Steve Martin Wife: The Untold Story of His Marriage

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Steve Martin had a lot of failed relationships before he eventually settled with his wife. His girlfriends’ list consisted of some of the most coveted actresses in showbiz. But after numerous flings, Steve is in a happy marital life and what’s more, he even fathers a kid with his wife.

So who exactly is Steve Martin’s wife? How long have they been married? Here’s everything you should know about his marital life including his past affairs with big celebrities.

Key Takeaways

  • Actor and Comedian Steve Martin is happily married to his second wife, Anne Stringfield.
  • Steve and Anne have been leading a happily married life for over 16 years as of 2023; the lovebirds also have a daughter together.
  • The actor was 67 years old when he welcomed his first child; in fact, he said it would have been a mistake had he welcomed a child before.
  • The Pink Panther star was previously married to an English actress Victoria Tennant with whom he was married for around seven years.

Steve Martin Is Happily Married to Girlfriend turned Wife Anne Stringfield

After numerous failed relationships, Steve is relishing his marital life with his wife Anne Stringfield. The lovebirds tied the knot in July 2007. The nuptials took place at his residence in Los Angeles.

Though big names from the entertainment world attended Steve’s second wedding, at first, none of them had a clue about the ceremony. How is it possible? You might ask. Well, as it turned out, Steve initially invited them by saying it was a regular party at his place. As soon as they came, he stunned all of them revealing about the wedding ceremony.

Steve Martin and his Wife Anne (1)
Steve Martin’ wife Anne Stringfield.

Meanwhile, the holy matrimonial had 75 guests including, big stars like Tom Hanks, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Carl Reiner, Lorn Michaels, and more. Lorn served as the best man, whereas, 1992 Democratic Presidential candidate Bob Kerrey officiated the wedding.

Steve Shares One Child With His Wife Anne

Steve Martin is a proud father of one kid. He and his wife welcomed their first and only kid, a girl in December 2012. The comedian was quite secretive about Anne’s pregnancy and not many knew about it.

Steve Martin Wife Anne Stringfield with Daughter (1)
Steve shares one kid with Anne.

News of Steve becoming a father for the first time hit the market one month after the birth of his daughter. He was 67 when Anne gave birth to their bundle of joy.

An insider, back in February 2013, told Page Six, “They’ve had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows. Steve’s very private.” The source added, “They are thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby.”

Steve Martin’s Say on Becoming a Father So Late

It’s not uncommon in the celeb world to become parents late, however, not many wait until their late 60s. When Steve’s daughter came into this world, there were several questions regarding his decision for waiting so late.

Despite all the loose talks, Steve could care less. After all, he himself admits he’d be a terrible dad if his daughter would’ve come a bit earlier. He told in an interview,

“I think if I’d had a child earlier, I would have been a lousy father because I would have misplaced my attention on my career.”

In addition, he thinks since becoming a father, life has been both pleasurable and responsible. He said, “I do it for myself, but I do it for them, as well.”

How and When Did Steve Meet His Second Wife, Anne?

It was in the mid-2000s when Steve and Anne first crossed paths. Interestingly enough, Anne used to work as a fact-checker at the New Yorker and she was once assigned to check one of Steve’s work.

The two initially started talking on the phone. Their phone-to-phone communication went on for a year before they meet for the first time. It was love at first sight for Steve. She was just his type, shy and introverted.

Steve Martin’s ex-Wife Victoria Tennant: When Did They Marry?

Steve previously exchanged vows with Victoria Tennant on November 20, 1986. His first wife is an English actress known for her role in several movies.

It was while filming one of her movies that she met Steve. In 1984, Steve and Victoria were shooting for the movie, All of Me. This is where they first saw each other. The former flames were instantly smitten and began dating. In addition, after they started going out, they made another movie together, L.A. Story.

Steve Martin ex-wife Victoria Tennant
Steve was previously married to Victoria

Then after being in a relationship for a few years, Martin proposed to Victoria and they walked the down aisle on November 20, 1986. The ceremony took place in Rome.

While this was the first wedding for Steve, it was the second time for his first-wife Victoria.

Steve and Victoria divorced after Seven-Years

Steve’s married life was sailing smoothly before it turned sour. After a mere seven years, they got separated in July 1993. Their divorce was finalized in 1994.

Back then, it was rumored their marital relationship ended after Victoria fell in love with her third husband, Kirk Stambler. After leaving Steve, she married Kirk in 1996.

Steve and Victoria didn’t have any kids.

Steve Martin Had Multiple Affairs in The Past

Like a moth to a flame, back in the day, girls used to surround Steve. The man was handsome and could make you laugh as well, a characteristic not many have.

Before he married Victoria, he dated singer Linda Ronstadt and actress Bernadette Peters. After his first marriage broke down, he tried to have some peace with his good friend, Diane Keaton.

Later on, he entered a very public relationship with actress Anne Heche. Interestingly, she dumped Steve for Ellen DeGeneres after the latter came out as a lesbian.

Steve Martin with ex-girlfriend Anne Heche
Steve Martin with ex-girlfriend Anne Heche

His other romantic conquest includes Carrie Fisher and artist Cindy Sherman.


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