Late Pratap Pothen’s Daughter Keya Pothen: Details On Her Career, Family, And Much More

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Keya Pothen is mostly recognized as the daughter of the late Indian actor and filmmaker Pratap Pothen. Her father has acted in about 100 films including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and some Hindi movies as well.

Lately, Keya has been the subject of headlines following her famous father’s death in 2022. Though she caught the media’s attention as a star kid, she has her identity on her own. She has been a singer and musician for several years. Well, if that’s the case, what kind of songs has she sung? Besides, is Keya Pothen in a relationship or married?

Today, in this article, we are intending to explore the personal and professional life of Keya Pothen. Read the below piece of article till the end.

How Old Is Keya Pothen? Her Parents, Education, And Early Life

As of 2023, Keya Pothen is 32 years of age. While her birth figure is reported to be 18 December, she was born in the year 1991 in Chennai, South India.

Keya Pothen is currently in her early 30s
Baby Keya Pothen. Source: Her Instagram

Similarly, she was raised in a small family by her father Pratap Pothen, and her mother Amala Satyanath in her hometown. Her parents separated after 22 years of their marriage in 2012.


As for education, she did her high school diploma from Landy Andal School in Chennai. Further, she enrolled in Sophia College for Women Bhulabhai Desai Road Mumbai where Pother completed her Bachelor’s level study in mass media.

Besides, the star kid has an Asian ethnical background and holds Indian nationality.

Keya Pothen Shared A Great Relationship With Her Father

Like any father-daughter relationship in general, Keya too had a great bonding with her now late father Pratap. Despite being so occupied with his film career, her dad always make time for his beloved daughter Keya which eventually helped to develop a close bond between the father and daughter.

Keya Pothen has a great relationship with her late father
Keya Pothen with her father Pratap Pothen. Source: Her Instagram

Several times, Pothen shared her moments with her dad on her social media account. In March 2021, she shared a cute video of her and her dad with a caption

Pappa @pratappothen It is evident I am the #appleofhiseye 😍🥶🥶🥶MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA #iloveyou #annoyingdaughters 😝#pratappothen

Further, on her dad’s birthday in 2021, she wrote, “Happy birthday, Pappa! @pratappothen I will always be the 🍎 of your eye! 😎! Yes, you are THE DUDE!“.

On the other hand, her father too was proud of her evolving as a singer. Back in 2013, the Aaravam actor shared a picture of his daughter and wrote “my daughter the rock star “. They even worked together on some projects.

Keya’s Father Pratap Pothen Died In 2022; What Was The Reason For His Death?

On 15 July 2022, Keya’s beloved dad Pratap died at the age of 69. In fact, he was found dead in his Chennai apartment and is believed to have died naturally.

The day after his death on Saturday, his aftermath rituals were done at the crematorium on New Avadi Road, Chennai.

Keya Pothen is a Multi-Talented Person

As per her LinkedIn account, Keya started her professional career as a creative copywriter in MullenLowe Lintas Group in April 2012 and worked there for more than two years. After that, she joined Digicaptions India Pvt Ltd as a Sef Editor. In Digicaptions, she worked for almost five years from April 2017 to December 2021.

Subsequently, Pothen then worked as a writer at Inditronic for three years and then served in the position of Digital Content producer at AECC Global in Chennai. After that, she has also been the lead singer at Fractal Fruitcake and a musician. At present, alongside her music career, Keya is working as a Senior Social Media Specialist at an advertising service company Hashtag Inc.

Keya Pothen Is A Passionate Singer

From a very young age, Keya had an aspiration to be a singer one day.

Keya Pothen is a singer
Keya Pothen while singing on stage.

For her ínclination towards music, she considered her mother Amala as her greater influencer. Once in an exclusive talk, she said,

 “She’s (her mother) my driving force, I used to perform for her every Sunday when I was in primary school and hats off to her for sitting through it.

Not only her mom but her dad too is responsible for her music taste. In this respect, Keya told,

My dad is responsible for my obsession with classic rock and the psychedel sixties.

Though she did multiple jobs probably with the purpose to survive, her one and only passion has always been music. In fact, she believed that she was born to be a singer. In an Interview with the magazine, the star kid stated,

I would wake up in a cold sweat, wondering what exactly i was doing but then i realized that this is what keeps me alive, singing is what i was born to do

As of now, she has released some of her songs and has also been the founding member and lead singer of the Classic rock band Fractual Fruitcake.

Keya Pothen’s Songs

Keya has released singles titled Bure Khayal, Roads, and Urges. Likewise, she has also sung Ousepachan for the film Appam and Veenjum.

Further, Pratap Pothen’s daughter also has released cover songs. She has sung songs like Almost Lover, Bobby Mcgee, Crazy, and others. Her cover songs are available on her Youtube channel under the username @MsCraizydaisy.

Her Other Interest

Besides singing, Keya is also interested in writing which she embraced as her profession as well. She also loves to be a performer on stage. Then, what else she likes to do?

Once in an interview, she talks about her hobbies and told,

 “I have so many interests. I enjoy singing, writing and I doodle too. I watch a lot of movies just like every other kid my age, but I love those cult hits like A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction, Grindhouse, Death Proof. Man, I love Tarantino, what a guy!”

Relationship Status: Is Keya Pothen Married?

As long as the media is informed, Keya Pothen is not married yet. Further, about her being in a romantic relationship, the celebrity daughter seems to be a little bit secretive. To date, she hasn’t talked about her personal life in the media, and neither do her social media handles reveal her love life.

Keya Pothen seems to be single at present
Keya Pothen is single.

In general, it’s obvious for a woman in her 30s to be in a romantic relationship. However, until and unless she herself doesn’t make an official announcement about her love life, it’s safe to consider her single.

Keya Pothen Is On Instagram; Her Other Social Media Handles

The star kid is hugely active on Instagram with 1975 followers. On her Instagram, she keeps sharing her moments with her family, pets, and friends. Moreover, she sometimes promotes her professional life through her Insta page as well.

Further, Pothen is also on Facebook with 613 followers. She has an account on Twitter and a Youtube channel that has 120 subscribers.

What Is Keya Pothen’s Net Worth?

Keya is reported to have a net worth of $100,000 which she must have earned through her singing and writing career. Meanwhile, her famous father Pratap has an estimated net worth of $4 million at the time of his death as per sources.

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