Mat Best Married Wife Noelle Best In 2014: How’s Their Relationship?

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Mat Best Married Wife Noelle Best In 2014: How’s Their Relationship?
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One of the entertaining content creators around, Mat Best is famous for his YouTube channel, MBest11x. The former military personnel is famous for his over the top humor related to the second amendment.

Aside from his love for the weapons, the handsome heartthrob is madly in love with his girlfriend turned wife. Yes, the Texas native is enjoying a marital relationship for a few years.

The majority of us know all about Mat’s partner but his news fans are still pre-occupied with the question, who in the world is Mat Best’ wife? How is their relationship in general? and most importantly, does she also supports the second amendment?

Let us find out the answer to the question here today. Apart from the above questions, we’re going to find out about Mat’s dating history.

Who is Mat Best Wife, Noelle Best? Since when are they dating?

Mat’s is married to Noelle Jane Best since the year 2017. Though the married couple shares a lot of pictures together on social media, they don’t really talk about their relationship in public.

Mat Best Married
Mat Best wife Noelle Best is a big supporter of the Second Amendment. Source: Facebook

Talking about his wife, Noelle, well, she was born in and raised in the state of Indiana. Prior to her marriage with Mat, she went by the name, Noelle Thornburgh.

Besides, she works at her husband Mat’s company Black Rifle Coffee since February 2017. In addition, she also helps out on his YouTube channel. She often features in her spouse’s video. Before joining her lover’s organization, she worked as the Sales Manager at Charter Fitness, in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Mat and Noelle have been reportedly dating since 2016. Though there is no basis to this claim, Mat and Noelle did start sharing pictures since early 2017

How is the relationship between Mat and his partner Noelle?

Both Mat and Noelle have a sense of maturity in their relationship. This is what makes their relationship different than others. Unlike regular couples who jump straight into finding out what their partner wants, Mat and Noelle are slightly different.

Mat Best wifeNoelle Best (1)
Mat and Noelle having some fun using filters. Source: Facebook

At first, they understand their own needs and then try to communicate it with each other. This drastically minimizes conflict and on top of that, their own personal needs are also fulfilled.

Still, the duo might have faced challenging times before but then again, what happens behind the YouTube scene is their business. We are just happy they are together.

Judging by their relationship, safe to say, Mat and his wife are in for a long haul. As of now, the couple lives in a seven-acre plot in Hill Country north of San Antonio, Texas.

Mat Best married his spouse Noelle in a super-private ceremony

The wedding ceremony was a relatively quiet affair with only their close friends and family in attendance. There are a few conflicting reports regarding the precise date of their nuptials.

Noelle, on her Facebook account, specifically states she married Mat on July 5th, 2017. However, a post shared by both Mat and Noelle on Instagram says they exchanged vows on September 1st, 2017 on Instagram. See the post shared by Noelle!

Mat Best Wife Noelle Best
Noelle shared this picture, announcing her marriage with Mat. Source: Instagram

The caption clearly states she married her best friend. It seems as if though the pair tied the knot in two different ceremonies and that too in the same year.

Be that as it may, we’re happy the duo is living a terrific life together without any conflicts whatsoever.

Mat Best Dating History:

Once Dated Sara Peterson

A few years ago, Mat was in a great relationship with social media star, Sara Peterson. The duo dated for several years and Mat’s former flame even featured in several of his videos.


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A post shared by Sara Peterson (Knipstein) (@sksara1) on

Their relationship remained strong for several years before they decided to go their separate ways. They parted ways in February 2014. The news of their tragic breakup was announced by the big man himself on his Facebook account.

Mat Best Sara Peterson Break-up
Mat shared this message after he broke-up with Sara. Source: Facebook

In the lengthy post, Mat broke the news and also mentioned about the video ideas. Sara was famous for wearing Bikinis in the majority of the videos.

Apart from Sara, he has had three real relationships in the past

During his appearance in Drinkin’ Bro Podcast, Mat vividly talked about his past affairs. While talking about his dating history, the former US Army Ranger maintained having four real relationships in the past, one of which is Sara.

In addition, Mat revealed he is still good friends with one of his exes. According to him, their relationship didn’t work out because both of them were young and stupid.

Best broke-up with his other two girlfriends because both of them were a completely different person than who he was. Moreover, he went on the record and said one of the two was a terrible person.

During his time in the military, he dated an Airforce chick. They broke up due to the fact that Mat was not able to concentrate on his job. Since going out with her, he started having sexual cravings even while on a mission.

Meanwhile, Mat’s wife, Noelle too had a public affair with someone back in 2014. She was dating a guy named Michael Vode. They broke up a year after.


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