Meet Louise Stratten; Dorothy Stratten’s Sister and Peter Bogdanovich’ Ex-Wife

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Meet Louise Stratten; Dorothy Stratten’s Sister and Peter Bogdanovich’ Ex-Wife
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Louise Stratten is an actress, producer, and writer best known for being the ex-wife of the late actor and director Peter Bogdanovich. Similarly, Stratten is also known for being the sister of the late actress/Playboy Playmate model Dorothy Stratten.

Louise has had a great career and is famous for She’s Funny That Way, City Island, and Django Unchained. However, most people don’t know about Stratten’s personal life more than they know about her professional life.

Well for starters did you know her sister was killed? Who killed her and why? Similarly, her former hubby was 29 years older than her. What was their relationship like? Did they share any kids? To know all the answers to these questions, stay till the end to find all the facts about Louise Stratten, Dorothy Stratten’s sister.

Who is Louise Stratten? Was Raised By Her Single Mother After Parents’ Divorce

Louise Stratten is an actress and a well-known name in the entertainment industry. She was born on May 8, 1968, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Simon Hoogstraten and Nelly Hoogstraten.

Her parents are initially from the Netherlands. Talking about her age, the celebrity spouse is 54 years old as of 2022 and her birth sign is Taurus. Likewise, the actress holds a Dutch ethnicity and is Canadian as per her nationality.

Some sources say Louise had a very rough childhood. After her parents were separated, Louise and her siblings were raised by their single mother. Her mom trained as a practical nurse but high-paying jobs were not frequently available. She, thus, raised all of her children on a very little income. The family used to live in a tiny postage stamp of a house close to an amusement park in Vancouver.

Siblings and School

She is blessed with two siblings, an elder sister, Dorothy Stratten, and an elder brother John Arthur Stratten. Sadly, her sister was killed by her estranged husband Paul Snider.

As for her education, the Django Unchained actress completed her high school at Banting Junior High School.

What Is Her Height?

The celebrity sister stands at around 5 feet 4 inches tall whereas, her late sister Dorothy was around 5 feet 9 inches in height.

Louise Stratten Career: She Is An Actress; Which Movies Has She Been A Part Of?

Louise’s career started in 1988 when the actress made her film debut with the movie Illegally Yours portraying Sharon Woolrich. She starred in the 1992 comedy movie Noises Off… Likewise, her other movie credits include The Whispering (1995), Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women (1997), Highball (1997), and Festival in Cannes (2001).

Over the years, the actress has also appeared in movies including Ninja Cheerleaders (2008), City Island (2009), Irene in Time (2009), and Django Unchained (2012). Her latest appearance was in the It Chapter Two horror movie in 2019.

Louise Stratten Is an actress.
She is an actress, producer and writer

Along with her dozens of big screen appearances, the actress has appeared in a lot of TV series too including Picture Windows (1994), Fallen Angels (1995), and The Wonderful World of Disney (1999). What’s more, Stratten is also a writer and has credit for writing the 2014 movie She’s Funny That Way.

Besides her acting career, Louise also played her part as a producer. The multi-talented individual has worked as an associate producer in the movie Noises Off… Similarly, Stratten was the producer for the movie She’s Funny That Way (2014) and The Great Buster (2018). At present, Louise is working as a producer for the movie Diamond Life.

Louise Stratten Married Her Husband Peter Bogdanovich; Insight On Their Relationship

The actress was married to the famous director Peter Bogdanovich, who helped her begin her career as an actor. The couple walked down the aisle on 30 December 1988 in a private wedding held at the Wedgewood Hotel in Vancouver in front of a limited number of guests. Similarly, one of Louise’s relatives said they were shocked and added,

“However, in looking back, Peter was so in love with Dorothy that the only person he really even associated with was that little baby sister. He has never been able to let go of the feeling. Perhaps he’s trying to capture what he had with her.”

Similarly, after their wedding, a lot of questions started rising as the pair had an astonishing 29 years of an age gap. At the time of their marriage, Stratten was 20 while her hubby was 49. Despite all the eyebrows raised, the duo was happy to be called husband and wifey. They were together for 13 years. However, their relationship couldn’t see another light of day as they decided to part ways in 2001.

Louise Stratten was married to Peter Bogdanovich
The pair were together for 13 years and had 29 years of an age gap.

Did you know Peter was previously in a relationship with Louise’s late sister Dorothy? However, after her death, the actor seemed pretty close to the then-12-year-old Louise. He reportedly used to visit her and brought her multiple gifts including a Pontiac TransAm.

Did They Share Any Kids?

The duo was in a marital relationship for 13 years. So, you may be wondering whether or not the former couple shared any kids. Well to tell you the truth, they didn’t share any children.

However, Peter has two daughters Antonia Bogdanovich and Sashy Bogdanovich from his previous marriage to Polly Patt. She was a producer and a production designer. The pair were in a relationship from 1962 to 1972. Both of their daughters are actresses and were pretty close to their ex-stepmother.

Likewise, Stratten was close to Polly. Moreover, Patt once told the former couple was a love match. She said,

“I like Louise very much. She’s a lovely person, and she’s very close to my children. She’s very young, yes, but she’s genuine. All this is so difficult to explain. She’s a victim of all this, not a perpetrator in any way. We were all victims of the murder. But I feel good about this. I told Peter long ago, ‘You should marry Louise.”

Stratten’s Former Hubby Is No More: He Died At The Age Of 82

The famous American director Peter Bogdanovich who directed movies like Targets, The Last Picture Show, and more passed away on January 6, 2022, at his house in Los Angeles.

He was 82 years old at the time. Similarly, according to reports, Louise Stratten’s ex-husband died because of complications of Parkinson’s disease.

Details On Louise’s Current Relationship Status; Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The 54-year-old actress is very private when talking about her personal matters. Thus the fact that the former actress is single or in a relationship is still unclear. But looking at how things are at present, we can assume that the talented actress is single and is currently focused on her career working as a producer.

Nevertheless, we hope her the best of luck in her future endeavors and hope that Louise is happy in her life whether or not she wishes to be with someone.

Who Is Louise Stratten’s Sister Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy was born Dorthy Ruth Hoogstraten on February 28, 1960, in Vancouver, British Columbia. At the age of 26, while working at a local Dairy Queen, she met her future hubby Paul Snider. Paul at the time was working as a Vancouver-area club promoter and pimp. The two started dating and even got hitched on 1 June 1979. During their relationship, he convinced her to take professional nude photographs.

Louise Stratten's sister
Dorothy was shot to death by her estranged husband.

Likewise, her photographs were sent to Playboy magazine and soon she got famous and was given the title of Playboy Playmate of the month of August 1979. Further, in 1980, she was the Playboy Playmate of the year. Her fame grew even more and she worked in multiple movies including Americathon (1979) and Skatetown U.S.A. (1979).

Dorothy Died: What Happened To Her?

Louise’s sister was at the top of her career, however, her marriage was suffering. Her spouse used to follow her everywhere she went which she felt annoying. In the meantime, she met the director Peter Bogdanovich. Both of them had great chemistry and she soon started an affair with him.

Dorothy had fallen for Peter and decided to end her marriage to Paul which he didn’t take lightly. He decided to end her life. So, he brought a shotgun, called Dorothy to talk, and made her come to the apartment they used to live in. And, when she arrived, he tied her up and sexually assaulted her.

But it wasn’t the end as he pointed the gun he brought in her head and without remorse, pulled the trigger, killing her on the spot. Snider then pointed the gun toward himself and took his own life.

Louise’s sister died on August 14, 1980, which came as a shock to everyone including her family and her then-boyfriend Peter Bogdanovich. He has written a book titled “Killing of the Unicorn: Dorothy Stratten.”

Louise Stratten’s Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

The ex-wife of Peter Bogdanovich is estimated to have a total net worth of $3 million. She has gathered her fortune from her career as an actress, producer, and writer.

On the other hand, her late former partner Peter was estimated to have a total fortune of $10 million. Likewise, her late sister Dorothy had a fortune of $3 million at the time of her demise.

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