Meet Elly Castle, The Ex-Wife of John Schneider: She Became Mother at 15

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Meet Elly Castle, The Ex-Wife of John Schneider: She Became Mother at 15
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Elly Castle is popularly known as the former partner of the famous American actor/country singer, John Schneider. She and the actor from Dukes of Hazzard were together for almost two decades before splitting in 2014. The ex-duo had a total of three children together – two of whom are not believed to be John’s biological children. Well, we will find out.

So, is Elly famous just as the wife of a famed star? Maybe, but there’s more to Elly’s life than just a famous husband. Many would not believe this, but Castle is also an actress – or, used to be one. So, what movies has Schneider been a part of? We’ll discuss this later in the article.

Therefore, this article is all about the life of ex-Mrs. Schneider. What led to her divorce from her celebrated hubby? Has Castle married again? Let’s find out together!

Quick Tips

  • Elly Castle became a mother for the first time at the age of 15.
  • After giving birth to her first child at an early age, it was hard for her to deal with the newborn baby girl and Castle gave up her daughter Mandy Castle for adoption.
  • Elly saw her daughter Mandy 21 years after her birth with two children. She is now a grandmother too.
  • Elly was an actress with a few acting credits who didn’t work after her marriage to John who reportedly told her to stop working after their nuptial.
  • Castle received $20k as spousal support after her divorce from her famous husband John.

Elly Castle’s Early Life and Bio

Castle was born with the name, Elvira Castle. Her birthplace is the state of New Jersey, USA. She celebrates her birthday every year on 15th September. As of 2022, she is 63 years old; which means, she was born in 1959.

The alleged actress, however, is very secretive about her life before fame hit her. We do not have certain information on who her parents are or if she grew up with siblings. Thus, it is very hard to determine what her life was like before John Schnieder met her and swept her off her feet.

Regardless of this, we do hope that the former wife of Mr. Schneider had a lovely and well-adjusted early life. She must have also had supportive parents who helped her reach her goal of becoming an actress.

Is Elly Castle An Actress Like Her Ex-Husband?

As mentioned earlier, ex-Mrs. Schneider has experience working as an actress. So, which films has she been a part of?

Castle's first movie alongside her husband, John Schneider
John Schneider and Elly appeared together in this movie in 2006

Previously, Elly appeared in the 2006 movie, Collier & Co. In the movie, she portrayed the role of Becky Collier. Castle played alongside her own then-partner, Schneider, in the movie. John was the lead actor who played the role of J.R. Collier.

Similarly, her second known performance was in the sequel of the first film. Collier & Co. 2: High Octane was the second part of the 2006 film which was released in 2009. Just like before, Elly did a remarkable job in her second film as well.

Nevertheless, besides these two films, no one knows what became of her acting career. Even more so, to this date, Elvira has not opened up about what she does for a living aside from being an actress.

Elly Castle & Ex-Husband John Schneider Marriage

Before meeting Elvira Castle, Schneider was married to the ex-Miss America, Tawny Elaine Godin. He and Godin had a marriage that lasted for 3 years from 1983 to 1986. Soon, after almost 7 years of his first separation, on 11th July 1993, the actor married his second wife, Elly.

Actor and singer, Schneider was married to Elvira Castle
The former Schneider couple photographed together

Unfortunately, details on when the former duo started to date or how did they even meet are not readily available. What we do know is that the ex-couple had a long relationship of 21 years before separating.

What Led To Elly and John’s Divorce?

So, why did they separate? Sources believe that it was Castle who filed a divorce against her famous husband, John Schneider. They were married for a total of 21 years, nevertheless, on 14th December 2014, Castle wanted to separate.

To this date, no one actually knows the real reason for their separation. However, according to the legal documents of the divorce, the reason for their separation was cited to be “irreconcilable differences”. It has also been noted that along with the divorce, Elly also demanded spousal support from her well-off ex-partner.

Elly Demanded Thousands Of Dollars After Her Marriage With John Ended After 21 Years

Following the divorce, ex-Mrs. Schneider demanded a whopping sum of $31,000 a month as spousal support from the Country Girls singer. Till 2016 i.e., even after 2 years of the separation, their divorce remained unsettled due to the frequent battles in court for spousal support. So, did she actually get the sum she demanded? Many are to believe that she did not.

On 12th June 2018, Schneider did a small segment with Fox News regarding his 3-day jail sentence for his failed attempt to pay Castle for the support she needed. According to the actor himself, at that time, he was going through a hard time financially. Reportedly, he did not have any money because it was all spent to repair his studio in Louisiana which was destroyed in the 2016 flood. As a result, he was unable to pay alimony.

Furthermore, the actor was arrested for a total of 5 hours instead of 3 days because of overcrowding in the prison. Finally, during the final court hearing, the actor was called, “guilty until proven innocent”. It has been reported that John Schnieder is yet to complete 240 hours of community service and pay Castle her money back. If he fails again, the beloved celebrity might face a 5-year jail sentence.

Actor-Cum-Singer, Schneider Moved On After Separating with Elvira; What About Her?

After Schneider separated from Elvira, he moved on with Alicia Allain. Since April 2015, he and Allain are said to be together. Along with being his partner, she is the country singer’s producing partner and the owner of Maven Entertainment. Not only this, but she is also John’s personal and professional manager. Sources confirm that the musician is married to Alicia since 2019.

On the other hand, no one really knows if Elly moved on after divorcing her famed spouse. After the whole separation fiasco, she went back to living that private life and has been off the radar since. Thus, it is hard to find out if she remarried, is dating someone, or is single today.

Ex-Mrs. Schneider Is The Mother Of 3 Kids; She Had Two Children With Her Ex Before Marrying Her Actor Husband

Before her 21-year-long marriage with John Schneider, Elvira was involved with another man. His identity is unknown to this day but it is believed that she became a mother of two kids from her previous relationship. Chasen Joseph Schneider and Lean Schneider are Elly’s biological children but Schneider’s adoptive kids. After the marriage, Schneider took Castle’s children in as if they were his own.

Castle with her family
Actress, Elvira, her three kids, and John Schneider

Similarly, from her marriage with the country singer, Elly became the mother of a daughter. Karis Schneider is the ex-couples’ only biological child. She was born in 1996 and is 27 years old.

Among the former duo’s three kids, Chasen and Karis are more publically known. Both of them frequently appear in movies as well. On the other hand, Leah lives quite a private life.

What Is Elvira Castle Worth Today?

By now, you’ve read all about Elvira’s life as a celebrity ex-spouse and an actress. So now, let’s talk about what she is worth on this day.

Castle was married to actor/singer, Schneider for 21 years
Actor-cum-country singer, John 

Sources confirm that Castle has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Her former partner, Mr. Schneider is yet to pay her back the money she demanded. Thus, her worth in dollars could go up later on.

On the other hand, the actor, John stands at a net worth of $4 million dollars. As of 2023, he lives a comfortable life with his current partner, Alicia Allain.

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