Sol Xochitl

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Sol Xochitl
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Sol Xochitl is the former wife of boxer Mike Tyson. Xochitl and the Baddest Man On The Planet were together during the 2000s in the course of which they became parents to two children.

Unlike Mike’s other partners, Sol didn’t have that much of a privilege one would have gotten being in a relationship with a celebrity athlete. Given most ex-girlfriends/partners of the boxer admit they had a hell of a time when dating him, Sol arguably might have been the only one who didn’t get to enjoy the richness of Mike to any extent whatsoever.

To know why the case was so with Xochitl continue reading. Also, read about the hauntingly darkest episode of her life and how she’s been dealing with the trauma since.

Sol Xochitl Is A Mexican

Xochitl was born in 1975/76. Xochitl supposedly had Mexican parents and accordingly was born in Mexico. Her ex-boxer boyfriend has called her Mexican certain times.

Other than that, there’s hardly anything to say about Tyson’s former girlfriend, especially when it is about her life prior to meeting the legendary boxer. She most possibly is the least-said former relative of a celebrity.

Xochitl Met Mike Tyson At A Strip Club

Tyson reveals Sol and he met at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona. Sol, who Mike refers to as Shelley in his biography, was a stripper when she first encountered the boxer.

Mike Tyson's former girlfriend, Sol Xochitl
Mike Tyson’s former girlfriend, Sol Xochitl

The former undisputed world heavyweight champion says he really liked Shelley.

“She kept her house immaculate and she did a lot of stuff with me. Was a fitness freak, so when I’d work out and go run, she’d run with me. I’d run five miles, she’d run ten. She’d always one-up me.”

Michael tells Shelley tried to work on their relationship. He said she’d talk to Mike’s friend, Hope, and get tips from her on how to keep him happy.

Sol Was A Fitness Freak; Not Even Mike Would Beat Her

In the book, Mike recalls the time when he and assistant Darryl were throwing around a fifteen-pound medicine ball and Shelley got in on the action. Iron Mike further narrates how he and Sol threw the ball two hundred fifty times and he got sore, but she kept on throwing it with Darryl.

“This ninety-pound Mexican chick must have done five hundred throws. She wore our asses down.”

Mike writes of his former girlfriend.

Mike Was Completely Broke When Xochitl Dated Him

Amidst the time when Sol was dating Tyson, the latter owed about $27 million, $17 million of which was for back taxes he owed the IRS and the English tax people. The other $10 million was for personal expenses, which included the money he owed his former wife, Monica from the divorce, for his mortgages, and huge legal fees.

Mike Tyson's ex-girlfriend, Sol Xochitl with her son, Miguel Leon
Mike Tyson’s ex-girlfriend, Sol Xochitl with her son, Miguel Leon

Tyson says he was so overwhelmed and pissed off by the whole bankruptcy thing that he just gave up his house. He further explains how he had no fight scheduled, but worked out anyway and got high.

In the meantime, he spent some time in Phoenix with Sol. The New Yorker revealed he was so poor that he and his then-girlfriend, Xochitl were eating Frosted Flakes and Twizzlers for dinner.

Tyson reveals how every once in a while, he’d set up an autograph signing somewhere and charge twenty-five bucks for each of them, just to get over the hump.

Sol Almost Didn’t Have Her Son Miguel Leon

Mike admits to Sol saying she was not going to have Miguel Leon. The boxer explains he was going through a tough financial situation and had no idea how he could take care of another kid.

I was broke and in debt by then. She kept saying she was going to get an abortion, but she didn’t.

Fortunately, Miguel Leon got to see the world and is now a multi-instrumentalist who plays the drum, guitar, and piano.

Times Yet Again Weren’t Right When Sol Was Pregnant With Tyson’s Late Daughter, Exodus

Tyson was having a tough time in terms of money when his then-girlfriend, Xochitl became pregnant with her second and Tyson’s fifth child, Exodus Tyson. The time when Sol had just given birth to Exodus Tyson had paid a good amount of fine to a local guy. The boxer had damaged his car sometime before the birth of his late daughter.

Mike, therefore, tried to get him a fight so that he could make quick money. He eventually had a bout with Kevin McBride but would lose to him. Shortly after the fight, Tyson would retire from his fighting career.

Sol Xochitl Did Her Best To Keep Her Daughter Alive

On May 26, 2009, Sol and her then-partner would face the darkest moment of their life; the death of their daughter, Exodus. Their little girl was playing on a treadmill at their home in Arizona and somehow got tangled up in a cord.

Exodus then lost her conscious after which her brother Miguel found her and then came her mother. Sol, who was busy cleaning the house, immediately called 911 after loosening her daughter. Later documents revealed Exodus’ mom “did all she could when this tragic accident occurred.”

Exodus Tyson with her brother, Miguel Leon
Sol Xochitl’s daughter, Exodus Tyson died on May 26, 2009, aged 4
Sgt Andy Hill said Xochitl began CPR and continued to do so until police and firefighters arrived. The call between the dispatcher and Shelley showed that she had found blood in her baby’s mouth. The dispatcher then instructed her to clear out the blood and start to do CPR which she did.
The 911 records showed Shelley calling a dispatcher and saying, “My baby! She’s choked!”
The conversation record also revealed Xochitl continuously crying whilst still trying to bring her daughter to breathe. Sol, nonetheless, would lose her daughter the next day she was rushed to the St. Joseph hospital.

Why Did Xochitl Disappear? 

After the tragic incident of her daughter’s death, Xochitl became a completely forgotten name. Mike writes in his book, Undisputed Truth, that she wasn’t even able to take care of her other child, Miguel post Exodus’ death.

While there’s no denying she might still be mourning the loss of her four-year-old girl, the pain might have since lessened to whatever extent. For now, Xochitl is just another name once linked to a much-talked-about personality, who nevertheless, has been fully eclipsed into oblivion.


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