The Confusion About Antony Starr Relationship With Lucy Mclay? Wife Or Girlfriend?

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The Confusion About Antony Starr Relationship With Lucy Mclay? Wife Or Girlfriend?
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Questions regarding Antony Starr’s girlfriend or partner or wife have been piling up since the New Zealand-born actor gained one of his breakthroughs with the Amazon series The Boys.

Starr who plays Homelander has turned the attention of several journals over the years all wanting to know more about the actor’s off-the-screen life.

The Boys actor, however, is still keeping his private life quiet but some tabloids have reported that Antony has been through some or two breakups and the subsequent number of relationships. Know them in the headers below.

Antony Starr Relationship With Lucy McLay; Did They Really Date Each Other?

McLay indeed had something serious going on with Antony Starr. Sources have it that Starr and Lucy McLay did have a relationship. In fact, there still are several photographs of the two attending events together.

The two apparently met each other at a restaurant in 2008. However, some outlets claim Starr and McLay first crossed each other paths on the set of Outrageous Fortune in 2005 or even earlier.

Costume designer Lucy McLay with actor Antony Starr
The Boys actor Antony Starr with his rumored ex-girlfriend Lucy McLay

McLay is also the last known person with whom Antony Starr apparently had a relationship.

IMDB states McLay is a costume designer. She worked as an assistant costume designer for the 2018 action film The Meg. McLay more recently worked as an assistant costume designer on the TV show, The Shannara Chronicles.

Lucy and Antony also did work together on three different projects together. They were co-workers in the 2004 film Without A Paddle, and the TV shows Mercy Peak and Outrageous Fortune. The latter was the last project Starr and McLay ever worked on together which was in the year 2007. In the show, Starr played the lead role.

McLay however doesn’t have any credit to her IMDB since her alleged former boyfriend Starr started to play Homelander in The Boys.

Yet again, zero sources have reported that Lucy and Starr were ever serious or that they ever broke up.

Furthermore, it has been a while since the two appeared in one frame. Additionally, somewhere since the incident, there were also rumors that Antony had moved on with one of his co-stars.

Antony Starr Relationship Status In The Present; Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Ascertaining the current relationship status of Starr is a difficult task, to say the least.

It, furthermore, isn’t easy to find things out about Starr’s private life. He additionally doesn’t talk much about his off-the-camera life in interviews or even share that many details on his Instagram.

Antony Starr, the lead of the Amazon show, The Boys on his Instagram on March 1, 2022
47 years old New Zealand-born actor Antony Starr through his Instagram on March 1, 2022. INSTAGRAM

Speaking of which, Starr can be seen sharing just about everything but talking about his relationship or trouble and strife. One could say Antony Starr is very much single.

It however is also the equal possibility that Antony just doesn’t want to put his relationship in the center stage.

What About Starr Relationship With Erin Moriarty?

Not so long ago, some sources had started to speculate that Starr was dating his The Boys co-star Erin Moriarty.

This hearsay was instigated when the popular Instagram gossip account @deuxmoi uploaded a series of emails from an anonymous source that claimed Moriarty and Antony were dating.

The Boys stars Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr on the latter's Instagram.
Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty reportedly dated during the shooting of the Amazon series The Boys. Instagram

The tabloids started creating storylines regarding this when they noticed the costars were spending a lot of time together. Not only that but at one point they were also posting several pictures of one another on their respective Instagram handles. However neither of the costars ever really addressed what sort of bond they really had or still have. They, though, have confirmed that they have a friendship.

Who Is Starr Dating Now?

It isn’t totally clear who Antony is dating or if he is single. On the one hand, the 47 years old actor could still be in a relationship with Lucy McLay but this fling seems to be a thing of the past now and with a good chance. On the other hand, if Starr happens to be still dating McLay, he would definitely top the list of the most low-key Hollywood stars.

Whatever the case, en attendant, speculations, and guesswork are all that is left to dwell on regarding Starr’s girlfriend, marriage, wife, and so forth.



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