Meet Nickmercs’ Wife Emumita Bonita: Untold Facts About Her

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Meet Nickmercs’ Wife Emumita Bonita: Untold Facts About Her
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Emumita Bonita is the wife of Nicholas Kolcheff or Nickmercs, a Michigan-born, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and Co-Owner for FaZe Clan who plays Fortnite Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends.

Bonita’s husband, Kolcheff’s channel grew in popularity after his group set the global record for total kills in Fortnite with 54. He is noteworthy for his aggressive style of play and has won more than $130,000 in Fortnite prizes alone.

On one hand, Nick has spent as long as he can in the reach of his live audience. However, on the other hand, Kolcheff has deliberately or otherwise made sure to let out little to no latest specifics or the history of his wife, Emumita Bonita. The secrecy is so much so that not even her factual name has made it to his fans’ understandings.

Know what’s the real deal behind the wife of this Detroit native gaming man. Read about her prior story, her relationship with the Nickmercs, her profession, and more.

Who Is Nickmercs’ Wife, Emumita Bonita? 

Emumita Bonita was born on November 26, 1991. In all other respects, however, the Twitch streamer’s wife, Bonita is nothing but a perfect anonymous who is merely the close one of a celebrity.

Truth be told, not even the name, Emumita Bonita, does have credibility on its own; her legal denomination as per popular votes has been reported to be something else. Though Nickmercs is yet to disclose what it actually is.

What Is Emumita Bonita Real Name? 

Emumita’s real moniker in the last few years has become a bit of an enigma among fans, with many speculating the Fortnite champion is keeping her name a secret to protect her identity.

Emumita Bonita, the wife of Twitch streamer and gamer, Nickmercs.
Twitch Streamer and online gamer, Nickmercs’ wife, Emumita Bonita. Twitter

The one that she has now, “Emumita Bonita” is actually a nickname NickMercs affectionately gave his wife. The Apex Legends enthusiast’s wife’s minimal public presence also adds to the intensity of her concealed identity.

Some conclude her real name is in fact, Rio since her and her husband’s wedding photographers’ Insta handle captioned the images of them with “Rio + Nick.”

Emumita Relationship With Her Husband, Nickmercs

Bonita and Nick got engaged in July 2019. Nickmercs announced the news via his Twitter handle.

The following year, on Oct 10, 2020, they celebrated their wedding at the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. The couple allegedly lives in South Florida, USA.

Fortnite player, Nickmercs with his wife, Emumita Bonita whom he married in Oct 2020.
Emumita Bonita married her husband, Nickmercs in Oct 2020.

While they are yet to become parents, NICKMERCS and Emumita Bonita have a seal point Siamese cat called Kai and two Golden Retriever/Labrador crosses called Joe and Jackson.

Interestingly, all three have their own Instagram except for Bonita, herself. She additionally is also quite beyond the reach of other socials; Twitter, or Facebook.

Nickmercs Asked Emumita Bonita To Marry Him Live On Twitch

Prior to asking the big question to his then-girlfriend, the 31-year-old online gamer went live on Twitch where he showed his viewers a rose-lined living room with candles and warm lighting, the place where he was going to propose.

Bonita at the moment apparently was upstairs. Nicholas, in the meantime, expressed his gratitude to his viewers for helping him decide the ring. After a while, Emumita finally comes downstairs with her boyfriend’s dog.

Nickmerc then promptly does the business and expectedly gets the “yes” from his partner. Following that, the now 30-year-old Bonita showed the ring to the live audience.

Emumita Loves Chickens And Alpacas

Turns out Emumita Bonita has a thing for chickens. As such, when NICKMERCS was planning his wedding in 2019, he explained how his soon-to-be bride had been scouting locations. After she had found one, she, reportedly, took the spot as something of a mind-blowing.

Emumita Bonita with her groom and Twitch streamer, Nickmercs.
Call of Duty player, Nickmercs and his bride, Emumita Bonita at their wedding.

The venue which was the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City got the full attention of the streamer’s then would-be-bride since it had chickens and alpacas. And apparently, Bonita had been very fond of them her whole life.

What Does Emumita Do? Is She A Streamer Too? 

Owing to the ambiguity that has circled her genuine profile, something that is also an enigma is the answer to what Emumita does for her living. In contrast to many Nickmercs fans’ beliefs or assumptions, Bonita isn’t on the streaming career.

She though has been notable among her husband’s fans for supporting him from the background. As a matter of fact, in October 2020, NICKMERCS said he allowed Emu to pick his entire class.

Nickmercs with his wife, Emumita Bonita.
Emumita Bonita with her husband, Twitch streamer and gamer, Nickmercrs. Instagram

NICKMERCS also admits his wife watches a lot of his streams, but he says she really has no idea what’s going on when it comes to Warzone.

“So, we kind of knew this one would be interesting. Don’t expect Emumita Bonita to be jumping into Verdansk anytime soon,”

added the 31-year-old winner of Streamy Awards. Further, Emumita Bonita picking NICKMERCS’ Warzone loadout became so popular, the pair reunited for a second stream in April 2021. Some fans of Nickmercs remarked Bonita did a little better this time around.

Bonita’s Hubby Nickmercs Make Huge Sum of Money 

Being a gamer with a growing fandom, Emumita Bonita’s husband, Nickmercs’ source of money isn’t confined to just one mode. It’s as diverse as it could get. Though numerous sponsorships do add hugely to the FaZe Clan coowner’s millions of dollars of fortune.

The solid revelation of the Call of Duty player’s income model came in Oct 2021 when leaked data revealed the purported top-earning streamers and their Twitch payouts including Nickmercs, himself. And he, at the time, was fifth on the list as one of the highest earners.

Twitch confirmed the breach was real thereby also attesting the streamers’ comment history, creator payment history, and more. Given his then subscriber count, NICKMERCS was making, at the absolute minimum, an average of $114,597 a month just from Twitch subs alone.

And that was excluding Nick’s bits, donations, or Twitch ad revenue. All in all, the controller player’s was by maths, was pulling well over $1.3 million a year exclusively from Twitch subscribers.

The Twitch leak further claimed NICKMERCS’ total payout from August 2019 to October 2021 was just over $5 million. This insinuated he was making at least $2.5 million per year, not including his other sources of revenue such as YouTube, his paid deals through FaZe Clan, and merch sales.

Also adding to his monthly takeaways are a number of paid sponsorships with brands such as GFuel, CashApp, SeatGeek, & Under Armour.


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