Untold Details of Olivia Pacino, One of The Twin Daughters of Al Pacino

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Olivia Pacino is the twin daughter of one of the greatest actors of all time Al Pacino and his former partner Beverly D’Angelo, an actress and singer. Her never-wed-parents Pacino and D’Angelo dated for years before their love affair fell apart. She also has a twin brother named Anton James Pacino.

Being the daughter of actor parents, people are curious to know if Olivia is also interested in acting. If not, what does Olivia Pacino do? Besides, also know who is Olivia’s boyfriend at present?

The article will provide deeper information about Olivia’s learning disability at the school, her parent’s relationship, and her career goals. Let’s know everything about Al Pacino’s daughter Olivia Pacino in the following article!

Who is Al Pacino’s Daughter Olivia Pacino? Her Professional Goals

Olivia is a star kid who has been in the spotlight since her birth as the daughter of former high-profile couple Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. The ex-duo started dating in 1997 and was in a relationship for many years until they separated in 2003.


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Besides, Olivia, who belongs to a family of actors, seemed to have an interest in the same field just like her parents. Although Al Pacino’s daughter has yet to make her professional debut, the upcoming actress looks like she is fully prepared for her future. She took acting lessons at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, in New York City.

In addition to acting, Olivia is also a model and photographer.

Short Bio of Olivia Pacino’s Parents

Both of her parents have a fantastic career in show business, especially Al Pacino’s career which has spanned over a half-century is consists of a plethora of prestigious accolades. He was first nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor after his work in the 1973 movie Serpico.

Olivia Pacino family
Olivia with her siblings and dad.

Al gained initial fame for his debut lead role as a heroin addict in The Panic in Needle Park (1971). Some other highly-acclaimed movies that Pacino starred in are The Godfather installments, The Irishman, The Insider, and more.

Her dad also played in the hit biographical crime drama film House of Gucci, which follows Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci‘s romance to their nasty end.

Olivia Pacino’s Mother Beverly is Also an Actress

Her mother Beverly is an actress who has worked in dozens of movies. She got a Golden Globe Award nomination for her work in Coal Miner’s Daughter. Additionally, D’Angelo was nominated for an Emmy Award for her work in the TV movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

Her actress mother rose to fame following her iconic role in the National Lampoon’s Vacation films. She played the role of Ellen Griswold in projects along with her former partner Pacino. Her other on-screen credits include A Streetcar Named Desire, Hair, and more.

Olivia Pacino and Her Twin Brother Were Born Via IVF

Pacino and her brother Anton James Pacino were born on January 25, 2001, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angele, California. Their mother Beverly conceived them via in vitro fertilization at the age of 49. They weighed in at just over 5 lbs at the time of their birth.

Olivia Pacino with her parents and twin brother.
Olivia and her twin brother with their parents.
Source: Instagram

Besides, the twin siblings are aged 22 as of 2023. Celebrating her 22nd birthday, the star kid also shared a series of photos on her Instagram with the caption,

“Season 22 episode 1”

Olivia Pacino birthday
Olivia is now 22 years old.

Has a half-sister from her father’s previous relationship

Olivia has an older-half sister named Julie Marie Pacino, born on October 16, 1989. She is from her father Pacino’s relationship with his girlfriend Jan Tarrant, an acting teacher. 

With a strong family background in the entertainment world, Julie always wanted to pursue a career as a director. She has directed a couple of projects to date. 

Pacino landed her first directorial job in a 2009 short Abracadabra, followed by some notable works including Billy Bates (2013) and Shifting Past (2017).  

Olivia’s Nationality and Ethnicity

The star kid holds an American nationality and has a mixed ethnical background as both of her parents are of Italian descent.

Did Olivia Pacino Have a Learning Disability? Her School and College

Pacino attended Fusion Academy Miracle Mile, in Los Angeles, California. It is a private school that aims to provide one-to-one education over its 250 courses. As for her graduation, the star kid completed it in May 2019 with good grades.

In fact, graduating with impressive grades at college was initially a little bit hard for her because Pacino had a lot of problems passing the exams while at traditional schools. She once opened up about her struggle with learning in a video shared on the school’s website. Olivia explained her learning disability,

“The normal, like schooling, it wasn’t the right fit for me, but it was fit for my brother, and I’ve always felt like um…like a competition with him, and I felt like I had to be right up to where he was. And it was hard for me because I didn’t learn the way he did, and I didn’t learn the way that other students did. I was very visual.”

But, whenever her mother enrolled her at Fusion Academy, the school tremendously helped her out until her graduation. And Beverly D’Angelo’s daughter graduated with good marks.

Her Parents’ Custody Battle Over Their Twins Olivia and Her Brother Anton

The lifetime bachelor Pacino and his former partner D’Angelo were in a relationship from 1997 to 2003. After their separation, the actor filed suit in a family court in New York City, seeking joint custody of his twins and liberal visitation from their mom.

Tabloids the court granted the ex-duo joint custody of their kids.

Beverly D'Angel's daughter Olivia.
Olivia along with her mom.
Source; Instagram

As per New York Post, Al was paid $50,000 a month in unofficial palimony to his ex until her decision to move to her native Los Angeles with her children. Their kids Olivia and Anton also spent most of their early days in Los Angeles with Beverly.

Furthermore, Pacino was paid $35,000 a month in child support as well as $18,000 a month for D’Angelo’s West Side apartment.

Who is Olivia Pacino’s Boyfriend? Her Dating Life

Pacino has been in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend named Ryan Harley who is known as @NoNameMadeIt on his Instagram account. He has mentioned himself as a producer on his Insta. In fact, the two started dating in November 2018 and are still leading a happy relationship.

Olivia Pacino bf
Olivia and her boyfriend.

In November 2020, Olivia’s beau shared an adorable photo of the couple from Beverly Hills, CL, celebrating their two years of togetherness. He captioned the image,

“2 years with the love of my life, but it feels like I’ve known this girl for my entire life ♾ I couldn’t be more thankful and fulfilled, I’m looking forward to the rest of our adventures and the long days + late nights doing the things that we love together!”

Olivia with her partner.
Olivia Pacino and her bae Ryan.
Source; Instagram

Judging by their undeniable romance and commitment to each other, it looks like the big day for the couple will come soon.

Olivia Pacino’ Father is a Multi-Millionaire

Her father Al Pacino has a tremendous fortune of $120 million as of 2023. He lives in his house located in New York. Furthermore, the actor has property in the town of Palisades, New York.

Besides, as the daughter of one of the high-profile actor parents, Olivia undoubtedly lives a lavish life. She currently resides in Beverly Hills. Besides, talking about her net worth, the exact figure is still under review.

Her Social Media Presence

Olivia has been active on Instagram since 2019. She has also amassed considerable followers of 15.8k followers on her Insta. She often shares photos with her boyfriend on her account.

Key Takeaways About Al Pacino’s daughter Olivia

  • Both Pacino’s parents Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo are actors.
  • Her mom and dad never married.
  • She has two siblings including a twin brother Anton.
  • Olivia had a learning disability at school.
  • Olivia is now a model and photographer.


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