Meet Chelsy Bakula: Age, Wiki, Wedding, Husband, Parents

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Meet Chelsy Bakula: Age, Wiki, Wedding, Husband, Parents
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Chelsy Bakula is the daughter of actor Scott Bakula and his ex-wife, Krista Neumann. Ever since she was born, her father’s fans are always curious about her. And why wouldn’t they? After all, she is the daughter of one of the legendary actors.

At the moment, Chelsy’s father is married to his second wife Chelsea Field and many people believe she is Chelsy’s biological mom. However, that is not the case here. Her biological mother is Scott’s first wife.

Well, let’s find out who is Chelsy’s mother in addition to her profession, her current life, and many other interesting facts!

Chelsy Bakula was born to Scott Bakula: Who is her biological mom?

Born on February 22nd, 1984, in New York, Chelsy is the only daughter between Scott and his first wife, Krista Neumann. Her mom Krista is a former actress, writer, and producer famous for her work in Silver Spoons.

Chelsy Bakula mother Krista Neumann
Chelsy’s biological mom, Krista.

From her father’s side, Chelsy belongs to Polish ancestry while from her mom’s side she has Hungarian ancestry. Moreover, Chelsy has caucasian ethnicity and American nationality.

Even though she was born in NYC, she moved to Los Angeles at a fairly young age due to her father’s commitment to the show, Quantum Leap. She spent most of her childhood days in Los Angeles from where she also received her formal education. After her parents divorced, she used to split her time between Los Angeles and Iowa.

Chelsy has one adopted brother and two half-siblings

She is the only biological child of her parents. A couple of years after her birth, her parents adopted their second child, a son named Cody Bakula. He was born in 1991.

Talking about Chelsy’s brother, Cody, he is a Hamilton High School Academy of Music graduate. After high school, he enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America. As of now, he works in the sales department at Lucy Zahran & Co.

Apart from Cody, Chelsy also has two half-siblings, Wil Bakula and Owen Bakula, from her father’s second marriage to Chelsea Field. Wil, born in 1995, is a Willamette University graduate, and his younger brother Owen, born in 1999, is an actor, dancer, and artist.

All of the Bakula siblings were raised in a tight-knit family. This is why they share a close bond with each other. Although Chelsy doesn’t frequent her brother Owen’s Instagram account, they are still connected.

Chelsy Bakula’s Career: Is she an actor like her father?

If one of your family members is a big name in a certain profession, people become curious if you also follow in the same footstep or not. Likewise, Chelsy’s dad Scott is one of the most coveted actors of his generation. The multiple-award-winning actor is famous for his work in the series, Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Well, what do you know, Chelsy also followed her dad’s footsteps and became an actress. Her debut came at the mere age of nine when she appeared in her dad’s TV series, Quantum Leap. She played an uncredited role of a girl in a diner in the episode, Memphis Melody.

However, it seems she didn’t like the whole showbiz and switched to more theatrical cinema. She worked in a couple of plays on Broadway. She even once appeared alongside her half-brother Owen in the Mother’s Day edition of Broadway in May 2017.

Nevertheless, as of now, she isn’t quite active in the acting field.

What is Chelsy doing nowadays?

As of now, she is doing what many of us dream of. Chelsy alongside her husband and pet dog lives a nomadic life. The trio moves from one place to another in an RV.

She operates an Instagram account by the name, The Outpost Gang, wherein she posts her day-to-day journey. Their nomadic and stress-free lifestyle is something that many of us want to do but somehow we are not able to.

Safe to say, Chelsy has left the acting field and become a full-time traveler now.

Chelsy is happily married: Does she share any children with her husband?

Chelsy enjoys a terrific marital bliss with her boyfriend turned husband, Robert Gray. Though the exact date of their nuptials isn’t known, Rob did share a post on Instagram commemorating their marriage anniversary on October 29, 2019.

Going through their social media account, we can say the couple has been dating since the mid-2000s.

Chelsy husband Rob
Chelsy and her husband Robert.

We’re sure the news of Scott Bakula’s daughter’s marriage might’ve surprised you all and now you must be curious if they share kids between them or not. Well, at the moment, they don’t have any kids between them, however, as of writing this article, Chelsy is pregnant with their first baby.

We first found out about her pregnancy via her Facebook account. In January 2021, she shared a picture of herself showcasing her baby bump. Judging by the bump, it seems she will most definitely welcome her first child in mid-2021.

Chelsy Bakula children
Chelsy is pregnant with her first kid.

Chelsy’s father regrets choosing his career over everything

It was in the year 1981 when Scott and Chelsy’s mother, Krista exchanged vows. The pair dated for some time before taking the big step. Their marital relationship was sailing smoothly before something snapped. After months of struggle, they finally divorced in the year 1995.

Scott Bakula wife Krista Neumann
Scott with his ex-wife, Krista.

Back then Scott’s time was fully occupied by the show, Quantum Leap. The science-fiction show aired for around four years, from 1989 to 1993, and Scott played the lead role of Sam Beckett. Although the show brought forth numerous accolades for the actor, it did cost him his private life.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Scott revealed it was his professional life that destroyed his personal life. He mentioned that during the filming of the series he was “hardly ever home for four and a half seasons.” He further stated, “It took me a long time to work out my feelings about our relationship.”

From the above statement, it is evident he is quite regretful of the choices he made back then. Apart from all these, the handsome actor also regrets not being able to spend time with his daughter Chelsy as much he wanted to.

Whatever happened in the past happened, no one can change that. All we can say is Chelsy is on good terms with her dad.

How much is Chelsy Bakula’s net worth?

Her current lifestyle is that of a nomad. There’s no info on what she does for a living because of which it is quite hard to pinpoint her net worth. Meanwhile, her father has a total fortune of $10 million.

Besides, she is active on Instagram and goes by the username @chelsegray, though her profile is kept on private. She is also active on Facebook.


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