Rick Lagina Wiki, Wife, House, Live

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Rick Lagina Wiki, Wife, House, Live
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Rick Lagina is an American TV star famous for his work in The Curse of Oak Island. The Michigan native is featuring in the show since 2014. The show follows a team of hopeful treasure hunters who will stop at nothing to find the treasure buried in Oak Island.

In the series, Rick appears alongside his younger brother Marty Lagina. Since the inception of the show, it has been a major hit amongst the audience, not just in the US but around the world. Ever since then, fans around the globe are curious to know about Rick’s life, especially his marital status.

Well, today in this article we’re going to find out Rick Lagina’s early life, his wife, if he has any, and many other facts!

Rick Lagina grew-up in Kingsford, MI

Born on August 26, 1955, he is the second youngest child of Ann Cavalieri and George Lagina. Rick belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and comes from Russian ancestry.

Rick Lagina young
Rick and his brother Marty during their younger days.

He grew up alongside his siblings in Iron Hill, Michigan. Rick attended Kingsford High School from where he graduated in 1970.

After finishing up his college, he started working in several odd jobs before eventually becoming a postal officer.

Lagina’s Parents passed away in a matter of one year

In August 2010, his mom Ann passed away. At the time of her birth, she was 89. Then the very next year in April 2010, his father George passed away at the age of 91.

Rick Lagina parents
RIck’s mom and dad.

It was a devastating moment for the Lagina family, having been lost their mom and dad in a short span of time.

Rick Lagina has three siblings

His parents all together share four kids between them, including Rick. The oldest of the brood is Marianne, who has been married to Jim Gardener. Further, she is a mother of three kids, Andrew Gardner, Stephen Gardner, and Cristina Gardner.

Rick has one younger brother named Marty Lagina, who we’re sure many of you might already know about. Well, yes, he also features alongside his big brother in the show, The Curse of the Oak Island. Moreover, Marty is married to Olivia and is the father of two kids, Alex Lagina and Madeline Lagina.

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The youngest of the Lagina siblings is Teresa. She is the wife of John Fornetti with whom she shares four children, Daniel, David, Julia, and Peter.

What did Rick Lagina do before The Curse of Oak Island?

He has been in the spotlight since the show first aired in 2014. In the show, he portrays the character of a treasure hunter, however, he had a different role previously.

Before making it big as a TV personality, Rick used to work as a postal officer based in Northern Michigan. He started working as a postal officer after graduating high school.

Despite working in the postal office, Rick’s interest in treasure hunting never subsided and eventually, he got to relish his long-awaited passion right after retiring as a postal officer.

Rick didn’t have a TV series in mind before embarking on the treasure hunting journey

We’re sure many of you might be thinking that Rick might have always wanted to be on TV. And in order to be in it, he pitched a decent enough script just so he can have his own show.

But on the contrary, Rick never had any intention of featuring in the show. In fact, it was the History network that approached the Lagina brothers to produce a show which will follow their exploits in Oak Island.

Since its first episode aired back in January 2014, the show has been an instant hit amongst the audience. In the show, we get to see how Rick and Marty alongside some experts try to uncover all the mysteries surrounding the island and also find the treasure which according to legends have been buried underneath.

Rick Lagina and co-owns the major portion of the Oak Island

Well, it wouldn’t be good treasure hunting if you had to share the major portion of it with the government. This is why, Rick Lagina, alongside his brother Marty and a bunch of other friends from Traverse City, MI, bought around half of the island’s total property.

They made this massive purchase back in 2004. Rick had saved up some money from his professional work while his younger brother Marty had earned a lot of money from his Oil and Wind business.

Rick Lagina
Rick and the cast of the Curse of Oak Island.

Nevertheless, the purchase process was quite complicated at first because the Canadian government was involved in it. Well, you can’t blame Canada after all, we’re talking about an island that lies in their territory. After a lot of talks, Rick and his friends were able to make the purchase on the condition that they give 10 percent of whatever they will find.

Who is Rick Lagina wife? Is he really married?

We’re sure many of you are quite curious to know if Rick has a wife or not. Well, let us clear it up. As of now, the man doesn’t have any spouse, not that we know of. As Rick’s life is pretty open to the general public, we can say for a certainty he doesn’t have a partner.

Rick Lagina wiki
Rick is not married to anyone.

Besides, Rick seems to be way too engulfed in his quest towards finding the treasure that’s buried under Oak Island. Maybe this is why he never got to made time for his personal life. But it’s all speculation as he himself is yet to say a single word regarding his life behind the cameras.

Talking about his interest in treasure hunting, it was at the ripe age of 11 when he first came across a reader’s digest article which shook him to his very core. In the article, he found out about the legend of Oak Island. Upon reading it, he shared the story with his brother Marty who also became interested in it.

Since then, the Lagina brothers have been constantly trying to find the fortune.

How much is Rick Lagina’ net worth?

Upon finding out that Rick owns a portion of the island, it’s only natural many of you are obviously curious to know about his wealth. According to reports, his net worth is around $10 million. His wealth will definitely increase tenfold if he is to discover the lost treasure trove underneath the island.


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