. He said that Lori was first impressed by his own hand-made food although the meal Guy forgot now. He said,

“That was a long time ago. I don’t remember what I made, but I do remember it was quite an epic time. The first time I cooked for her, she was just like, ‘You made all this?’ We both love food, so being able to cook, that was one of the things that impressed her.”

How long have Lori and Guy been married? The truth of their longtime marriage

The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1995, in a low-key ceremony. They were in a relationship for a couple of years before they walked down the aisle. The duo is in a happy marital relationship ever since.

Guy Fieri’s wife told People the key to their long-lasting matrimonial relationship is that “at the end of the day, I look at him and I still genuinely like him. Starting from the time we wake up in the morning, he pretty much has me laughing.”

It’s been over 24-year that they are married and their relationship is still in a smooth way. The TV presenter also opened up the secret to their successful marriage in The Today Show,

“My wife and I have gone from being married at a young age to being where we are now — to get here, you have to be willing to adapt and understand.” He further added, saying the relationship is “all compromise and understanding.”

It looks like their mutual support is the key to their long-lasting marriage.

The Couple Shares Two Kids

Lori and Guy welcomed their first kid, a son named Hunter Fieri on 13th August 1996. They became the parent for the second time when their son Ryder Fieri on 31st December 2005.

Lori Fieri has two sons with her husband Guy.
Lori with her family.
Source: Instagram

Their older son currently studies Hospitality Management, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He worked in a family-owned restaurant throughout his high school. At the time, Hunter was a dishwasher and later made his way to a chef. A wide experience the young boy gained in the family business also helped him to open his own short-time business. It looks like Hunter is widely into the food industry.

In addition to their two sons, Guy and Lori also raised Jules, the son of Guy’s sister Morgan Fieri who, tragically, died from meta­static melanoma in Feb 2011.


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