Terrence Howard’s Daughter Aubrey Howard: Untold Facts About Her

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Terrence Howard’s Daughter Aubrey Howard: Untold Facts About Her
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Aubrey Howard is the daughter of the Empire actor, Terrence Howard and his first and ex-wife, Lori McCommas. She is the first child of Terrence and McCommas’ three children. Professionally, Aubrey is a yoga expert whose holistic approach includes self-awareness.

She has been in this profession for decades. In addition, Lori’s girl is also a supporter of LGBTQ communities. Born in the early ’90s, Aubrey has made a name for herself as some nontraditional healer and health expert that covers more than just a person’s body and its well-being.

See what her credentials are, how she ended up being in a career so far from acting. Also, know if she is married, has a husband and children.

Aubrey Howard Grandfather Served Jail Time 

Aubrey was born in 1993, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her paternal grandparents Tyrone and Anita (née Williams) Howard were both biracial, with African and Anglo ancestry. Howard’s great-great-grandmother was actress Minnie Gentry.

Her father, Terrence Howard had a rocky childhood. He endured beatings from his physically abusive father. Aubrey’s grandfather stabbed a man in the Santa Line Slaying when her father, Terrence was two years old. Her grandad, in consequence, served 11 months in jail.

Terrence Howard's daughter, Aubrey Howard ancestry includes, African and Anglo American as well as Jewish.
Aubrey Howard – in the middle with her mother Lori McCommas and father, Terrence Howard.

From her mother’s side, Howard is Jewish and also followed Jehovah’s Witnesses as a child.


She studied at Howard University (2011-2012) with a degree in communication and media studies. From 2016 to 2017, she also attended Montgomery County Community College. Aubrey was also a student of Temple University for spring 2017.

Aubrey Howard Has Two Siblings And Two Half Siblings

As mentioned, Aubrey is the first five children of Terrence Howard. She has two younger siblings, Heaven and Hunter. Through her father’s current partner, Howard is a half-sister to two brothers.

Aubrey Howard’s Parents’ Divorced Years Ago 

Howard’s biological parents, Terrence and Lori married in 1989 and got divorced in 2003. They, however, married again in 2005 before once again splitting for good in 2008.

Aubrey’s father, Terrence after divorcing Lori married another woman named Michelle Ghent but divorced her too in 2013. He is currently in a relationship with Miranda Pak, with whom he has two children, Qirin and Hero.

Aubrey And Her Actor Father Didn’t Have A Good Relationship 

Her actor dad in some interviews admitted to having a better relationship with his two younger kids than he did with his first three children.

Terrence Howard admits he didn't have good relationship with his daughter, Aubrey Howard and her two siblings.
Terrence Howard and his daughter Aubrey Howard arrived on the red carpet at the BET Honors 2012, in January 2012.

He explained it was due to his own fault of not putting in the quality time in raising Aubrey and her siblings. The actor confessed he sometimes feels like he missed out on many personal moments with them.

The Hustle And Flow actor added that this, in hindsight, made him more conscious and focused on his younger children.

Aubrey Howard Is A Holistic Integration Coach

Aubrey Howard is an owner of Spirit Medicine, through which she guides others; those who know and believe that they are exactly where they need to be. Spirit Medicine is a holistic wellness business focused on access and equity within mental health.

Aubrey is an alternative & holistic health advisor and holistic integration coach.
Aubrey Howard owns Spirit Medicine, a holistic wellness business focused on access and equity within mental health. Source: Instagram

She also helps people achieve spiritual & contemplative practices, personal growth & racial healing. The Philadelphia-born holistic expert has 5+ years of experience in the practice of spiritual healing.

She is also a certified transformational breathwork facilitator and integration coach based in Philadelphia. Lori’s daughter additionally holds certifications in Pranayama, Yin & Vinyasa Krama Yoga.

Aubrey Also Advocates For Minority Groups

Further, Aubrey is the resident Breathwork Facilitator and BIPOC Protocol Coordinator at the SoundMind Center. The center is a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Clinic in West Philly. The organization strives to make psychedelic-assisted therapies affordable, accessible, and affirming to all patients, with a focus on BIPOC, LGBTQ, and neurodiverse individuals.

Aubrey states her intention through her work is to honor and amplify Black and Indigenous voices and practices.

Terrence’s first child, Aubrey believes in the natural healing power of the self through breath, movement, and connection to spirit.

Aubrey Howard Struggled With Anxiety And Depression

Aubrey has often admitted to struggling with anxiety and depression for the most part of her life. The Pennsylvanian says she used to wake up feeling like the world was ending, or like the floor was going to crash under her at any moment. She adds those deep-rooted feelings came from her own subconscious programming.

Later her own challenges with anxiety and depression prompted her to look further at the mind and how its influence affects people’s state of being in the world. She especially developed such curiosity for the people in marginalized communities.

She Came Out As A Lesbian; Is Dating A Brazilian Musician 

In 2018, Lori and Terrence’s first-ever child announced that she is a lesbian since then, she has been in a relationship with Brazilian instrumentalist Alexia Oliveira. Aubrey says she enjoys staying true to herself.

Aubrey Howard Relationship With Alexia Oliveira

The spiritual health advisor Aubrey and her wife, Alexia have been together for over three years. Both the couple often shares glimpses of their relationships on their respective socials.

Her partner, Alexia is a Brazilian musician, visual artist, web developer, interpreter, and translator. Much like Aubrey, Oliveira also advocates for LGBTQ+ and immigrants’ rights.

Terrence Howard's daughter came out as lesbian in 2018 and started dating a Brazilian musician.
Aubrey Howard is married to the Brazillian Brazilian instrumentalist and sound healer, Alexia Oliveira. Source: Instagram

Her music generally highlights her culture through elements of bossa nova, samba, and MPB to create music that is spiritual and honors her Afro-Indigenous ancestors.

After moving to the States, Aubrey’s significant other expressed versatility in her work through various collaborations with jazz, soul, and R&B artists.

She and Aubrey are both volunteers at Stonehedge Gardens And Holistic Learning Center, Pennsylvania, three miles south of Tamaqua.

The couple also practices “ceremony and ritual” in their daily lives, which they claim have helped them grow as individuals and as partners.

She Was In A Heterosexual Relationship; Had Two Children From It 

Before Oliveira, the Breathwork Facilitator, Aubrey was the wife of William Gayle. They married in 2013 when she was still in her late teens. In fact, she became pregnant with her first child when she was just 18.

Before coming out as lesbian, Aubrey was married to William Gayle with whom she had two children.
Aubrey Howard has two children from her previous relationship with William Gayle. Source: Instagram

Aubrey and her ex-husband had two children; also Terrence Howard’s grandkids. They welcomed their first child, Hazel Gayle, in December 2012. The ex-couple had their second child, Adrian in 2015.

The Howard University graduate and Gayle’s marriage lasted only for three years with the pair officially splitting in 2018. The former couple though still co-parent their two children.

Aubrey Howard’s Actor Father Is A Millionaire

While Aubrey’s father is undoubtedly a seven-figure man, there still lacks the approximation that could have otherwise denoted the numbers behind his wealth.

Nonetheless, for some time, sources have been claiming Terrence’s net worth lying upward of $5million to some reporting as high as ten.

Worth mentioning is, during the run of his hit series, Empire, he was making as much as $125,000 an episode. In fact, after the second and the third season, the actor was cashing in the range of $225,000-$250,000.

Not to forget, the Iron Man actor had already built a reputation as a big taker in Hollywood even before the start of Empire.


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