Meet Dwight Howard’s son Braylon Howard: Some Untold Facts About Him

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Meet Dwight Howard’s son Braylon Howard: Some Untold Facts About Him
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Braylon Howard is the oldest son of an American professional basketball player Dwight Howard. As the son of a famous father, the 15 years old has already achieved immense fame in the media. In fact, the star kid seems to love the limelight. He has even already achieved decent followers on his socials.

Like his father, Braylon is also into sports and is already on the middle school soccer team. What’s more? How is his relationship with his parents? Here we have brought to you several interesting facts about his career, age, and much more.

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Braylon Howard Is The Oldest Son Of Basketball Player Dwight Howard

To all those who are unaware, Braylon Howard is the oldest son of NBA player Dwight Howard and his ex-girlfriend, Royce Reed. He was born on November 18, 2007, in the United States. As of 2023, he is 15 years of age.

Since Braylon’s parents are no more together, he lives with his father as per the court’s decision. Talking about his education, he currently studies at Montverde Academy and is in 7th grade.

He Has Four Siblings From His Father’s Different Relationships

Braylon Howard is not the only kid in the family. He rather has four younger siblings, TreyDavidJade, and Layla. And the most interesting thing is that all her siblings are born from his father Dwight’s relationship with different women.

Braylon's Dad Dwight Howard Is NBA Player
Braylon’s Dad Dwight Howard Is NBA Player.

Unfortunately, Dwight has not talked much about the mother of his kids in the media. But one of his kids, a son named David was born from his relationship with his ex-girlfriend named Melissa Rios. As for a fact, Rios is no more as she died of an epileptic seizure on March 27, 2020. She reportedly died at the home in Calabasas, California, when David was six years old.

As the oldest brother, Braylon shares a great relationship with all his brothers and sisters. The siblings even go out together on vacations.

Braylon Howard’s Mom Filed Paternity Suit Against His Dad

Soon after Braylon’s parents split, his mother Royce filed a paternity suit against Dwight. In a suit filed at Orange County Circuit Court, Royce asked the court to establish fatherhood officially and determine child support and other paternal responsibilities. As per the suit filed at the time, she also asked for medical care from the court.

Besides, Royce also became subject to legal action after she violated the rules set in a previous court document. As per the reports, Reed and Dwight who were the subject of the reality TV show Basketball Wives were prohibited from talking about one another in public.

However, Reed was sued by Howard after she reportedly defamed him on Twitter over 11 times. As per TMZ, every violation of their co-parent agreement was subject to a $500 fine. Thus, considering the fact, that the leaked Twitter stories reached 1,000,000 people, Howard claimed that she owed damage of $550 million total.

Well, a representative of Reed denied the wrongdoing and stated that the leaked info came from a legal document.

Braylon Is Very Close To His Mom

Like any son, Braylon shares a very good relationship with his mom. In fact, his bonding with his mom is even visible in social media posts. He has shared a number of posts of Royce on his Instagram.

On May 9, 2021, he even wished his mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day, posting a few adorable photos on his Instagram. He came up with a beautiful caption, where he wrote,

“Happy Mother’s Day @roycereed aka mommy. I wanna thank you for everything I have. It it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. The love u give me is the same love I give u. I understand just how much u love me. Thank you mom.”

Braylon Howard With Her Mother Braylon Howard
Braylon Howard’s Post With Her Mother Braylon Howard on Mother’s Day.

He also posted another photo of his mom, where she can be seen posing for his camera. Well, their mother-son bonding continues forever.

He Loves Soccer

Like his father, Braylon Howard is also a sportsman. He is a huge sports enthusiast, but unlike his father who is a basketball player, he is into soccer. In fact, he is on his school’s soccer team. Back on September 12, 2019, he even shared a clip of him playing soccer with his team on his Instagram.

Braylon Howard was Embroiled in Disturbing controversy

In March of 2022, something shocking happened that really rocked the world of football. Braylon’s mother Royce Reed had to surrender to the authorities in Orange County, Florida. So what really happened?

Well, Dwight’s son Braylon reportedly had a history of inappropriate sexual conduct with minors. Yes, you read it right, this small kid, who is barely even a teenager was reportedly involved in a couple of unseemly sexual conduct.

The court docs obtained by Shade Room reads,

“Royce Reed’s young son has an alleged history of inappropriate sexual conduct with minors, that came to a head last year when he allegedly made the minor son of Royce’s boyfriend perform a sexual act while the two boys were at Royce’s home.”

But wait, it becomes worse. So apparently, Braylon has this weird obsession, that whenever he gets angry it triggers him sexually. In one of the incidents with Royce’s boyfriends’ son, the kid had apparently made Braylon angry because of which he asked him to masturbate me.

Following his series of inappropriate behaviors even as a pre-teen, the court ordered him not to hang out with any kids two years younger than him. But, his mother reportedly gave permit her son to be in that sort of situation that went against the instructions ruled by the judge. Afterward, Braylon’s mother surrendered herself in a charge of neglect of a child, a third-degree felony, instead of waiting for authorities to arrest her.

Following her release from prison, Royce came up with a statement on her Instagram and wrote,

“I shouldn’t even have to deal with or address this. I did not get arrested. I turned myself in because I had to. Talk to my attorney. I’m ready to get back to doing comedy reels and tiktoks [sic] but until then…”

In the meantime, her baby’s father Dwight Howard didn’t comment anything regarding the matter.

Howard’s Relationship With His Father

Amidst his legal dramas, NBA star Dwight Howard’s son Braylon while giving an interview with police told that his relationship with his dad isn’t that good. In March 2022, in a talk with police, the 15-year-old star kid told the last time he eyewitnessed his dad was at his basketball game which “was a while ago.”

He further opened up that the last time he was at his father’s mansion located in Georgia was “sometime during the 2020 quarantine.”

Braylon also told investigators “his father got upset about the time he was spending with [redacted name.]”

As for a fact, in 2014, Dwight Howard’s ex-partner and his baby’s mama Reed filed a complaint against him in child services in Orlando, Fla after the NBA star had whipped their son with a belt, leaving pronounced bruises on his leg.

After the incident, he confessed to whipping his son but claimed it wouldn’t happen since his son was a disciplined kid.

How Much Is Braylon Howard’s Net Worth?

As the son of a popular NBA player, Braylon lives a lavish life and enjoys all the luxuries in life. But since he is still in his school, he does not make money of his own and is rather focused on his studies.

His father on the other hand is pretty huge with a net worth of over $140 million as of 2023. Likewise, he earns an annual salary of around $23 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Social Media

Looks like Braylon is a big fan of social media. He was once active on Instagram by the username @braylon_howard_offical.” He had already amassed over 4.5k followers and used to post his personal and professional details. Likewise, he was also on TikTok, where he posted dancing and lip-sync videos. As of now, he has either deleted or deactivated his account.