The real truth about Tom Ellis’s daughter Florence Elsie Ellis

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The real truth about Tom Ellis’s daughter Florence Elsie Ellis
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Florence Elsie Ellis is the oldest daughter of Lucifer star Tom Ellis. We all know Tom from his heartthrob portrayal of the devil himself in Lucifer. The role went on to become the major highlight of his career. The English actor has had a lot of support throughout this journey, especially that of his daughters.

Although he has been divorced from Florence’s mother for quite a long time, there haven’t been any issues with his parenting, thanks to his amicable ex-wife. The big question here is, what is Florence up to these days? She is a teenager now, and fans are curious if she has shown interest in acting.

Let’s find out the answer to these questions here today. Find out all the interesting facts related to Tom Ellis’ daughter Florence Ellis.

Florence Elsie Ellis is Tom Ellis’ daughter: Who is her mother?

She was born on June 17, 2008, in the United Kingdom. She is the oldest daughter between Tom Ellis and his now ex-wife, Tamzin Outhwaite. Florence belongs to the white ethnicity and has English nationality.

Tom Ellis Florence Elsie
Tom and his daughter Florence.

Initially, her birth news first hit the news a week after she came into this world. A rep for the duo, at the time, said the pair was “pleased to announce.” They didn’t give any other detail.

After her parents went their separate ways, Florence and her younger sister spend equal time with their mum and dad. Whenever Tom is busy with his work, Tamzin looks out for them, and similarly, when Tamzin is out there working, Tom takes on the responsibility.

Her Siblings

Apart from Elsie, Tom and Tamzin are also parent to one daughter Marnie Mae Ellis. The former pair welcomed their second child together on August 1, 2012. Announcing the big news, Tom took to Twitter and wrote, “What a couple of days…Gold medals from everywhere and…oh, we had a beautiful baby girl called Marnie Mae Ellis 6lb 5oz of gorgeousness!”

Marnie is quite close to her older sister Florence. Judging by the photos that her parents share on social media, Marnie seems to be the jolly one, while her sister doesn’t like being on the camera. Considering how comfortable she is in front of the camera, maybe she might become an actor just like her folks in the future.

Marnie and Florence also have one half-sister named Nora Ellis, born May 22, 2005. Their father, Tom, shares her with his ex-girlfriend, Estelle Morgan.

Is Florence keen on acting just like her parents?

It’s a question that’s been asked many times. We all wanna know if the star kid wants to become an actor? The answer to this question, however, remains unknown. Given that she is just a teenager, it is implausible she would know where her interest lies just yet.

Having said that, the acting gene is definitely there. After all, both of her parents are award-winning actors. While her mom Tamzin is famous for her role in EastEnders, her dad Tom became renowned after appearing in the Netflix mystery series Lucifer.

Meanwhile, her mom Tamzin once revealed that she does tap dancing.

Going by the tweet, it seems Florence is somehow more interested in dancing.

Florence and her sister don’t want their mother to marry again.

As surprising it is to hear this, the Ellis sisters aren’t on board with the idea of Tamzin marrying her current boyfriend, Tom Child. In an interview, the English actress said,

“They always say, ”You two are not getting married”. They don’t like the idea of it, but that’s fine because we’re not desperate to do it. I feel like I’ve done it so I’m not that bothered really.”

Even though they both share a very good bond with Tom, they don’t just like the whole idea of marriage between them.

Tom Child Florence Tamzin
Florence is close with her mom’s boyfriend, Tom Child.

Outhwaite further adds,

“My daughters were excited by him moving in, but they wouldn’t like us to get married — they’d hate that. It’s a very liberating place to be when you don’t need to get married and you don’t need to have kids.”

Tamzin and Tom have been dating since early 2018. Her boyfriend is a documentary maker and a personal trainer. She is quite happy with her relationship with Tom. He is like a father-figure to her girls. Whenever she isn’t present to take care of her kids, Tom takes full responsibility. Moreover, the girls also love him.

Florence Elsie Elli’s parents’ relationship: Why did they divorce?

Tom and Tamzin were in a marital relationship for over 8-years. They exchanged vows in 2006. Everything was going great between the two when suddenly Tom slipped his foot. He slept with another woman and later confessed to his infidelity. The woman was later identified as Emilie de Ravin, an American-Australian actress. This was the sole reason behind their divorce in 2014.

Despite their troubled past, Tamzin and Tom have since reconciled. They are co-parenting their kids pretty well, and Tamzin has even conveyed her gratitude towards her ex-hubby for taking care of the kids whenever she’s out.

After his divorce from Tamzin, Tom moved on with American TV screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer. They exchanged vows on June 2nd, 2019, in an intimate wedding ceremony. Meaghan is quite close with Tom’s daughters. In many of her Instagram posts, she is seen spending quality time with Marnie and Florence.

Safe to say, Florence is enjoying life with both sides of her family.


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