Is Michael Oher Married? Who Is His Wife? The Truth About All The Rumors

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American professional football player Michael Oher, no doubt, is known for his accomplishment. But the footballer is also recognized for his love life. While there are rumors that Michael Oher is married, the matter has been a bit unclear.

While some sources suggest he has a secret wife. many other tabloids beg to differ. Despite all pointless searches regarding his personal life, the man himself has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

Let’s try to unravel if Oher has a wife or if he is dating anyone at present. Let’s zoom on.

Michael reportedly Married in 2017? Who’s Michael Oher’s wife?

If we date back to the year 2017, it looks as if Michael was married to someone. He was allegedly married to a woman named Tiffany Roy. However, his marriage cannot be confirmed with 100% certainty as Oher never came forward to confirm if he had a wife or not.

Well, his marital status was never discussed until the 14 April 2017 incident where he had a clash with an Uber driver.  All this began when Oher along with his friend asked the uber driver to follow a car wherein he claimed his “wife” was sitting. 

The situation soon ensued an argument with the uber driver leading to the point where Michael allegedly hit him to the ground.

Michael Oher is rumored to be married but his wife's identity is not revealed
American Former Footballer Michael Oher  Source: Instagram

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department safely handled the tense moment. After the incident unfolded, it gave rise to questions about his marital relationship and the “wife” he referred to.

Unfortunately, the police department didn’t make Michael’s official statement about the incident public which could have otherwise cleared the doubt about his “wife.” Also, no pictures or identity of his spouse came out in the media.

Besides, the Uber driver sued the former Carolina Panthers player for $500,000.

Is Michael Oher Still Married in 2021?

No doubt, the April 11 incident definitely gave some hint about him possibly being in a marital relationship. But is he still married? Probably yes and no, at the same time.

Considering the fact that no official statement about his marriage has been made by Oher, it is quite difficult to pinpoint if he is married in 2021.

Is Tabitha Soren Michael Oher’s Wife?

This may come out as a shock to many but there were rumors the Tabitha Soren was his wife but that is not true. In fact, MTV host Tabitha is married to her husband Michael Lewis, an American financial journalist and also the author of the 2006 book, The Blind Side.

Michael Oher Girlfriends

When it comes to girlfriends and relationships, Michael Oher has been one shy man at making it public. 

So far, he has not bothered enough to speak up about his love affairs and it is always a personal choice to come out publicly about a relationship.

However, as of 2020, it is safe to say Michael Oher does not have a girlfriend and is not dating anyone.

A Short Bio About Michael Oher

Michael, born Michael Jerome Williams, Jr on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. He is one of 12 children of mother Denise Oher and father Michael Jerome Williams. He is a former American footballer, an offensive tackle in the National Football League.

Michael and his mom Leigh Anne
Michael and his adopted mom Leigh Anne. Source: Instagram(@leighannetuohy)

His mother was a drug addict, and his father was murdered when he was in high school.

Michael did his schooling at Briarcrest Christian School and later attended Brigham Young University. Later on, he went to the University of Mississippi from where he finished his higher education.

While Oher lived in several foster care homes from the age of 7, in 2004, Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy gave him a place to live at their place. They eventually went on to adopt him.

Michael Oher With Tuohy Family
Michael Oher with his adopted Parents & Siblings.

The Tuohy family became his rock while growing up. They took care of his needs and even hired a tutor who helped him with football. To this day, Michael is quite close to the family.