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Patrick Alwyn is famously known as the younger brother of quite the handsome British actor, Joe Alwyn. We can all say that Joe’s younger brother is one of the two not-so-famous Alwyn brothers; they also have a 3rd sibling.

So, who is Patrick? We all might be aware of his very charming older brother, but what does he do? No one’s quite sure of it. Nevertheless, besides being the sibling of an eminent personality, Alwyn is known for one other thing. Can you guess what that is? Well, a while back, there was a rumor of him dating one of the up-and-coming actresses in showbiz. So, who is she? Were they actually dating? We’ll have the answers pretty soon.

Thus, to know further about who Joe Alwyn’s brother is, read the article below. We’ve brought together all the known facts about the man here and have answers to all your questions. So, let’s get started!

Alwyn Is In His Late Twenties; When And Where Was He Born? Details On Patrick’s Early Life

Patrick Alwyn was born on 20th January 1995. His father is Richard Alwyn; he is an English documentary filmmaker. Similarly, his mother, Elizabeth Alwyn, is an author and psychotherapist. The couple welcomed their baby boy 27 years ago in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. In 2023, he will be turning 28 years old.

Taylor Swift is rumored to be his sister-in-law
Young Patrick Alwyn with singer, Taylor Swift

Looking at the careers of his parents, it seems like Patrick had it all while growing up. We believe that he had a well-adjusted childhood which really helped him to grow into a smart young man today.

Furthermore, Alwyn graduated high school from the City School of London. Following this, he pursued his undergrad at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

He Grew Up With Two Brothers; Joe Alwyn Is His Elder Bro

As mentioned earlier, this soon-to-be 28-year-old lad is the younger brother of Joe Alwyn. His brother is a famous English actor, who is the one-time winner of a Grammy Award. The two have an age gap of just 4 years and seem to be very close to each other. Even more so, Joe’s younger bro also came into the spotlight because of him after being spotted with the actor in the streets of the UK.

Similarly, Joe is not the only sibling Patrick has. They also have a third brother named Thomas Alwyn. However, very little is known about him. We do not even know if he is the youngest of the Alwyn brothers or the exact opposite. Regardless, we believe that this trio had a blast growing up together in their home in England.

What Is Patrick’s Ethnicity?

By his appearance, many would assume Patrick to have a Caucasian background. But, his ethnicity expands more if we are to dig deep.

Sources confirm that this celebrity sibling is 90% English or British. The remaining 10% consists of some parts Irish, Scottish, and French/French-Canadian.

Therefore, looking at his ethnic background, this young man sure seems to be pretty gifted with good genes.

27-Year-Old Patrick Alwyn Is Very Secretive About What He Does For A Living

Alwyn only became famous because of his brother. To this very day, he has been living under the shadows of his sibling, who is a great actor. As of today, people know him more as he appears frequently with his big bro as his plus one during movie premiers.

So, what does Patrick actually do for a living? This question is a mystery to us as well. Unlike his famous brother, this Alwyn sibling tries to keep a low profile and does not talk much about his personal or professional life with the media.

On the contrary, as he attended an undergrad program at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, we believe that he is indulged in that field. Moreover, instead of actually playing in big movies and shows, it could be possible that Patrick enjoys smaller roles in dramas or theatre plays.

Unlike Him, Patrick’s Brother, Joe Is Very Famous; What Does He Do?

Joe or Joseph Alwyn is one of the most charming British actors. It has not been long since he stepped into showbiz, yet with his great looks and personality, he has become the heartthrob of many young girls.

Patrick's older brother, Joe
Joe or Joseph Alwyn – 31-year-old English actor.

Alwyn made his debut in a feature film in 2016 through Ang Lee’s war drama, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Furthermore, this movie became a stepping stone for his successful career. He further started to play supporting roles in movies; some of them are The Favorite, Boy Erased, Mary Queen of Scots, and Harriet. Many prestigious awards, including Trophee Chopard, Satellite Award, and Grammy have recognized his immense talent in acting as well.

Furthermore, this handsome young man is more than just an actor. He has worked with one of America’s greatest singers/songwriters. Can you guess who? Joe Alwyn has worked with Taylor Swift on roughly 10 of her songs. Exile, Betty, and Champagne Problems are just a few of them. All of these songs are included in Taylor’s 2020 music album.

Is Patrick Alwyn Dating Sadie Sink “Max Mayfield” From Stranger Things? Rumors Of His Affair With The Actress

In 2021, a rumor went across, claiming Patrick to be dating Sadie Sink. Sadie is a 20-year-old up-and-coming actress who became famous through the 4th season of the show, Stranger Things.

Sink and Alwyn were spotted together in September 2021 strolling around the beautiful city of New York. Thus, a rumor immediately surfaced of them being involved in a romantic relationship with each other.

Sadie Sink plays "Max Mayfield" in "Stranger Things"
The rumored couple – Sadie and Patrick seen walking together in NYC

Sadie, or as people know her Max, was 18/19 years old at the time. She was all set to make her appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video All Too Good. Furthermore, as Swift was rumored to be dating Patrick’s brother at the time, people clearly assumed that he met the 20-year-old actress through the singer.

However, even after the release of the photo between Patrick and Sadie walking together, the “rumored” couple did not entertain the public by conforming to the speculations. And, even to this day, we are not 100% sure whether these two were together or not.

Patrick also reportedly dated Iris Apatow

Apart from his affair rumor with Sadie, he was linked with another high-profile celebrity. Back in 2019, there were reports that Patrick was dating Jude Apatow and Leslie Mann’s daughter, Iris.

The duo was spotted at Taylor Swifts’ New Year’s Eve Party in 2019. Nevertheless, neither of the party confirmed whether they dated or not.

His Brother Is reportedly Dating/Engaged/Married To Taylor Swift; What Is The Truth?

Roughly 2 years ago, a rumor surfaced, claiming the sensational singer, Taylor Swift was married to the actor, Joe Alwyn. Both of the celebs’ fans went crazy over this news. Furthermore, the only question that bothered people at the time was, “Are they married or only dating?”.

Taylor Swift and her long time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn
Actor, Joe Alwyn with Taylor Swift – they were rumored to be married in 2020.

This question rose because of a tiny Instagram post by Taylor Swift. Following the announcement of her new album, Swift also posted a picture of herself in a wedding dress. So, it is quite obvious why her fans went bonkers.

At the same time, the Midnight Rain singer was in a loving affair with Patrick’s brother. As mentioned earlier, he had even helped her in launching her new album in 2020. So, the fans immediately suspected the two had gotten married. However, this was not the case.

Taylor did claim that she was “happier than ever” with Joe but details about their love life were not something that she frequently shared. To add, the fans still do not know how these two love birds met. And, to this date, we do not know for sure if Joe is actually married to Taylor.

Is Patrick As Rich As His Famed Brother? What Is His Net Worth?

Since we do not know what Patrick does for a living, it is very hard for us to speculate his worth in dollars. Nevertheless, because of his charming nature, good looks, and a possible career in theatre and drama, we believe he earns no less than a million.

On the contrary, his older brother, Joe Alwyn has a net worth of $4 million dollars.

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